8 Best Salt and Pepper Grinders

Do you want a hassle-free way to spice your food? Well, one of the proven techniques is getting the best salt and pepper grinders.

This small kitchen gadget ensures that you add salt and pepper evenly, thus eliminating any risk of spoiling your meals with excess salt and pepper. 

Although it’s hard to get a kitchen without these crucial gadgets, they are most neglected and dull! Yes, you can acquire the best salt and pepper grinders that don’t compromise style and elegance. 

In this article, we compile a list of the best salt and pepper grinders for your consideration. It’s based on ease of handling, efficacy, style, ease-of-use, storage, and efficacy.

Read on to understand all the details that you should consider before settling for your best salt and pepper grinders. 

Best salt and pepper grinders

Best Salt and Pepper Grinders – Comparison

Image NameFeatures
Gravity Electric Home Salt Pepper Grinder-stainless steel salt and pepper grinder with acrylic window
-No buttons to press/Easy to use
OXO Good Grips Salt And Pepper Mill-Grinding mechanism on top of Grinder to ensure clean countertop
-Rotate tabs to easily adjust Grinder settings from fine to coarse
-Non-corrosive ceramic grinders
Zelancio Electric Salt Spice Grinder or Set and Pepper -Battery-powered
-Ceramic grinding mechanism
-Stainless Steel Construction
COLE and MASON Derwent Pepper and Salt Grinder Set-stylish stainless-steel finish
-Up to 6 precise grinding levels that offer fine or coarse granules
-clear acrylic shaker body highlights the level of your spice and is easy to refill
Best Salt and Pepper GrindersHudson Essentials Deluxe Pepper and Salt Grinder Set-adjust the salt and pepper mill to deliver a fine or coarse grind
-smooth twisting, easy-to-use manual grinder
-can hold up to 2 ounces of black peppercorns or 5 ounces of sea salt
Perfex Adjustable Salt and pepper Grinder Mill-heavyweight aluminum with stainless steel grinding mechanism
-Burr-style grinding mechanism adjusts from fine to coarse with just a turn of the bottom locking nut
ZaraLuxe Pepper and Salt Grinder Set-7.5" X 2.5", with a 3/4 cup capacity
-brushed stainless steel top and premium quality, strong glass along with a sealing lid
Willow and Everett Stainless Steel Pepper and Salt Grinder Set-brushed stainless steel encasing, glass body and ceramic grinder
-stylish and elegant

Best Salt and Pepper Grinders

  1. Gravity Electric Home Salt Pepper Grinder

Spice up your kitchen with this fantastic salt pepper grinder that features a beautiful and attractive design. It’s brushed with a stainless steel body with an acrylic window that adds durability making your grinder safe from damage and glass breakages.

It has a gravity activation feature that turns on and switches off the mill anytime you tilt it. It’s a one-hand operation grinder so you can use the other hand to hold the lid or stir the curry.

No buttons to press! It features a quality ceramic grinder that that grinds different coarseness from medium to coarse. The grinding burrs are designed to maintain your grind flavour resulting in an authentic, pure, and fresh ingredients.

If you are a kitchen user who loves cooking with precise measurements, this grinder comes with a LED light that illuminates your curry helping you see the quantity of spice you’re sprinkling.

It’s backed up with a 90-day warranty.


  • Features a gravity activation feature that turns the grinder on/off anytime you tilt it
  • It has a ceramic rotor mechanism for long term durability
  • Comes with an LED light that helps in illuminating your curry
  • The grinding burrs are designed to maintain the flavour of your grind
  • Brushed with stainless steel construction to enhance durability


  • Requires reduced effort on the user end to work perfectly
  • A great miller to be used by people with disorders
  • It has gravity sensors for automated activation.
  • Easy to use and monitor


  • It has a low lifespan.
  • Regular battery changing can be tiresome.
  • Relatively low quality in terms of grinding compared to other models
  1. OXO Good Grips Salt And Pepper Mill

The OXO good grips salt and pepper grinder is popularly known for its sleek design, stylish exterior to fit in your kitchen countertop. It’s a BPA-free container to enhance food safety, and it’s designed with a transparent surface that alerts you when its time to refill the container.

It has stainless steel lids with a ceramic grinder located on the inside part that neither absorbs nor corrodes odours and flavours of your curry—the grind selector locks in five separate setting to adjust your miller from fine to coarse grinding.

The dispensers are placed at the top to help you get rid of stray spices and avoid countertop messes and stray spices during the grinding process. This grinder is designed to render faster outputs compared to other similar models of its class and comes with black pepper.


  • It has a grind-selector that’s essential in locking five settings to make the miller adjust from fine to coarse
  • Sleek design and tall for proper kitchen and tabletop use
  • Mill comes fully packed with black pepper
  • Designed with a ceramic grinder that doesn’t absorb or corrode flavours
  • It’s BPA-free to enhance safety


  • It features a substantial lifespan
  • Bottom dispenser placement allows you to get rid of stray spices
  • Easy adjustments to make it easy to use
  • Rubber band grip located at the base helps in the secure handling


  • An expensive model
  • The tiny cap at the top is prone to fall off
  • Not an excellent pick when grinding peppercorns
  1. Zelancio Electric Salt Spice Grinder or Set and Pepper 

This battery-powered salt and pepper grinder allows you to mill your pepper by simply pressing the power button. The mill uses four AA batteries that are easy to install and features a sleek design to add beauty to your kitchen.

