10 Best Heat Resistant Gloves for Cooking

If you love cooking/baking, you’ll opine that owning the best heat resistant gloves is an excellent idea. They protect your hands from heat-induced injuries, which could be detrimental to your health in the long run. 

While buying your best heat resistant gloves is necessary, the process can be tricky for beginners. Not all heat resistant gloves will give you maximal protection! As such, you must be keen on the material used as well as the design of the heat resistant gloves.

If that sounds confusing, then you shouldn’t worry! This guide offers a comprehensive list of the best heat resistant gloves for cooking. Read on to understand more! 

Best Heat Resistant Gloves – Comparison 

Homemaxs BBQ heat resistant glovesLayer 1: Non-Toxic Silicone
Layer 2: Deyan Aramid Fiber
Layer 3: Polyster Cotton
-Can handle up to 1472°F (800℃)
-Awarded with the highest, EN388 level 5 cut resistance - 4 times stronger than leather. Idea for grilling, cutting, cooking, baking, woodworking, welding
RAPPICA BBQ leather Heat Resistant/ waterproof gloves-Food-Grade neoprene rubber
-Double layer soft cotton liner
Highly water, fire & stain resistant
WZQH 16-inch 932℉ Leather heat resistant GlovesOutermost layer:Genuine Cowhide Split Leather . Intermediate layer:a composite product by laminating a kind of high temperature resistant Air-isolated Aluminum Foil and a flame retardant cotton cloth .
Inner layer:a 100% soft insulated cotton lining
Withstands extreme temperatures up to 932°F(500℃)
KITHELP Extreme 1472℉ heat resistant glovesLayer 1: Non-Toxic Silicone
Layer 2: Deyan Aramid Fiber
Layer 3: Polyster Cotton
-High thermal protection up to 1472°F (800°C) ,
-highest EN388 grade 5 cut resistance – 4 times stronger than leather
Best Heat Resistant Gloves for CookingEkogrips BBQ Kitchen Oven Gloves
Silicone BBQ gloves -Heat resistant up to 425 degrees

Top 10 Best Heat Resistant Gloves for Cooking 

1. Homemaxs BBQ Gloves


One best thing about Homemaxs BBQ gloves is that they are designed for pit bosses or a serious griller. They can withstand high temperatures of >800 degrees Celsius for some seconds and will still look brand new.

They have a silicone pattern on the top layer and are designed with a thick material to hold hot pans and pots without burning your hands. Additionally, the thick layer adds grip on oily and greasy surfaces.

Furthermore, the layer below the silicone strips is made of Deyan aramid fibers. The material is used in the military as a form of body armor, and it’s highly heat resistant to allow you to hold a piece of burning charcoal without feeling it.

Homemaxs BBQ gloves are extremely thin to fit on your hands and follow their form or how exactly you want them to be.


  • They are designed to sustain high temperatures
  • Lined with a polyester-cotton blend that provides ventilation and padding
  • Comes with form-fitting for proper hand dexterity
  • The gloves feature fire retardant silicone pads that add excellent heat production and grip.


  • Only available in large size.

2. RAPICCA 16 Inches,932℉ Heat Resistant Gloves

RAPICCA heat resistant gloves

RAPICCA BBQ gloves feature great functionality with comfort in mind. They are constructed with a cotton lining that makes them breathe while offering comfort at the same time. They are versatile and are great for smoking, baking, grilling, and cooking and can handle up to 500ºC (932ºF).

RAPICCA’s interior layer features 55% cotton and 45% polyester. In other words, you’ll have the ultimate comfort every time you use the gloves. Furthermore, these gloves feature an extra air circulation that not only keeps your hands tidy but adds comfort to your hands as you grill.

These grill gloves are safe to use in all kinds of food you need to handle. Cleaning them is a breeze as you’ll have to pop them inside a washing machine, and that’s all. Another nice thing is that a lifetime warranty accompanies the gloves. This proves the glove’s quality.


  • One size fits every griller.
  • They are backed up with an extended warranty.
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed with heat resistant and flame retardant materials


  • The size may be large for some users.

3. WZQH 16-inch 932℉ Leather Gloves

These gloves are meant to handle all kitchen grilling tasks with ease and are made to last. WZQH has an outer layer made of cowhide that’s 1.2 mm thick that not only resists heat but also acts as a wear-resistant, and puncture-resistant. Furthermore, it’s reinforced with two-layered stitching with high-strength sewing located on the palm.

Furthermore, beneath the cowhide is an air-isolated aluminum foil, and below that is the thin flame retardant cotton layer. The sleeve measures 7.5 inches to keep safe forearms and hands from open flames, hot coals, sharp objects, and other hot kitchenware.

Besides protecting your hands from maximum heat, they have an innermost layer that’s soft and has an insulated cloth lining that provides adequate padding. More so, the lining helps in wicking away sweat on your skin, keeping the inner side of the gloves cool and dry.


