8 Best Meat Slicer for Home Use

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If you want to have a hassle-free cooking exercise, you must have the best meat slicer for home use. It helps you to save time and energy without compromising the quality of your meals.

However, your meat slicer for home use must have various salient features to guarantee efficacy. How you choose your best meat slicer for home use will depend largely on your needs—including your family size, the frequency of use, and the urgency of meal preparation, among others.

Best Meat Slicers for Home Use

Due to the many brands available in the market currently, many cooking enthusiasts find it relatively difficult to choose the best meat slicer for home use.

If you’re in such a quagmire, you shouldn’t worry! This article will enumerate the factors you should consider when selecting your best meat slicer for home use. Even better, we’ll give a comprehensive list of the best meat slicer for home use.

Best Meat Slicer for Home Use – Features Comparison

Chefman Meat SlicerChefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer- stainless steel blade
-Blade, food pusher and food carrier are detachable for easy clean, dishwasher safe
-Automatic mode of operation
Best meat slicer for homeNESCO , Stainless Steel Food Slicer, Adjustable Thickness, 8.7", Silver- stainless steel sliding food carriage
- 180 watt motor/120 volt
-detachable 8.7" hardened stainless steel serrated blade handles
-Adjustable thickness control knob for 9/16"
If you want to have a hassle-free cooking exercise, you must have the best meat slicer for home use. It helps you to save time and energy without compromising the quality of your meals.Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer- choose from razor-thin to ½” slices
- multipurpose and reliable meat slicer
sturdy, non-slip construction
If you want to have a hassle-free cooking exercise, you must have the best meat slicer for home use. It helps you to save time and energy without compromising the quality of your meals.Chef's Choice 615A Meat Slicer-powerful high torque motor with gear drive
- 7-inch stainless steel blade
-120 watts
Best Commercial Meat SlicerOSTBA Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer with Removable 7.5’’ Stainless Steel Blade-Sharp 7.5”stainless steel cutting blade
-150 watts of fast, high yield slicing power
-adjusts from 1/32 inch to 3/5 inch thick to slice everything
-Easy to clean
If you want to have a hassle-free cooking exercise, you must have the best meat slicer for home use. It helps you to save time and energy without compromising the quality of your meals.Kitchener 9-Inch Professional Meat Deli Cheese Electrical Food Slicer - belt driven Electric powered 120VAC 150 Watt Current (200 Watt Max) 60Hz motor
-9" (229mm) Ham/Salami Blade, Adjustable Thickness Control Knob
-capable of slicing a wide variety of foods from delicious deli thin to 5/8" carving board style thick meats
If you want to have a hassle-free cooking exercise, you must have the best meat slicer for home use. It helps you to save time and energy without compromising the quality of your meals.KWS MS-6RS 200w Electric Meat Slicer-200-Watts Motor
-Power-Low noise level
-6-inch Premium 304 Stainless Steel Blade
-Cutting Thickness 0-0.4”
-CE Approved

8 Best Meat Slicer for Home Use

  1. Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli & Food Slicer
Chefman Meat Slicer

This is one of the versatile meat slicers for home that’s perfect for slicing deli meats and vegetables efficiently. Chefman Meat Slicer comes with an 7.5-inch blade that slices across your meat effortlessly. More so, the sliding meat carriage promises you precise meat cutting every time.

Additionally, it features a quality stainless steel blade design best for home kitchens and commercial applications. Its dishwasher safe making it easy to clean. Furthermore, this model comes with a modern design that provides a firm grip needed for controlled slicing.

It meets all ETL, CE, and CSA standards. More importantly, it has an in-built sharpener to reduce the downtime. Its sliding carriage helps you cut meat safely irrespective of the size and the slicer is small and features a compact design to fit in a squeezed kitchen perfectly.


  • Modern, stylish design making it a perfect pick for restaurants and kitchens
  • Comes with an inbuilt sharpener to make the blade retain its original sharpness
  • Features a thick blade to cut through every size of meat
  • The blade is made of stainless steel material for durability
  • Compact and small design to fit in squeezed restaurant kitchens


  • Cuts meat quickly
  • It’s designed to reduce arm fatigue
  • It’s easy to maintain and maneuver
  • It has detachable parts that can be assembled and disassembled in minutes
  • Versatile and perfectly slices firm bread, meat and veggie


  • Works at ten minutes interval to give it time to cool
  1. NESCO FS-250 Meat Slicer
Best meat slicer for home

FS-250 comes with a combined and sleek design with an ability to cut through a wide range of foods such as cheese, meat, vegetables, bread, and fruits. It has a high quality 180 watts power engine with an 8.7-inch thick blade diameter.