Furthermore, it’s built with a stainless steel lid for durability. The transparent container helps you monitor the grinding process for perfect results. It has energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lights. Never be worried when working in a low visible kitchen set up.

It’s a perfect appliance for peppercorns and sea salt and can add anything you want to your meals with a single press of a button. In other words, it’s easy to use the miller. The mill has a ceramic grinder backed up with an adjustment option to cater for your varying coarseness needs.


  • Stainless steel lids for durability
  • Uses four AA batteries that are easy to install
  • Comes with energy-efficient LED
  • Features a compact size that measures 9.4 inches by 4.6 inches by 2.3 inches


  • Features a trendy design
  • Has a LED light located at the bottom part
  • Minimum effort to operate as its battery-run
  • Adjustment settings meant for different output levels


  • Loud noise production when powered
  • Inadequate grinding power
  1. COLE and MASON Derwent Pepper and Salt Grinder Set

This unique set comes with carbon steel gears to perfectly grind your peppercorns, and the ceramic gears are essential in salt milling. Cole and Mason are designed with an easy and smooth grinding motion to maximize flavour.

Furthermore, the set comes with a different grinding option for versatility, and the pepper grinder has six different grinding options, and three options are supplied to the salt grinder.

Cole and mason set are made of stainless steel finish, and pure acrylic to add durability and features a unique and stylish design to boost your kitchen beauty. Rather than a simple ceramic grinding mechanism, the set features a diamond sharpened ceramic grinding mechanism.

The set has a clear acrylic and shaker body to help you view the spice level, and it’s easily refillable.


  • The set has adjustable settings with up to 6 significant grinding levels that deliver coarse or fine granules
  • Features a unique stainless steel construction to add durability
  • It has a standard size to fit on the kitchen countertop properly
  • It comes with diamond-sharpened ceramic grinders for a fine mill
  • String Mechanism guarantee


  • Several different grinding settings
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Designed with top-notch materials
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Doesn’t entirely crush the peppercorns
  • Some salt is prone to remain at the bottom of the grinder.
  1. Hudson Essentials Deluxe Pepper and Salt Grinder Set

Best Salt and Pepper Grinders

Efficient, functional, and chic are the three essential terms used to describe this set of salt and pepper grinder. The Hudson Essentials pepper and salt grinder will make your kitchen look handsome as the pair comes with gleaming stainless steel ends, modern, and sleek design.

The metallic components are rustproof and cannot tarnish. The acrylic window is sturdy and cannot shatter like glass or crack plus the acrylic window lets you monitor your spices inside the grinder. You’ll never shake unwanted ingredients in your food. And it makes you know the right time to fill the mill.

As compared to other traditional grinder sets, they are easy to use and don’t need a massive amount of twists and turns. A big thanks to the sturdy ceramic blades making the product durable to serve you extensively yielding sound output.

The set features a large capacity with a wide opening to ensure reduced and easy refills and the storage can fit up to five ounces of salt crystals and two full black peppercorns ounces.


  • Sturdy ceramic blades for perfect out
  • Transparent and robust Acrylic window to help you control the spices
  • Stainless steel construction adds beauty to the grinders
  • The large capacity with a wide opening is essential in reducing refills


  • The large size and a versatile design
  • Easy to separate for quick cleaning
  • The large grips meant for easy twists and turns
  • Durable ceramic blades for precise grinding


  • Poor settings adjustment leading in a low output variation
  • Absence of caps and placement of dispensers on the lower part of the set leads to stray pieces
  • Requires a lot of twists and turns to make driving to slow and insufficient grinding
  1. Perfex Adjustable Salt and pepper Grinder Mill

Perfex is one of the best grinders that grinds all types of salt efficiently. It’s designed with durable aluminum material to enhance longevity and a stainless steel grinding mechanism resulting in a purely refined output. Additionally, the grinder is built with rustproof materials.

Perfex Salt mill features a simple and elegant design. Furthermore, it features a burr-style grinding mechanism with different settings that adjusts from fine grinding to a coarse grinding using the locking nut.

The chute located at the front side is essential for quick and easy refills and the product is designed to give a fresh twist to an old classic model. The grinder has a grandiose exterior, and it’s an excellent product for both outdoor and indoor entertainment


  • Elegant and classic design to complement any kitchen décor
  • The burr-style grinding helps the grinder to adjust from a fine to coarse grinding
  • Designed with quality aluminium and stainless steel material to enhance longevity and prevents rust
  • Compact design and measures two by 2.5 by 4 inches to fit in a squeezed draw
  • It’s a portable model that weighs only five ounces.


