How to Clean an Air Fryer basket -Simple Yet Effective Techniques

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You recently bought an air fryer. You love everything about it! Yes, you can cook fast and and your family is happy about your well-dried fries, right? But there is a problem! How to clean an air fryer basket has been the biggest headache since you bought your air fryer.

If you’re in such a situation, then worry no more! This article offers a comprehensive guide that’ll help revolutionize the process of cleaning your air fryer basket.

How to Clean an Air Fryer

How to Clean an Air Fryer Basket – Why It is Important

You love cooking in an air fryer, right? But sometimes after using it, that chicken skin or dried sweet potato that sticks on the surface annoys you so much. It can cause problems for your air fryer which will result in extra expenditure.

But what’s the solution? Clean your air fryer.

But how to clean an air fryer basket? Well, all you need is soapy hot water with a gentle sponge to get the oil and grease off the air fryer’s basket. Like other kitchen appliances, you must properly maintain and clean it if you want guaranteed efficacy and durability. 

If you fail to take optimum care for your air fryer, it will accumulate undesirable flavors and smells. Additionally, dirty air fryer baskets can cause the appliance to smoke, thus reducing the quality of food being cooked.

How to clean an air fryer

How to Clean an Air Fryer – What to Avoid

The air fryer basket cleaning process is incredibly easy, but there are activities that you shouldn’t do:

  • Never use steel wool, scrubby sponges, and metal utensils to clean the air fryer’s basket. Most models have baskets with nonstick coating, and anything abrasive might scratch the coating.
  • Never submerge the air fryer in the water! Although some parts are removable and can be cleaned separately on a dishwasher or water, the central unit can be ruined in water as it’s an electric appliance.

How to Clean an Air Fryer – A Step-by-Step Guide

What You’ll Need

  • A dish soap
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Non-abrasive sponge
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Lemon (optional)

1. First, ensure that you unplug the air fryer from the power source to allow it cool down totally. With that done, wait for half an hour to make the air fryer’s basket cool before you begin the washing.

  • If you have a tight schedule and can’t wait for the appliance to cool down, ensure you put on heat resistant gloves before you handle the hot device.
  • Additionally, if you decide to use oven gloves, never allow water to get on them as they won’t protect your hands when they get wet.

2. After everything on the appliance has calm down, pull out the pan from the air fryer then lift the basket out. Do this by grabbing the pan’s handle then sliding it away gently from the gadget.

  • Perhaps you’ll position the basket on the sink or on some paper towel pieces to trap any grease drips.

3. If you spot some grease or dirt on the bottom side of the basket, ensure you remove this before you start washing the basket with soapy water. Grip the pan on top of a lidded disposable container like a plastic tub or a glass jar. 

4. With that, gently tip out the grease into it. Immediately you’ve removed all the oil, make sure you seal the container then discard it.

  • Liquid fats can easily get out, but solid fats can be a bit stressful to remove. But you can use a plastic utensil. Never use a metal stick as it can scratch the nonstick coating.
  • Also, avoid tipping the grease on your sink as this will clog the sink pipes.

5. Soak the air fryer’s basket and pan on hot and soapy water to eliminate the sticky residue. You can do this by reinserting the basket then filling the pan with some hot water as well as mild dish soap. While the basket seats on the sudsy pan, allow the basket and the pan soak for about 10 minutes.

  • If the appliance isn’t extremely dirty, and there are no greasy spots, skip this step.

6. After you soak the basket for 10 minutes, lift it then scrub off the grease and food residue. Make use of warm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush on both sides of the mesh. You can also use a sponge.

7. Rinse the basket then set it aside. 

Note: avoid using steel wire sponges or stiff-bristled brushes to wash the air fryer’ basket as these can ruin the nonstick coating.

  • Also, tough and hard to remove grease stains can be cleaned using a powerful liquid degreaser. You must confirm with the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure of the types of products that work best without damaging the air fryer’s nonstick coating.
  • Hand-washing is the best cleaning method; the air fryer’s basket is dishwasher safe. Firstly, ensure you tip off any remaining grease on the basket then give it a quick rinse. 

8. Finally, place the basket face-down on the dishwasher then run a regular cycle using mild dish detergent.

  • If the basket isn’t too dirty, using a dishwasher can be a bit faster compared to hand-washing. But if there’s too much grease build-up, you’ll have to soak, then scrub the basket thoroughly.

Note: the air fryer isn’t dishwasher safe.

9. Once the basket is sparkling clean and grease-free, place them out on air to dry for approximately 30 minutes to one hour. To blot away excess water, use a paper towel, and once the basket is dry, place it back on the pan, then move the pan on the air fryer.

Voila! That’s how to clean an air fryer basket!

In case you aim to make the basket from being too gunky, grease it, or add a piece of aluminum foil or parchment down. Ensure the foil doesn’t cover the whole basket as this might prevent proper air circulation.

If you realize that the air fryer is getting a bit stinky, add some lemon juice on the pan or half lemon on the basket. Let it stay there for half an hour, clean, rinse, then allow the pan and the basket to dry.

How to Clean an Air Fryer Basket: Bottom Line 

When using an air fryer, ensure you are using the pan and the frying basket as directed to prevent your food from coming into contact with the heating elements.

More so, never overfill the air fryer.

If you add excess food on it, then the food won’t come out as good as you expect it. It will cook for long, and more food particles and grease can move to the heating element.

If you’ve been wondering on how to clean an air fryer basket, then this article is for you. It incorporates a detailed guide on how you can clean your air fryer basket perfectly.

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