What makes it a valuable model is the die-cast aluminum construction, and it’s accompanied by a unique titled slicing surface to make the meat slicing process a breeze. Furthermore, the material adds an elegant design that makes it easily integrate with your kitchen décor.

Additionally, its blade is made of serrated and hardened stainless steel to deal with a wide range of meat sizes and shapes. The machine has an adjustable thickness regulation knob and a removable food carriage tab for quick food removal from the unit for easy cleaning.

The non-slip feet prevent machine movement for safe slicing, and the recessed power switch reduces the chances of accidents.


  • Large, and detachable blade that’s made from robust stainless steel
  • Stainless steel food carrier
  • Versatile and can handle a range of cutting applications.
  • Dual safety features
  • The control knob is essential in adjusting the thickness


  • It’s a portable model for easy maneuverability
  • The thickness can be adjusted using a control knob
  • The blade is detachable, making it easy to clean the unit.
  • It’s durable to facilitate precision cutting.


  • The build quality is deficient
  • Has a problem when placing the food in its position when slicing
  1. Elite Platinum EMT-503B Meat Slicer
Best Home Slicer for Home Use

The Elite platinum 503B is an ultimate meat slicer that saves your money, time, and effort on sliced meats. This fuss-free meat slicer has an extra-sharp stainless blade that measures 7.5 inches for durability. The blade is rustproof and retractable, and it’s removable to help you slice meat with surgical precision.

The Elite platinum grade slicer is safe, stable, and durable and provides an extended slicing platform that comes with non-slip rubber feet for stability. Safety is vital while cutting meat, and this product comes with a secure safety guide that leads your food to the blades keeping your hands sound and safe.

This is a sturdy and friendly structure that features a compact design and measures 9.2 by 13.8 by 10.8 inches. It’s a portable unit that weighs 10.1 pounds and has an unparalleled versatility to use in a range of slicing solutions.


  • Has an adjustable blade thickness
  • Made from a quality die-cast aluminum that’s rustproof and durable
  • A removable blade that’s easy to clean
  • Unparalleled versatility to be used in a wide range of cutting applications.
  • Sturdy stainless steel blade to add durability


  • Rustproof and super durable
  • Pocket-friendly price to favor the budget savvy.
  • It features a non-slip construction that holds the slicer in position
  • A versatile meat slicer for home


  • Comes with a cheap plastic construction that may fail anytime
  • Not a heavy-duty machine compared to other models.
  1. Chef’s Choice 615A Meat Slicer
Best Meat Slicer for the Money

Engineered for smooth operation, styled handsomely, power, and efficiency, Chef’s Choice 615A is a great kitchen tool if you want a perfect meat slicing experience. It’s versatile to help you slice a wide variety of foods apart from beef jerky and others.

The significant component of this sophisticated meat slicer is that it’s constructed from cast aluminum and stainless steel. It features an incredible 120 watts power rating and comes with a smooth gear drive and a high motor torque for continuous operation.

Chef’s choice has a removable blade and comes with a food carriage and food pusher. The food pusher has a comfortable grip and non-slip design with a stainless steel blade. Proper slicing comes from the sleek construction that features a tilted food carriage. This is broad and fully retracts to allow for easy slicing of large roasts and gams.


  • It has an intermittent and continuous on/off switch
  • Rugged and versatile slicer that features a structural component made of cast
  • The 7-inch blade is made of stainless steel used for slicing a range of meats
  • The unique button helps in securing food carriage to remain in a lock position for blade limiting access when not in use
  • Sleek construction with a tilted food carriage
  • The high torque motor with a gear drive


  • The machine uses a quality metal alloy blade
  • Removable parts including the blade to make the cleaning task a breeze
  • A versatile meat slicer
  • Comes with a cantilever design to place sliced food in your plate
  • High power motor torque that features a gear drive


  • The construction isn’t appealing
  • Issues may arise when it comes to adjusting the knob.
  1. OSTBA Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer 
OSTBA Commercial Meat Slicer

OSTBA meat slicer is your best pick if you are looking for professional meat slicer for home as it promises precise cuts. It delivers a constant sharp cut as it runs a 150-watt power motor and features a thickness cutting ability that can be adjusted.

It has a bright 7.5-inch sharp stainless steel blade that’s durable and driven by high power yielding precise cuts. Also, the slide-rod extension, the carriage system, and the removable meat grip arm are vital components when it comes to cleaning the unit.

OSTBA comes with a suction grip base, and the unit’s blade guard is essential in placing the slicer in the right position while in operation. It has a heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum material that promises longevity of service and can slice a variety of foods like boneless meats, fruits, cheese, and ham.

Additionally, it comes with a removable ring guard cover that’s essential in preventing the accumulation of debris along the cutting area.


