Best Knife Set Under 100 – With a Comprehensive Buying Guide

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When it comes to finding the best knife set under 100, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You should consider what type of knives you need. If you’re mostly just cooking for yourself or your family, then a basic set of chef’s knives will do.

But if you’re a professional chef or avid home cook, then you’ll probably want a set that includes specialty knives as well.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the knives. You don’t want to sacrifice quality to save money! In the end, choosing the right knife set is all about finding something that fits your needs and budget.

Best Knife Set Under $100

7 Best Knife Sets Under $100 – Comparison

Image NameUnique Features
best knife set under 100Home Hero 17 Pieces Kitchen Knives Set-Made out of stainless steel and carefully coated with a nonstick
-Superior blades with top-notch edge retention
Best knife set under 100Farberware 22-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Block -Non-slip handles
-Triple-riveted poly material for guaranteed strength and durability.
-Uniquely textured handles that ensure that you get a firm grip
Best knife sets under 100 Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set-Life time warranty
-Ergonomic stainless steel handle
-Lightweight knives
-Easy to clean
Best knife set under 100Vremi 10 Piece Knife Set-Fun rainbow color
-Stainless steel
-Ergonomics non-slip handle
Best knife set under 100Amazonbasics Premium 14-Piece Set-Solid stainless steel structure
-Rust resistance
-Ergonomically designed handles for ease of handling and comfort

Best Knife Sets Under 100 – Why You Need It

Buying the best knife set under 100 will surely be one of the best decisions ever! It has several knives that have been modified to perform different functions. 

As such, the best knife set under 100 will help you bid goodbye to the one-fit-all knife! This will add glamour to your kitchen and enhance your cooking experience greatly.

Additionally, you’ll be able to use the right knife for the right function, thus reducing the chances of destroying your over the sink cutting board!

You should never use your dishwasher to clean your knives, even when the manufacturer suggests that it is safe to do so. It reduces the lifespan of your knives significantly.

But why is it necessary to buy a knife set under 100? Why not purchase single normal knives for your kitchen activities? 

Well, the best knife sets under 100 come with different knives for varying kitchen purposes. This reduces your food prep time significantly. 

Best Kitchen Knife Sets Under $100

1. Home Hero 17 Pieces Kitchen Knives Set

Home Hero 17 Pieces Kitchen Knives Set


BrandHome Hero
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH14.8 x 4.8 x 11.6 inches

If you’re looking for an affordable knife set, you should consider buying this Home Hero 17 pieces knife set. It includes:

  • 13 professional knives
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Bonus peeler
  • A premium quality 2-stage knife sharpener
  • A modern knife stand

The knives are made out of stainless steel and carefully coated with a nonstick. This construction gives the knives superior blades with top-notch edge retention. The nonstick coating ensures that the knives’ surfaces do not react with food, even the most acidic ones.

Additionally, the Home Hero Knives have an ergonomic handle for guaranteed comfort during handling. Its shape offers a firm grip that holds your hand from sliding towards the blade, thus reducing the chances of accidental cuts.

Even better, the set features knives for different functions, including a pizza knife, utility knife, chef knife, carving knife, cheese knife, bread knife, steak knife, and a paring knife. All these knives are tailor-made for precise cuttings.

2. Farberware 22-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Block 

Farberware 22-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Block
Blade MaterialStainless steel
Blade EdgeSerrated
Item Dimensions LxWxH9.25 x 4.25 x 13.27 inches

This is the best knife set under $50 has non-slip handles made from triple-riveted poly material for guaranteed strength and durability. All the knives have uniquely textured handles that ensure that you get a firm grip, thus eliminating any chance of the hand slipping towards the blades. 

Additionally, this knife set is ideal for beginners and newbie chefs. Its ergonomic nature allows you to cut, slice, and dice for a long time without your hand feeling fatigued. 

It has micro serrations that make cutting a breeze. This knife set does not require regular sharpening. The blades are made out of high carbon stainless steel, which has a high edge retention ability.

Also, the knives are resistant to rusting and corrosion. As such, the Farberware knife set guarantees durability, strength, and precision. 

The Farberware set includes:

  • An 8-inch chef knife 
  • 8-inch bread knife
  • 5-inch Santoku
  • 5.5 inch serrated utility knife
  • 4-inch utility knife
  • 3.5-inch Paring knife
  • (6) 4.5-inch steak knives
  • All-purpose kitchen shear
  • Set of 5 measuring spoons
  • 3 Spatulas
  • A wood storage block

All the pieces are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. It is recommended that you hand wash your knives with warm water and detergent. Ensure that you dry them before storage. 

