9 Best Wok for Electric Stove

Did you know that a wok is one of the most versatile cookware you can ever acquire? Well, the best wok for electric stove helps you to prepare tasty stir fry, steam vegetables, char meat, among other outstanding functionalities. 

In the current market place, there are numerous woks with different functionalities. Whether you want the traditional or the contemporary wok for electric stove, you’ll surely get it. 

However, the shopping process can be a nightmare, especially if you don’t understand what you should be looking for in the best wok for electric stove.

If you’re experiencing such difficulties, then you shouldn’t worry! This article enumerates various factors that you should consider when shopping for your best wok for electric stove. Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of tested and proven woks that you should consider. 

best wok for electric stove

Best Wok for Electric Stove – Comparison

ImageNameDiameter Material Features
T-fal Jumbo Wok14 inches -Aluminum construction
-nonstick interior and exterior
-Dishwasher safe
-Oven safe upto 350 degrees Fahrenheit
-Limited lifetime warranty
Calphalon 1948257 Nonstick Wok12 inches-heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum
-Brushed stainless steel long handle
-Sear Nonstick interior is PFOA-free
-Tempered glass cover is oven safe for finishing recipes or keeping foods warm
-Use any utensil: Metal whisks, spoons and spatulas won't scratch the nonstick surface
Lodge P14W3 Cast Iron Wok14 Inches-Cast Iron-heat retention and even heating
-Use to sear, sauté, bake, broil, braise, fry, or grill
-Large handles and flat base
Cooks Standard Wok 0259512 inches-Made of 2 layers of 18/10 stainless steel and an aluminum core along base and walls-Riveted handle stays cool/comfortable; flat base & curved sides for spreading/pouring
-multiple uses: sautéing, frying, and more; oven safe to 500F, glass lid 350F
16 Inches Carbon Steel Wok (Flat Bottom)16 inches -heavy 14-gauge carbon steel wok
-Wooden side spool handle
-Made of unseasoned heavy carbon steel. Designed for rapid, even heating and cooling
Helen Chen's Steel Wok14 inches-Carbon steel with lid-Flat bottom sits securely on any stovetop
-Best for stir frying, stewing, sauteing, steaming, braising, frying, and deep frying
Bruntmor, Cast Iron Wok14 inches -Cast Iron Wok-Sturdy base
-Pre-seasoned and ready for immediate use
-Hand wash only
Joyce Chen J22-0060 Electric Stove Wok12 inches-Carbon steel body
-Stay-cool Phenolic handles
-Excalibur reinforced non-stick coating is tough enough for metal tools
-large enough to cook a full meal for your family, but small enough to store easily
Best Wok for Electric StoveCuisinart 726-38H Classic Stainless Wok14 inches - stainless steel with encapsulated aluminum core-See-through glass cover with loop handle and stainless-steel rim
-Dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup; oven-safe up to 550 degrees F.

Best Wok for Electric Stove

  1. T-fal Jumbo Wok
T fall Wok for electric stove

This is an aluminum wok that comes with a large capacity and best for an extended family set up. It features a fantastic Teflon nonstick coat that helps you use little to no oil when making quick and healthy foods. It’s a Cadmium, PFOA, and lead-free to enhance food safety.

The food release process with this wok is easy and effortless as it has a long silicone, stay-cool, and ergonomic handle for hands safety and comfortable grip. What’s important is that this appliance is oven safe and can sustain up to 350°F.

T-fal Jumbo Wok has dishwasher safe parts for easy cleanup after the job. The aluminum construction is essential in a fast and even heat distribution for desired outcomes. It makes a lovely gift idea to all looking for inspiration when it comes to great-tasting and healthy home-cooked food.


  • Has a large capacity for preparing large family meals
  • Superior nonstick exterior and interior for natural and healthy cooking with little or no oil.
  • Dishwasher safe to make it easy to clean
  • Aluminum construction for even and fast heat distribution
  • Oven safe to withstand up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Popular housewarming or wedding gift for the couple
  • Nonstick exterior and interior
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Perfect value for money
  • Durable aluminum construction for even heat distribution

2. Calphalon 1948257 Nonstick Wok

The Caphalon wok has a durable nonstick interior that allows you to cook food with less butter or oil for a healthy meal. It’s a PFOA-free, and the interior construction is designed to work effectively as stainless steel. The best of all, its dishwasher safe and features a wipe-clean technology for easy cleaning.

Another thing is that Caphalon wok is crafted from a heavy-gauge and sturdy, anodized aluminum sheet to enhance durability and serve you for long. Furthermore, it features a brushed stainless steel handle that’s long and stays cool during the entire cooking process.

It’s designed with a flat base to sit on an electric and gas stoves and the tempered glass lid is oven safe, and it’s essential in keeping your food warm. The good news: the interior coating comes with three layers for durability and perfect cooking results.