  • The unit’s blade guard places the slicer in position for smooth cutting operation
  • Removable ring guard cover prevents debris accumulation within the cutting area
  • Sharp and durable 7.5-inch stainless steel blade for precise meat slicing.
  • Thickness cutting ability that can be adjusted
  • Driven by 150-watt power for accurate results


  • High yield slicing power leads to consistent, sharp cuts
  • Economical and space-saving slicer
  • Cutting Thickness can be adjusted
  • Delivers desired and professional results at home
  • It’s easy to clean as it comes with a stainless steel carriage cover


  • The blade removal is not practical and cleaning it can be challenging.
  • Its set up manual is hard to read.
  1. Kitchener 9-Inch Professional Meat Deli Cheese Electrical Food Slicer
Best Meat Slicer for Home Use

This 9-inch professional meat slicer is an electric-powered machine that features a removable blade for effortless cleanup. It comes with a rustproof stainless steel blade that is powered by a 200 maximum watt motor to slice across a wide range of foods precisely.

It has an adjustable thickness control function that helps you adjust the unit’s thickness. The suction cup feet make the device sturdy and ensure that it remains intact in place during the slicing process.

Kitchener 9-inch features a compact design for secure storage and weighs only 14.5 pounds, and the food slicer has an easy-clean design. The blade, food deflector, and the food carriage are removable for easy cleaning resulting in an exceptional performance.

Nevertheless, this handy meat slicer for home has a carriage surface that’s built from stainless steel and provides finger protection ability. Additionally, its constructed with a premium coated steel and a die-cast aluminum that weighs only 14 lbs.


  • Has a bread and a universal serrated blade to allow you slice meat like a professional
  • Die-cast aluminum housing and stainless steel blade for durability
  • Easy clean design and removable blade for exceptional results
  • Features a compact design for secure storage and transportation
  • 150 watts current power helps in precise cutting results


  • Stainless steel construction is rustproof.
  • It features an easy to clean design.
  • Can slice a wide range of foods
  • It’s easy to use the meat slicer.
  • Comes with an affordable price
  • The suction cup feet places the machine in place during the process.


  • Low power leading to low fan speed
  1. KWS MS-6RS 200w Electric Meat Slicer
Best Chef Meat Slicer for Home Use

When you want a high-volume cutting power with extra reliable horsepower, then KWS meat slicer is the best pick. Unlike other models made of carbon steel blades, KWS features a quality 304 stainless steel blade that’s durable, firm, and anti-rust and cuts food up to 0.4 inches thick.

Additionally, it has an inbuilt sharpener that sharpens and hones the blade making the blade to maintain its original sharpness. The device operates under a 200 watts motor power and comes with an ON/OFF switch that’s user-friendly.

Another thing is the skid proof rubber feet that secure the slicer firmly on your kitchen countertop making the slicer sturdier during the slicing process. The vibration feature helps in keeping your hands stable when slicing your meat while keeping an intact meat texture.

Meanwhile, the aluminum casing is sturdy and can sustain the test of time, making it an ideal product if you are a regular meat cooker. It has a flawless cutting ability and features a compact design for proper storage when not in use.

This unit has a numerical scale knob that has a built-in dual whetstone sharpener and has a ring guard to assemble the table quickly.


  • Durable Aluminum casing
  • Has a numerical scale knob and an inbuilt dual whetstone
  • The built-in sharpener is essential in sharpening your blades
  • Skidproof rubber feet secure the slicer that adds durability to the machine
  • The ON/OFF button makes the device user-friendly


  • Comes with noise and vibration features
  • Quality meat cutting
  • Can easily cut through light and thick meat
  • A lightweight product that’s easy to use
  • It has corrosion-resistant construction


  • A heavyweight slicer
  1. Meat Slicer, CUSIMAX Electric Food Slicer with 7.5” Removable Stainless Steel Blade 
Cusimax Meat Slicer for Home

CUSIMAX is constructed well for its price as it has a combination of die-cast aluminum, prime-coated steel, and a stainless steel blade. All these are meant to add durability and stability. It features a 200 watts to slice your prime cuts easily and quickly.

It has a plastic food holder that comes with an ergonomic grip located on the handle to make your fingers fit correctly in position and to keep the food held against the blade. The meat piece will slide smoothly too.

