Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet – Is This the Best Skillet?

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Stargazer cast iron skillet appears quite dull on unpacking – certainly not a shiny finish but a bit brighter than Lodge cast iron skillet. 

But, appearance aside.

The skillet performed beyond my expectations. I experienced no sticking or hotspots whatsoever. This article gives you first-hand information on what to expect with Stargazer cast iron skillet.

It gives an in-depth analysis of its construction, ergonomics, performance, ease-of-cleaning, among other parameters that will help you to make an informed buying decision. 

Stargazer cast iron skillet review


  • Lightweight compared to other cast iron skillets
  • Relatively smooth and nonstick
  • Easy to clean
  • Top-notch performance


  • Expensive
  • Lacks pouring lips

My Experience with 10.5 Inch Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet

When I bought this skillet, I first had my doubts on whether it will be worth it. The skillet is not cheap. However, I needed a cast iron skillet that is relatively lightweight since I am a fan of hiking. I therefore gave it a shot. And this is my experience:

Features of Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet

Texture/ Construction 

The first thing you notice when you lay your hands on a Stargazer cast iron skillet is its relatively smooth texture. If you’ve used other cast iron skillets, you’ll appreciate that this is a deviation from the norm. 

While this texture is appealing, I had worries that it would not retain seasoning. I have an unmatched fear of sticky skillets! I like using little to no oil without the worry of my food sticking on the surface.  

As such, I put the stargazer cast iron skillet to a test with lots of pessimism. But I was shocked by its non-stick performance! Yes, the cooking was flawless with no sticking whatsoever! 

On further research, I realized that the company uses micro-textured layers during construction -and I have every reason to believe this.

Previously, I would have dismissed it as a marketing gimmick. But this skillet is a 5-star when it comes to non-stick properties! 

Weight/ Performance

Stargazer cast iron skillet is lighter than most of the cast iron skillets in the market. Of course, you do not expect it to be as light as stainless steel skillets, but it surely is lighter and easy to handle. 

The heavy nature of cast iron skillets has been a major selling point. It is a fact that cast iron will retain heat for long, thus making them the best for searing. 

So, does it mean that the lightweight Stargazer cast iron skillet is unfit for searing?

I sought to find out. 

I heated the skillet to medium-high temperature and added a little olive oil. I then added my pork chops and it seared on one side.

A little smoky and I was worried that it would stick. After 5 minutes, I flipped the chop and the browning was even! I did not have problems flipping. 

How effective is Stargazer Cast iron skillet?

Additionally, even cooking means that the pans heat evenly. It is simply amazing how Stargazer cast iron skillet is lightweight yet highly effective – just like Le Creuset skillet!


Stargazer markets this cast iron as having stay-cool handles. This is only true when cooking with low to medium heat. If you use high temperatures, the handle becomes relatively hot.

However, it is not something that you cannot handle. If your skin is too sensitive, you may need an oven mitt when using this skillet under high temperature. 

On the ergonomics of the handle, Stargazer scores big! The handle is relatively curved and offers a firm grip when cooking and flipping your meals. 

Additionally, the handle has a hole that allows you to hang the skillet on your pots and pans organizer, without a hassle.

Stargazer cast iron skillet review


The construction of the skillets is top-notch. Like I earlier indicated, the pans are smooth and lightweight. Despite these features, it performs superbly well in many parameters, including nonstick properties, seasoning retention, and ease of cleaning.

However, the Stargazer cast iron skillet has a downside.

One of the major construction pitfalls is the failure to include a pouring lip. While the edges are smooth, the pouring soup will lead to a little mess. 


The stargazer skillet is made from heavy-duty cast iron. As such, you can be sure that buying one is a lifetime investment. You’re likely to pass it down to generations! 

Ease of Cleaning 

Stargazer cast iron skillets are easy to hand-wash. Even when you burn your food, it will be easy to clean it off. All you will need is warm water and soap! In extreme burning cases, you will need to scrub it gently. But the entire cleaning process is a breeze.


Stargazer cast iron skillet is not cheap. To get it, you will have to part with approximately $100-$150.

However, when you compare this skillet with other high-end ones, the price is worth it. Staub and Le Creuset sells at above $250.

And what is interesting is the fact that the Stargazer cast iron skillet performs as well as these quite expensive skillets. As such, if confronted with a choice, I would select the Stargazer. It guarantees value for money and top-notch performance.

Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet Sizes 

Stargazer skillets are available in two primary sizes, including:

  • Stargazer cast iron skillet 10.5 inch
  • Stargazer cast iron skillet 12 inch

Besides the size, all the other features are the same. As such, your choice will largely depend on your needs.

A 12-inch is ideal if you have a big family, or you’ll be using the skillet for backyard meat searing as you enjoy with friends and relatives.

However, a 10.5-inch skillet will suffice if your family is small. Remember that the larger the skillet, the higher the pricing. As such, it wouldn’t make economic sense to buy a large skillet that you don’t need. 

Bonus Offers from Stargazer

Besides the cast iron skillets, Stargazer has some branded t-shirts and a unique kitchen apron for men and women. Here are their features and pricing:

1. Stargazer Embroidered Logo Apron

Stargazer kitchen apron


  • Made in USA
  • Stain-resistant cotton twill, 7.5 oz/sq yd
  • Large front pocket (with a divider)
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • 34 inches long and 24 inches wide

2. Stargazer Logo T-Shirt

Stargazer T-Shirt


  • 100% USA-made
  • Tear Away Label
  • 100% Cotton, 4.4 oz/sq yd
  • Long lasting printings

Stargazer Cast Iron Skillet Review – The Verdict

Stargazer cast iron skillet scores superbly on several parameters. It rates 5-star in design and ergonomics, heat retention, nonstick properties, and weight/smoothness.

However, this skillet did not score well on ease of use. This is especially critical if you love using your skillet to cook liquid meals/ soups. It lacks pouring lips, and it can mess you up when pouring out excess soup.

Additionally, this skillet has stay-cool handles. However, the handles get relatively hot when you are using high temperatures. As such, you will require mitts when using it in an oven or cooking at high temperatures.

Overall, this skillet scores a superb 4.8 stars. From my experience, I believe it is a skillet worth trying out. It is worth every coin I spent on it!

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