  • They can be used on high-temperature projects like barbecuing, grilling, and metalworking tasks.
  • Resistant to puncture, cut, and wear and tear
  • Are durable and can serve you for many years with minimal maintenance and care 
  • They are comfortable to wear due to the soft lining.


  • Can make you lose the tactile sense on your fingers

4. KITHELP Extreme 1472℉

When grilling your meat without a hand protector, it makes the process uncomfortable. And that’s why KITHELP Extreme was designed to save you from the risk. These gloves come with three layers made of different materials.

The first layer features a non-toxic silicone perfect for non-slip, the second layer helps in providing ultra-high-strength, and the Dean Aramid fiber has the characteristics of alkali and acid resistance, cutting resistance, and high heat resistance. Additionally, the three polyester-cotton layers add more comfort and protection.

They are constructed to resist heat, and they can handle up to 1472℉. With this, you’ll work with the gloves without risking your fingers and hands. Nevertheless, they have extended wristbands to protect your wrists, forearms, and hands to make them enjoy maximum flexibility.

KITHELP gloves are easy to wear, and storing them isn’t a stressor. There’s no difference between the left and right hand of potholders, and they can be worn on both sides. They are designed to keep your hands and wrist from sweating.


  • They have a non-slip silicone layer
  • Designed with food-grade construction materials
  • Easy to wear, comfortable, and breathable
  • Excellent cut and heat resistant


  • It can’t be washed by machine.

5. Ekogrips BBQ Kitchen Oven Gloves

Best Heat Resistant Gloves for Cooking

Ekogrips are the solution to a perfect kitchen grilling. These BBQ gloves are heatproof up to 425 degrees and are standard for safety and a wide range of activities in the kitchen.

They will give you an easy time in the kitchen since they are constructed from a robust heat-resistant silicone material that prevents tears and rips. This protects you against unnecessary burns each time you cook.

Additionally, they have an extra-long cuff to protect your wrist from burns while grilling your food. What’s more, is that they are waterproof and BPA free, promising you of food safety. That will not only prevent smells or staining but also features a reinforced finger webbing to get rid of tears.

Also, Ekogrip is dishwasher safe making the cleaning task after each uses a breeze! A big thanks to the manufacturer for designing them with an extended warranty. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, you will get a money refund guarantee without further questions.


  • Designed with Waterproof, BPA free and FDA approved materials for health safety
  • They are easy to clean
  •  Backed up with a lifetime warranty
  • Perfect customer service 


  • Sometimes they can be greasy and slippery thus failing to work as expected.

6. G & F Insulated waterproof/oil gloves

G & F are nice for pitmasters in many kitchens. They feature insulated textured palms that can manage wet, hot, and greasy food on the grill. These grills feature an extended design to keep your hands, wrist, and arms safe from extreme grilling conditions. 

G & F gloves are versatile and are not only great for grilling meat but can also be used for frying. Furthermore, they have an XL size that makes them simple to put on and off. They come with an inner double layer of the soft cotton liner that delivers absolute comfort and flexibility while grilling.

These fantastic gloves have a loose fit design to offer a cooling effect and comfort.

They are designed with food-grade and BPA free material to ensure that they are safe from melting under high temperatures. Also, it’s easy to clean the gloves as they are water and stain-resistant. Just wash them with water and soap then dry them.


  • They have a pro design construction
  • Flame resistant and comfortable
  • Very easy to cleans
  • They are versatile and are designed for all kinds of uses.


  • Some users complain that the size is too large for them.

7. GEEKHOM Grilling Gloves

This pair of grilling gloves will amaze you with its proper grip ability and friendly protection on several items that you are dealing with within the kitchen. GEEKHOM gloves feature a tough look and are among the durable gloves to consider buying for grilling tasks.

Nevertheless, this pair is perfect for intense fire resistance and is designed to serve grillers against high temperatures up to 446 ℉. One thing that makes these gloves great is the little rope located towards the end of the pair. You can easily hang them after grilling or washing them.

Thanks to the silicone material that’s used to cover the gloves and a nice cotton layer used for inner protection. Among the things that make these gloves perfect for grilling is their extended part. Compared to other gloves in the market, GEEKHOM grilling gloves feature a more extended cuff and are used in situations where there’s hot liquid splatter as proper wrist protection.

This model provides a proper hand-grip, and you can use it to grab working tools or food without getting worried that they might slip off.


  • Perfect protection against extreme hot conditions
  • Proper hand grips to make an easy grilling
  • They are designed with four color choices.
  • Durable materials to serve you for long


  • The fingers are too short

8. BBQ Heat Resistant Gloves

BBQ Heat Resistant Gloves

BBQ gloves have been winning the hearts of many kitchen users as it promises to protect you against high oven heat that can damage your fingers. You can easily grill beef and bake safely with the gloves on.

This pair is specially designed to work well in conditions that reach 1472°F. From the polyester-cotton layer to the aramid fabric used in constructing these gloves contributes to their durability. Thanks to the nice design meant to add maximum protection.

Also, the materials used in constructing this pair of the glove are soft and can allow you to use gloves for long hours without getting tired. In other words, they add comfort while grilling.