The food holder and the blade are removable for easy cleaning, and the suction grip bottom enhances sturdy usage. Nevertheless, this machine is easy to adjust as it comes with a built-in control knob. And it boasts compact dimensions measuring 8 x 16 x 11 inches


  • Comes with a removable 7.5-inch stainless steel 420 cutting blade
  • Die-cast aluminum housing and prime coated steel
  • Has an in-built thickness control knob
  • 200 watts power to drive the blade for precise cutting.
  • Large-capacity food carrier designed to slide smoothly for perfect cuts
  • Slip-resistant feet for stability


  • It’s easy to clean as the parts are removable
  • Constructed with durable materials
  • The price is reasonable
  • A lightweight model for easy maneuverability


  • Noisy when powered.
  • The suction feet don’t stay put.

Best Meat Slicer for Home Use: Complete Buying Guide

While using the best knives to cut meat can be appropriate, you may require a more versatile slicer. This will save time while increasing cooking efficiency.

If you want to buy the best meat slicer for home use, then you’re on the right forum. Here, we’ll highlight the crucial factors that you should consider before you settle for your best meat slicer for home use.

Blade Type and Size

The best meat slicer for home use will often come with either smooth-edged or serrated blades. The type of blade you select will largely depend on what you want to cut often.

For example, if you want to cut lean meat and vegetables, you should go for the smooth-edged meat slicer for home use. On the converse, the serrated blade is ideal for cutting hard foods such as frozen meat, cheese, and bread.

You can always get extra blades! This allows you to change the blades depending on the food item you want to cut. 

Additionally, you should always consider the blade size before you purchase your best meat slicer for home use. The blades come in 7 inches, 9 inches, and 14 inches size. The bigger it is, the more effective it’ll be—especially when it’s for frequent use.

The versatility of your Best Meat Slicer for Home Use

While your primary focus is cutting meat, you should always consider a meat slicer for home use that can cut other food items.

It must be versatile enough to cut foods such as cheese, vegetables, and other hard cooking items. This way, you’ll have double-benefits when using your best meat slicer for home use.

Frequency of Usage

Your best meat slicer for home use will only serve you optimally if you do not exceed its estimated usage range. For example, if you’re buying it to use daily, you must consider how sturdy the material used is!

 It must withstand the pressure that comes with daily usage lest it becomes defective within the first month of usage.

The Motor/ Engine Power

The motor size of your best meat slicer for home use determines its efficacy and versatility. A powerful engine is ideal for cutting hard foodstuffs such as frozen meat and cheese.

High motor power of 130-240 watts guarantees versatility, efficiency, and reliability. However, if your best meat slicer for home use is solely for cutting lean meat, you’ll not require high engine power.

The Noise Levels of Your Best Meat Slicer for Home Use

While you want to simplify your cooking process, it would be inconvenient if your meat slicer for home use is noisy. As such, you must always consider a considerably quiet meat slicer for home use, without compromising its efficacy.

To achieve this, you should consider the engine transmission system. The two types available include; geared and belted.

While gear-based meat slicers for home use have better output, they tend to be louder than the belt-based meat slicers. Additionally, repairing the gear-based ones may be quite expensive.

On the contrary, the belt-based meat slicers for home use are cheaper, easy to repair, and relatively quieter.

Space Availability

Before buying your best meat slicer for home use, you should consider the space available in your kitchen. You should only buy a meat slicer that’ll not give you storage headaches.

Ease of Cleaning

How easy is it for you to detach various parts of your best meat slicer for home use? The easier it is, the easier it’ll be to clean it.

Best Meat Slicer for Home Use: Classification Based on Use

Meat slicers for home use are classified into three based on the usage. The three categories include:

  • Entry Level Slicers. This is the most basic slicer with a weak motor. You should not buy this meat slicer for home use if you require intensive slicing. It requires utmost care and only occasional use lest you spend lots of bucks on repairing it now and then.
  • Mid-Level Slicers. This slicer is a bit stronger compared to the entry-level one. It won’t heat up unnecessarily and you can use it to cut other food substances apart from lean meat.
  • Premium Level Slicers. This meat slicer for home use has the best motors. It can cut almost any foodstuff and it’ll serve you for many years.

The cost of these meat slicers varies—with the premium ones being very costly compared to the entry-level ones. As such, you must weigh your options between functionality and cost when selecting one.

If you just need one for occasional use, you can buy the mid-level or the entry-level one. However, if you want a long-lasting and versatile slicer, you’ll have to spend extra bucks and settle for the premium one.

The Best Meat Slicer for Home Use: The Final Verdict

Buying your best meat slicer for home use is an excellent decision. It’ll enhance your cooking process, save energy, and reduce your cooking time.

However, you should be careful to only select that which will serve you the best! While the process of buying the best meat slicer for home use can be complicated, it doesn’t have to be a gamble.

That’s why we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide that will guide you as you shop for the best meat slicer for home use. Ensure that you consider all the factors highlighted herein before you settle for your best meat slicer for home use!

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