3. Cuisinart 15-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set

Best knife sets under 100


  • Life time warranty
  • Ergonomic stainless steel handle
  • Lightweight knives
  • Easy to clean

Cuisinart is a famous brand that makes thousands of cooks happy, thus bringing assurance. They are among the renowned producers of the best professional knife sets under 100. 

The eye-catching knife set with a block is made of a superior, and high-carbon stainless steel blades meant for precision and accuracy. Each of the knives that make up the complete set is worth your bucks.

This knife set is designed with precision-tapered ground blades that are narrow enough to yield a beautiful and sharp edge. The forged extra wide and a strong safety bolster enhances more control and stability anytime you are cutting your meat.

Additionally, Cuisinart knife set comes with stainless steel rivets to safeguard the full-tang blade and the perfectly designed handles. 

It’s backed up with a lifetime warranty. In case you spot any malfunction with the knife, you can return it for replacement.

If you are on a tight budget or searching for the best knife sets under 100 that’s ideal for newbies in the kitchen, then you should keep this set in mind.

It comes with nearly everything you’ll need to get started on the culinary adventures. It includes:

  • A slicing knife
  • Serrated knife
  • Santoku knife
  • Steak knives
  • Two paring knives
  • Sharpening file

The entire set is portable and lightweight. You can use it during your hiking and camping escapades.

Read more about best camping cookware here.


  • They are designed with top-notch carbon stainless steel blades
  • The precision-tapered blades are essential in producing a more beautiful sharp edge
  • The set comes in an all-purpose kitchen shears
  • Portable set 


  • The bread knife is too small
  • Some people complain that the steak knives are not adequately curved
  • Some few rusting complains of rusting

4. Vremi 10 Piece Knife Set

Vremi 10 Piece Knife Set


  • Fun rainbow color
  • Stainless steel
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomics non-slip handles

Despite being an affordable knife set, Vremi ten piece colorful set (5 kitchen knives and five knife sheath covers) never compromised on their quality. 

This knife set under 100 is designed for you if you are a cooking enthusiast interested in style and elegance. The knife set helps you to operate within a limited budget without compromising on quality.

All the knives in this unique knife set under 100 comes with top-notch stainless steel that is dull proof, odor proof, and rustproof. 

As such, you don’t have to worry about loosing the luster that characterizes the new knife set. Even better, this knife set will remain sharp for long if you adequately maintain them.

You will enjoy cutting nearly everything with the accuracy of the samurai warrior. The knife set under 100 has easy-to-use knives. Whether you’re a pro chef or a beginner, this knife set under 100 will stand the test of time.

While the efficacy of the knife set is unmatched, you must always check the comfort of your best knife sets under 100 before purchasing! This is especially crucial if you spend lots of time in the kitchen! 

The Vremi knife set will give you all the comfort and convenience that you need to enjoy every minute in your kitchen! The knife set under 100 has the following exceptional features:

  • It has an ergonomic design completed with a soft touch grip handle that guarantees comfort.  
  • Each knife has a non-slip grip on the narrow plastic and solid handle for precision as you cut across the large cheese logs, roasted turkey, and bread loaves alike.
  • The lightweight handles coupled with the sheaths are essential in making this set of cooking knives portable for camping and traveling. 

Additionally, Vremi 10-piece knife set comes with fun rainbow colors. More so, the cover set and the knife are made of premium lead-free and BPA free materials, thus guaranteeing safety. 

The Vremi knife set includes the following:

  • A serrated knife 
  • A chef knife 
  • A utility knife
  • A carving knife
  • A paring knife


  • Comes with fun rainbow colors to add beauty to your kitchen
  • Very comfortable handles
  • Features High-quality stainless steel blade for durability
  • Lightweight handles
  • It is an excellent set for camping 
  • Great price


  • Not sharp and cannot be used to cut bones
  • A heavy model

5. Amazonbasics Premium 14-Piece Set

Amazonbasics Premium 14-Piece Set


  • Triple-rivet POM handles for comfort
  • (6) 4.5-inch steak knives, kitchen shears, sharpener, and wood block
  • High quality carbon stainless steel

The 14 AmazonBasics knife sets under 100 from the amazon basics comes with:

  • A pair of scissors
  • An 8-inch slicing knife
  • A 3.5-inch peeling knife
  • An 8-inch bread knife placed in a pinewood block 
  • 11 pieces 8-inch chef knives

Additionally, this knife set under 100 has a triple rivet design that safely attaches to the handles of the tang made of stainless steel.