Another thing is the excellent hand-grip that prevents unnecessary slipping incidents while cooking food. The gloves allow you to have proper control over several kitchen objects without getting worried about unnecessary dangers that might accrue when things objects fall while grilling.

Acmind comes with an extended cuff than usual to protect your hands anytime you are working in hazardous environments.


  • The pair features an excellent hand-grip
  • Durable and tough materials to serve you extensively
  • Optimum design with an extended cuff 
  • Nice protection ability.


  • Not the best model to use in moisture

9. Kitchen Perfection Smoker Silicone Oven Gloves

Are you tired of your hands getting burned every time you do BBQ? THEN Kitchen perfection gloves are your pick. These gloves are designed to resist up to 500 degrees of heat and a big thanks to the silicone double layer component that acts as waterproof.

Additionally, these gloves are 11 inches long, making them great for protecting your hands and arms. Also, the added cotton layer on the gloves enhances durability and comfort, and the cotton protects your hand from getting sweaty every time you use the gloves.

These gloves come with a nonslip grip that not only helps you in handling BBQ but also acts as great potholders. Whether you are at the BBQ grill or cooking indoors, these gloves are just for you.

The manufacturer also backs the gloves with an extended warranty, and if you think that the product is not the best for your grilling tasks, you will get a money-back guarantee upon refund.


  • There’s no sweat production after extended use
  • Extended warranty
  • Nice gloves for barbecue lovers
  • Constructed based on experienced chef’s qualifications


  • The fingers can be quite small.

10. SUMPRO BBQ Gloves 1472℉ Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves


SUMPRO griller features a non-slip and five-figure with a textured construction to help you hold and manage greasy and wet meat from the grill.

Furthermore, the gloves have two layers of the soft cotton interior liner that will not only offer maximum comfort and pleasure but also provides you with insulation. It has a loose fit to make your hands comfortable and cool while using them.

Additionally, this pair of gloves is FDA approved with a top food grade neoprene construction that’s fire and heat resistant. Being designed to resist water, oil, stains, and grease, cleaning them is easy.

The gloves come with enlarged 17 inches sleeves that are essential in keeping your arm and hands safe when dealing with hot pieces of stuff or pending the BBQ masterpiece from the grill or smoker.

Also, they are versatile and can be used in a range of activities such as frying turkeys, dyeing yarn, and brewing beer. They are portable and lightweight.


  • They feature a pro design
  • Constructed with flame resistant and comfortable materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain: a little water and soap will do the task
  • They are versatile and can be used in a range of activities.


  • It may be somehow loose for some hands

Best Heat Resistant Gloves for Cooking: Buying Guide

Silicone-Based gloves are water-proof while cotton-based gloves are not! However, if left dry, the cotton-based ones protect you from extreme heats much better than the silicone-based ones.

As such, you should choose the gloves based on your working environment. If you work on a wet environment, then go for silicon-based gloves. Vice versa is also true.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Heat Resistant Gloves for Cooking

  • Level of Temperature Exposure 

You need to estimate the maximum temperature you’ll be handling using your best heat resistant gloves. An underestimation will lead to constant burns and injuries which will destroy your hand’s skin for good.

On the converse, best heat resistant gloves that can withstand high temperatures are bulkier and more pricey. Consequently, it would be a waste of resources to buy gloves that handle 1500 degrees F while the maximum temperature of your oven is 800 degrees F.

  • Insulation Level

You should always consider the Conductive Heat Resistant Classification (CHRC) before selecting your best heat resistant gloves.

This is a rating to show the highest temperature at which you can hold an object for a minimum of 4 seconds before feeling pain and a minimum of 15 seconds before getting a second-degree burn.

It ranges from level 0 to level 5. Always aim at higher levels when selecting your best heat resistant gloves. 

  • Dexterity and Comfort

When choosing your best heat resistant gloves, you should never forget to check on how comfortable they’ll be when you’re undertaking your duties.

Always ensure that you only select gloves that guarantee optimal comfort without compromising their efficacy. 

  • Consider Other Heat-Related Hazards 

Besides the extreme heat, there could be other hazards that can be protected by your heat resistant gloves. Ensure that you consider all these risks when purchasing one. 

For example, handling molten metal may require that your best heat resistant gloves have aluminized back to reduce radiant heat transfer. Also, if you’re dealing with frequent oil spillages, your best heat resistant gloves must be liquid-proof. 

Bottom Line: The Best Heat Resistant Gloves for Cooking

Choosing the best heat resistant gloves for cooking requires intense research. Ensure that you read through the manufacturer’s instructions before settling for your best heat resistant gloves.

This way, you can be confident that you’ll get the best product to protect you from burns and injuries. 

This article has elucidated several factors that you should consider when buying your best heat resistant gloves. Some of the key factors that you should never ignore are the insulation level and dexterity. These features guarantee topnotch functionality and maximum comfort. 

However, the best heat resistant gloves for cooking largely depends on your needs. Always ensure that you consider the level of heat you’ll be handling, your ideal design, and functionality. 


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