  • The signature sear interior nonstick is PFOA-free and works exactly like stainless steel
  • Designed with heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum to enhance durability
  • The stay-cool stainless steel handles keep your hands safe during the cooking process
  • The tempered glass cover is essential in keeping foods warm
  • Oven safe and can tolerate up to 450 degrees F


  • Comes with an extended warranty
  • Its oven safe and can sustain high temperatures.
  • No stick technology that acts as scratch-resistant
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • Can’t be used in induction hobs.

3. Lodge P14W3 Cast Iron Wok

Lodge P14W3 is a cast iron wok that comes with a flat and a sturdy base that makes it an ideal appliance for cast and electric stoves, including induction. Additionally, Lodge is a seasoned cookware that features an easy-release and natural finish, and the more you use the wok, the better the seasoning experience you get.

Furthermore, this 14 inches cast iron wok weighs only 11.86 lbs. And it’s constructed with a 100% durable cast iron that’s essential in proper heat retention. This will ensure that your food is cooked correctly as per your expectations.


  • A flat and sturdy base making it fit on the gas and electric stoves
  • It’s a portable wok that weighs only 11.86 lbs.
  • Features a 100% cast iron material for proper heat retention
  • It has an easy release and natural finish for better seasoning experience.


  • Has an ample cooking surface
  • It comes pre-seasoned
  • Sturdy and stable flat base to fit on all stove types
  • It’s an ideal wok for Chinese-style cooking.
  • Extremely tough to serve you for decades
  • An excellent product for grill, campfire, or oven cooking


  • The handle can get hot
  • It’s a massive model

4. Cooks Standard Wok 02595

This handy product from Cooks is made of 2-layered stainless steel construction with an aluminum core within the walls and the base. Also, it has won the hearts of many due to the high polished silver finish for easy cleaning and boosts your kitchen beauty.

It has a multi-ply that allows for an even and quick heat distribution resulting in the desired outcome. What’s more, it comes with comfortable and stay-cool riveted handles that won’t get hot even if you use the wok for a long time. Nevertheless, it has curved sides for easy pouring and spreading and a flat base to sit on numerous cookstoves.

What makes it great is that it’s a large-sized wok and can be used for multiple uses, and it’s an oven-safe that can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass lid sustains 350 degrees F.

Its induction compatible and can work well with gas, ceramic, and electric stoves and its dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


  • Multi-ply helps in quick and even heat distribution
  • The base and walls are made of an aluminum core, and the wok features two layers of stainless steel.
  • The riveted handles are comfortable and stay cool
  • Flat base with curved sides for proper spreading and pouring
  • Has a large size for numerous uses
  • Its induction compatible and functions well on electric and gas stoves


  • Its hob safe and made of durable stainless steel
  • Has a secure fitting top that’s secured
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Its dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Ovenproof and withstands up to 500°F.
  • Rust-proof to retain the silver looks
  • Great for a large family set up


  • Its a bit expensive

5. 16 Inches Carbon Steel Wok (Flat Bottom)

As the name suggests, this is a huge-sized 16-inch circumference wok that holds enough food that can feed up to 6 people with enormous appetites! It comes with one long handle and made of durable and heat-resistant blond wood with a different small handle to help you have control when transporting it.

Furthermore, it has unseasoned heavy-duty carbon steel meant for rapid, cooling, and even heating. Also, the vast, flat-bottomed area helps it take full advantage of the heat that’s coming from the electric stove.

This wok for electric stove measures 16.5 by 16.5 by 8.6 inches and weighs only 6.5 pounds can be used for outdoor cooking applications as its portable. Many thanks to the manufacturer for backing it with a limited warranty.


  • The flat bottom allows the wok to sit comfortably on electric grills and stove
  • It’s designed with heavy 14-gauge carbon steel for maximum durability, even heating, and cooling
  • The wooden side handle allows for proper command of the appliance
  • Beautifully designed to serve a large family set up
  • Comes with a clear step-by-step guide


  • Wide cooking capacity
  • Easy to use and best for experts and beginners
  • Features an excellent heat conductivity
  • Durable and robust 14-gauge carbon steel
  • Works perfectly on induction hobs, gas stoves, electric stoves


  • Its hand wash only
  • Too large and can’t be used for smaller cooking applications

6. Helen Chen’s Steel Wok

If you want a competent wok for electric stove, then this product from Helen Chen’s can be your great choice. It comes with interior concentric grooves that allow for a quick heat recovery anytime you lift it from the electric stove.

It’s somewhat a lightweight wok that weighs only 4-pounds with a lid on, and the measurements are compact 19 x 14 x 10 inches for secure storage. It’s a versatile kitchen wok for sautéing, braising, steaming, stewing, and frying. Additionally, it comes with 1.6-millimetre carbon steel and a bamboo handle that’s heat-resistant.