The knife set comes with an attractive woodblock made of pine where you can safely store all the knives and easily access them in case you want to use them urgently. 

A big thanks to the manufacturer for building this set of knives with stainless steel blades.

The material is both rust-resistance and durable. The razor-sharp edges are essential if you want to deliver perfect cutting results since they offer more accuracy, precision, and reliable results.

With a blade sharpener, you can maintain sharp knife-edge for efficient and safe use within the kitchen. 

More so, the ergonomic handle delivers more grip and comfort to provide control when cutting items.


  • They are easy to maintain, easy to use, and easy to wash
  • They are made of durable and well-made stainless steel material to last long
  • They are sharp making and thus they provide good value for money
  • They have rust-resistance materials, and you can use them in a wide variety of activities


  • If you don’t dry them properly, they can develop brown patches of rust

6. Utopia Kitchen Premium 5-Piece Set

Utopia Kitchen Premium 5-Piece Set


  • Solid stainless steel structure
  • Rust resistance
  • Ergonomically designed handles for ease of handling and comfort

Utopia is a classy knife set designed with high-quality and safe materials that cannot get dull quickly.  

The five-piece knife set can be used either in a commercial restaurant or at home. This knife set will satisfy all the food preparation demands. The knives are built with 420-grade stainless steel material to make them highly durable and sturdy.

Additionally, this is one of the knife sets under 100 designed in a more ergonomic technique to give you more grip and comfort.

This eye-catching set includes:

  • An 8-inch slicing knife,
  • A 3.5-inch paring knife, and
  • Six 4.5 inch steak knives. 

Additionally, the strong and sturdy acrylic stand gives you enough storage space for the knives. The smooth and sleek stand construction saves your kitchen space, especially if you have a small kitchen. 

Additionally, this knife set under 100 is versatile since all the knives have multiple blade styles that can be used when preparing different types of foods.

The knife sets have an elite design ideal for pleasant and prolonged handheld usage. They are easy to clean using a soft cloth. 

Also, the Utopia knife set under 100 will not break down after a long time of exposure to kitchen oils. The knife sets can withstand temperature fluctuations between the cold and hot temperatures, year after year.


  • Each knife is simple to carry and use
  • They are easy to clean by hands
  • They are very durable and solid
  • They can make an excellent present
  • Very simple but efficient and simple
  • A portable set of knife that you can carry in your bag and head for outdoor cooking


  • They are not dishwasher safe
  • Can be prone to rust spots

7. McCook MC25 Kitchen Knife Sets

McCook MC25 Kitchen Knife Sets


  • Tarnish and rust resistant
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Ergonomically designed handles for comfort
  • Made of high carbon stainless steel

McCook MC25 is a classy knife set under 100. The 14 knives set delivers premium quality services within your kitchen. It’ll meet your expectations precisely!

The knife set is made of forged high-carbon stainless steel that provides more strength and longevity. If you want the best knife sets under 100 that can withstand high levels of impact, load, and stress, then this is the best pick for you.

All the knives are housed inside a wooden butcher knife stand, and the knife sets comes with an in-built sharpener for quick and convenient sharpening. 

Also, the storage block comes with a stylish graphite finish that will work well with your kitchen décor. What’s more, McCook is FDA-approved for guaranteed safety and efficiency. 

The sturdy handle fitting that characterize this knife set is essential in maintaining the handles in the right position, thus eliminating all your worries about the handles falling away. 

The ergonomic handle adds more comfort during the cutting process. Additionally, the taper grind technology delivers optimum sharpness for proper and precise cutting.

The value knife set comes with 14 pieces of knives that include an 8-inch slicing knife, 5-inch serrated utility knife, and an 8-inch chef knife.


  • This set has a user guide for more convenience
  • The knives are simple to maintain and easy to wash by hands
  • This fantastic knife set comes with all the knives you need to dice, slice, mince and even chop


  • They may not last for long when washed in a dishwasher

Buyers Guide: Best Knife set Under 100

With the plethora of the best knife sets under 100 available in the market, you can get overwhelmed and become unsure about what to choose. Or rather get confused about the features that make the best knife sets under 100.