  • Used in a wide range of spices and salt
  • Long-lasting and durable functionality.
  • Easy to fill and use
  • Consistent and quality output


  • Its small size makes it hard to handle and requires repeated refills.
  • It’s pricey
  1. ZaraLuxe Pepper and Salt Grinder Set

This grinder from Zaraluxe features an affordable price and comes with a handful of amazing features. It comes with a five-level fineness/coarseness adjustment mechanism that’s facilitated by the ceramic motor that helps you grind your spices to preferred sizes.

Meanwhile, the stainless steel cap located at the top side helps in maintaining the aroma and freshness of your spices.

This grinder features a tall glass body with a refined design and smooth edges that add elegance to your kitchen. It has a large capacity that measures 7.5 by 2.5 inches and a ¾ inch cup capacity to make the grinder refill an easy task. You don’t have to make frequent refills.

Its easy to use the grinder set, and washing is not a stressors too. Unscrew the bottom glass sphere hand wash your grinder with mild soap and water. Zaraluxe salt and pepper grinders come with a cleaning brush. The brush bristles are flexible and long to remove tiny objects that might prevent proper grinding.


  • The five-level fineness adjustment mechanism helps you choose a range of output from coarse to fine
  • The tall glass body adds more elegance and refined design
  • Features an enormous capacity to prevent regular refills
  • It comes with a cleaning brush with flexible bristles.
  • Stainless steel cap located beneath the grinder helps in maintaining the freshness of the spices.


  • Delivers quality output
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Consistent output
  • Accompanied by a handy cleaning brush


  • It’s a bit bulky and maybe an inconvenient pick if you love portable grinders.
  • It produces low output in terms of coarseness.
  1. Willow and Everett Stainless Steel Pepper and Salt Grinder Set

This modern kitchen set has a steel encasing, ceramic grinder, and a glass body. The glass transparency container signals you when its time to refill the grinder. The mill is five inches tall and boasts a capacity of 3-4 cups spices.

Also, the packaging features a sleek steel stand to help you carry the grinder with ease. As compared to the numerous models in the market, this one comes with a grinding mechanism located at the top. This is to avoid stray spice to the kitchen countertop and allow for a perfect sprinkling of spice over your food.

Besides, the ceramic grinder produces a perfect grind and features a plastic knob that’s essential in adjusting coarseness/fineness of the ground salt depending on your preference. It only requires a few twists and turns to deliver the desired outcomes.

Despite the fantastic features that accompany the product, it features a market-friendly price.


  • Has a capacity of 3 to 4 cups and its five inches tall
  • Packaging features comes in a sleek steel stand to help you carry the grinder
  • The ceramic grinder produces perfect results
  • The grinding mechanism is located at the top


  • It has a large capacity
  • Budget-friendly price
  • It has a ceramic grinding system
  • The dispensers are located at the top to avoid stray spices


  • Not durable as compared to the high-end salt grinders
  • Lacks a switch/tab for adjustment
  • Has a delicate plastic layer for holding the grinder
  • The big container size can lead to handling inconveniences

Best Salt and Pepper Grinders – A Comprehensive Buying Guide 

When selecting your best salt and pepper grinders, you should consider the following factors:

  • Ease of Use

Can various parts of your best salt and pepper grinders clog? How fast do they dispense salt and pepper? These are some of the questions that you should always answer before you settle for the best salt and pepper grinders. 

The best salt and pepper grinders should allow for an effortless dispensing. This way, the elderly and children will have an easy time using it. 

  • Mode of Operation 

Salt and pepper grinders come in manual and electronic versions. Overall, the manual ones will require more energy to grind your pepper. Consequently, you should buy electronic salt and pepper grinders – especially if you have a member of your family with joint pain conditions. 

However, you should always ensure that your best salt and pepper grinders have easily removable batteries for guaranteed ease of maintenance. 

  • Best Salt and Pepper Grinders – What is the Grinding Mechanism?

The grinding part of your best salt and pepper grinders is subject to wear and tear. As such, you must always ensure that you only buy those with durable grinders. Acrylic mechanisms are particularly weak! As such, you should choose those with ceramic grinders. 

  • Ease of Operation

How easy is it to adjust the coarseness settings of your best salt and pepper grinders? The versatility of this feature is crucial in ensuring that you get the best coarseness that’s ideal for different meals. 

  • Capacity

While buying a big salt and pepper grinder is ideal, you should always be careful to only buy one that’ll fit into your space. Also, overstayed spices may lose their natural taste! 

  • Style and Materials

When selecting your best salt and pepper grinders, you should always ensure that you get the most stylish yet durable ones. For example, glass and stainless steel combinations give relatively durable ones. Other materials that you may consider include ceramic and wood.

Best Salt and Pepper Grinders – Bottom Line

Buying the best salt and pepper grinders is a great idea. However, you should incorporate various factors to ensure that you get the most stylish, highly functional, and durable grinders. 

We provides a detailed guide on what you should consider before buying your best salt and pepper grinders. Additionally, it offers a well-researched list of the best salt and pepper grinders that you should consider. 

Whether you’re baking cookies or cooking any other meal, you need the best salt and pepper grinders that’ll help you to balance the salt ration. This way, you’ll never get disappointed with the outcome of your meals.



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