The high-domed lid helps in easy steaming and comfortably accommodates the bamboo steams. Nevertheless, the handle is sturdy and riveted, and the wok can be hanged on the kitchen wall for secure storage.

The carbon steel supplies heat fast and evenly and the cooking area gathers a natural and nice patina for proper non-stick functioning. Helen Chen’s has a flat bottom to help it sit comfortably on many stovetops and works with induction, electric, and gas stoves. The lid prevents splatters and retains food heat.


  • Has 1.6-millimetre carbon steel with a bamboo handle
  • Includes a 13-inch bamboo spatula with a receipt book and instructions to make it easy to use.
  • The flat bottom sits on many cooking stovetops
  • Comes with a lid to prevent unnecessary splashes
  • A portable wok that weighs only 4 pounds


  • It has a favorable lifetime warranty.
  • The bamboo handles add an attractive look to the wok and are heat resistant.
  • Extremely lightweight for easy maneuverability.
  • Perfect for induction hobs, gas, and electric stoves.
  • Easy to use as it comes with instructions meant for the initial seasoning.
  • It comes with a lid to accurately fit inside the wok.


  • It’s not a good model for oven use.

7. Bruntmor, Cast Iron Wok

This amazing wok is a portable kitchen appliance that weighs only 11 pounds. It features a rustic and modern design making it look incredible when placed on a dining table in front of guests.

The inside part of the pot is rounded but comes with a flat base making it an ideal product to use on induction and electric stovetop.

Bruntmor is a sturdy wok for electric stove built of a cast iron that’s known for its durability to serve you for long. Additionally, it allows for proper heat conduction for fast and even meal preparation. It has two large handles for safe and easy wok carrying.

It comes pre-seasoned for immediate use, and it’s a dishwasher-safe appliance for easy cleaning. This product is backed up by a limited lifetime warranty to safeguard you from manufacturer’s defects.


  • Comes with a sturdy base to maintain the wok steadiness on any stovetop
  • Its pre-seasoned for a quick and immediate use
  • Can withstand high temperatures making it an ideal wok stove for oven and induction hub use.
  • It has large loop handles meant for safe and secure handling
  • Features a rustic and modern design


  • It’s easy to use as it comes pre-seasoned
  • It has a wide 14-inch cooking area.
  • Large handles for safe and secure handling
  • The cast iron adds durability.
  • It comes with an affordable price.


  • Its hand wash only
  • Extremely heavy with more than 11 pounds.

8. Joyce Chen J22-0060 Electric Stove Wok

Joyce Chen is a large capacity wok for an electric stove made from a sturdy, 2 mm thick carbon steel for a proper heat supply leading to precise results. This eye-catching pan features a professional weight of 4-pounds making it an easy wok to maneuver with around your kitchen.

Joyce Chen comes with a long handle with a small helper, all featuring a stay-cool technology for your hands’ safety despite the wok’s cooking duration. The handles are essential in transporting the hot appliance quickly and safely and are removable to allow the wok fit in an oven.

More significantly, it’s designed to withstand temperatures up to 350°F and can be used in an oven. Additionally, the wok has simple and clear to follow step-by-step guide that clearly shows how to season and wash it before first use.


  • The flat bottom measures 14-inch making it ideal for gas and electric ranges
  • Heavy-gauge carbon steel construction with a 2.0-millimeter professional weight
  • The ergonomic and phenolic handle is stay-cool for hands’ safety
  • It has an additional handle helper that simplifies and stabilizes transport
  • Comes with an instructions guide


  • It has a durable carbon steel building
  • Incredible heat distribution
  • The handles feature a safe and stay-cool technology.
  • It’s lighter than cast iron constructed woks.
  • A versatile model for use in gas and electric stoves


  • Not a good model for induction hubs.
  • It requires seasoning and de-coating before first use.

9. Cuisinart 726-38H Classic Stainless Wok

Best Wok for Electric Stove

This is an affordable stainless steel wok that comes with a flat bottom for a secure and level sitting on an induction hub and electric stove. Its glass lid is a perfect addition that helps you see what you are cooking to control it.

Cuisinart has a high-sheen silver finish that adds a professional and a classy look that won’t discolor over time. Additionally, the base part features an aluminum core for an even heat distribution.

The inner part of the wok is designed with measurement markings that are great when you want to add the right quantity of liquid to your recipes. It’s dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanups and microwave safe and can withstand up to 550 degrees F.