But you shouldn’t worry! Instead, you should use these tips to help you select the best knife sets under 100 without a hassle. 

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Knife Sets Under 100


When shopping for the best knife sets under 100, you should never compromise on the ease of storage for each set.

Additionally, your safety should be a top priority before you choose the best knife set under 100! Ensure that the blades are not exposed when the knives are not in use. This way, you eliminate any risk of cutting your hands anyhow.

If you want protection, you should never store your best knife sets under 100 lose in your cutlery drawer.

That’s another reason why many knife sets under 100 come with a storage block that’s made of wood, tempered glass or stainless steel. 

These storage blocks will maintain a sharp edge on the blades. Other storage options include a cloth knife roll– that resembles those used to keep mechanics wrenches, store artists or brushes. 

As such, you should ensure that your best knife sets under 100 feature proper storage mechanisms.

Cooking Preferences

Are you always busy cooking in your kitchen? If so, then you need a knife set with more knives. 

Find a knife set that has a paring knife, steak knife, serrated knife, and a chopping knife. With these, you will have a complete set for kitchen cutting solutions. 

Also, you should never forget about the knife sharpener since you’ll be making frequent cuts, and the knives will get blunt.

However, if you cook once in a day, consider buying a basic knife set that comes with 4 or 5 knives.

Construction Technology

Modern knife sets under 100 are either stamped or forged. 

And you understand the characteristics of forged knife set: they are expensive! They perform poorly and are less flexible if you compare them with the stamped models.

On the other side, stamped knife sets deliver excellent performance and are available at a pocket-friendly price.

Any joints or welds are a sure weak spot that can lead to bending or breaking. But single-piece designs that are three-quarter and full tang provides overall durability with unmatched integrity.


What material is your best knife set under 100 made of? This will enable you to know if the knife sets will last for long or not. 

When shopping for the best knife sets under 100, you should always select those made from sturdy materials. This guarantees durability and rust-resistance. Ensure the materials are thick to allow warping.

Also, check on the handles. Are they made from wood?

If yes, you should ensure that the wood handle is treated, as wood needs thorough protection from excess moisture. Moisture can make the handle of your best knife sets to rot, which will reduce longevity significantly.

However, knife sets with handles made from composites and stainless steel are the best. These  materials provide durability and strength.

The Ergonomics

When selecting your best knife sets under 100, you should never compromise on your comfort. Heavy knives can be difficult to use in the kitchen!

Using them when preparing many ingredients is tiring and cumbersome. It feels boring! You can end up spending the whole day cooking.

As such, your best knife sets under 100 should offer comfort. You should check on the handles and the overall outlook before you strike a deal.

Ensure you can grip the handle properly.

Ease of Cleaning

Your best knife sets under 100 should be easy to clean. You should buy knife sets that don’t take too much effort to maintain. 

Sometimes sets that retain grease, for example, are hard to use. Look for knife sets that come with a self-sharpening feature. With that, you will enjoy using them. They can’t get dull quickly.

Best Knife Sets Under 100

Bottom Line: The Best Knife Sets Under 100

If you’ve been planning on buying the best knife sets under 100, then you should follow this guide to get valuable buying tips! 

Purchasing the best knife sets under 100 will certainly transform your cooking escapades for the better. 

This articles provides a comprehensive buying guide for the best knife sets under 100. Additionally, we’ve included the list of 5 best knife sets under 100 for your consideration. While all these knife sets have unique features, they will work best in different situations.

As such, we advise that you evaluate your needs before settling for the best knife sets under 100 for your kitchen. 

Still confused on why you should get the best knife set under 100?

Well, a good knife set under 100 will make your meal prep simpler and extremely less stressful. Even if you are a newbie, a knife set is a worthwhile investment. Also though knife sets under 100 may appear cheap, they are made of sturdy materials and they’ll last long.

Generally speaking, most knife sets under 100 in the market comes with an angle that ranges between 15 to 20 degrees. To keep the knife in a top and desired shape, ensure you use the own built-in sharpener. 

However, choosing the best knife sets under 100 will depend entirely on your needs!

Just a quick reminder;

The knife sets under 100 reviewed here are currently the best-priced in the market! They offer exceptional features that’ll leave you marveled at the good deal you’ll have gotten!

Of the reviewed knife sets under 100, McCook takes the leading.

This knife set has a high carbon stainless steel, an ergonomic handle, and boasts FDA-approved materials and generally.