  • High-sheen silver finish for a classy and professional look
  • The inner part is marked to guide you on the right quantity of water to be added on the recipes
  • The glass lid helps you monitor your food as it cooks
  • Dishwasher-safe for fast and quick cleanup
  • Oven safe and can sustain up to 550 degrees f


  • Quality construction to enhance durability and longevity
  • Limited and lifetime warranty
  • Features a Market friendly price
  • The handles are stay-cool.
  • A versatile model suitable for gas and electric stoves and induction
  • Featured with a tight-fitting lid to eliminate food splashes


  • Some homeowners think that hand washing provides a perfect finish than a dishwasher.

Best Wok for Electric Stove- A Comprehensive Buying Guide

This section gives you an in-depth analysis of all the factors that you should consider before buying your best wok for electric stove.

Best Wok for Electric Stove- Different Types of Woks

You’ve probably seen some round-bottomed and flat-bottomed woks and you’re wondering which to select, right? Well, besides the shape, other different features can help you differentiate one wok from the other.

In this section, we’ve compiled the different types of woks available in the market. 

Based on Shape

There are two types of woks based on shape. They include flat-bottomed and round-bottomed woks. 

The round-bottomed ones are the pioneers and they have been in existence for quite some time. However, these may not be the best wok for electric stove! It prevents even distribution of heat which can be frustrating.

While at it, you should avoid shallow woks since they’ll give you problems tossing and mixing! As such, we can conclude that the best wok for electric stove should be flat-bottomed but relatively deep. 

Based on the Construction

Several materials can be used in wok construction. Consequently, you should ensure that your best wok for electric stove is made of your ideal material. They include:

  • Cast Iron

These woks are very heavy. However, you’ll enjoy excellent thermal conductivity of cast iron which accelerates your speed of cooking. 

However, you should learn the tips of seasoning before use and cleaning it using hot water (with no detergent). If you implement these tips, you can be confident that this is one of the most durable woks you’ll ever get.

  • Aluminum

Compared to cast iron, aluminum woks are much lighter and easier to handle. Also, this wok heats up faster and you’ll cook food fast with little energy. 

However, aluminum woks may discolor after some time and its longevity cannot be compared to that of cast iron. 

  • Stainless Steel

These have a great aesthetic appeal. They rarely dent and will not affect the flavor of your food adversely. They have zero non-stick coatings which guarantee food safety. 

Some of the greatest benefits you’ll get when using stainless steel woks include; no seasoning required, simple to clean; and dishwasher safe. 

Besides the appeal, these woks do not have thermal conductivity as good as cast iron and aluminum woks. 

However, some manufacturers have incorporated stainless steel woks with aluminum cores. This helps you to enjoy both the aesthetic appeal of stainless steel and the thermal conductivity of aluminum. 

  • Carbon Steel Wok

This wok is common among Asians. Besides being light, the wok conducts heat evenly. It requires seasoning and darkens over time. 

Additionally, the woks are relatively expensive too! 

Best Wok for Electric Stove – What to Consider Before Buying

When buying your best wok for electric stove, you should always consider the following:

  • Thermal Conductivity. If you want to cook fast, you should pick a wok with excellent thermal conductivity. It heats fast and releases the heat equally fat to ensure quick cooking. Cast iron and aluminum has some of the best thermal conductivity. 
  • Shape. The best wok for electric stove should be flat-bottomed. This guarantees uniform heat distribution. However, you may consider round-bottom if you don’t intend to use it with electric stoves. 
  • Cost. While this is a necessary factor, it should come last! Always ensure that your best wok for electric stove has all the features you need first. When you get ideal woks with all the features that you want, you can now pick the best price. 
  • Availability of a Lid. We recommend that your best wok for electric stove should have a lid. This allows your food to simmer and cook well over a short period.
  • Maintenance. What are the care and maintenance practices to keep your wok functional for long? Do you need regular seasoning? You should get all these facts before buying your best wok for electric stove. You should also understand the cleaning requirements and only buy a wok that you can maintain expertly. 
  • Size. Your best wok for electric stove should be big enough to cook enough food for your family and guests. Also, ensure that you consider the type of stove you’ll use with the wok. When it’s too big compared to the stove, it can tilt leading to spillage and accidents!
  • Non-Stick or Not? There are several non-stick pans and woks in the market. If you want a wok with non-stick coating, you should check its functionality first. For example, coating carbon steel with a non-stick material may not yield great results. On the contrary, non-stick aluminum/calphalon woks can work just fine. 

Best Wok for Electric Stove – Bottom Line

Buying the best wok for electric stove is an excellent idea. You’ll achieve phenomenal stir fry using your electric stove!

However, purchasing the best wok for electric stove can be a hurdle. It requires consistent research and adequate knowledge of various types of woks in the market.

If you’re in a quagmire on which wok to buy, then you shouldn’t worry. This article provides an exhaustive guide that’ll help you buy the best wok for electric stove without a hassle. 

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