HadinEEon Milk Frother Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Are you a fan of latte and cappuccino? If yes, you should have noted that the texture of the milk used in preparation affects the quality of your beverage. 

While latte requires steamed milk, you will need frothed milk for cappuccinos. To achieve this, you will need a HadinEEon milk frother.

This article will elucidate everything you need to know about milk frothing. Additionally, we offer an honest review on HadinEEon milk frother. Is it worth the money? Let’s find out. 

How to Froth Milk at Home

What is Milk Frothing?

Milk frothing is the process of adding air bubbles to milk by aerating it. Frothed milk will foam and increase in volume. 

As such, you will need to have a large container and ensure that milk is only half-full before starting your milk frother. 

Milk frothing will require that you have an effective milk frother. However, milk frothing for beginners can be a challenge. 

If you’ve tried to froth your milk with minimal success, then it is likely that you’re doing it the wrong way. This guide will help you overcome the challenges of milk frothing and consequently get the best results. 

What Is The Purpose Of Frothing Milk?

If you’re a fan of cappuccino, latte, macchiato, or flat white, you’ll opine that a poor preparation can be a waterloo for beginners. There is always a distinct difference between a well-prepared beverage and one that was done by simply mixing a few ingredients haphazardly. 

Well, you could be wondering what the secret behind unforgettable lattes and cappuccinos is, right? 

One of the secrets is frothing your milk right! If you fail at this stage, you will likely get a flat, unexciting drink.

So, what is the purpose of milk frothing?

Milk frothing adds air bubbles to the milk allowing it to foam. Additionally, it adds a distinct creamy and airy feel as you drink your beverage. The dense and fluffy froth will leave you asking for an extra cup! 

HadinEEon Milk Frother Review

Why HadinEEon Milk Frother?

HadinEEon has several milk frothers with varying specifications. The products have been tailor-made for different functionalities. 

Check here to see the more than 20 HadinEEson Milk Frother options at their official website.

In this section, we’ll review some common features and evaluate whether they are worth your money. 

HadinEEon milk frother comes with a milk jug that is made out of premium stainless steel material. This feature guarantees top-notch functionality and ease of cleaning. 

Additionally, HadinEEon milk frother comes either in 4-in1 or 5-in-1 functions. These variations represent the functionalities available with the respective milk frother. 

A 4-in1 HadinEEon milk frother will allow you to foam hot milk, cold milk, steam the milk, or froth chocolate milk. On the other hand, the 5-in-1 option is more versatile. It allows you to enjoy iced coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, warmed milk, hot chocolate, and warm airy foamy milk at home. 

What We Liked about HadinEEon Milk Frother

  • Comparatively Affordable. If you’re a fan of latte and cappuccino, you shouldn’t worry if you cannot afford an Espresso Machine. The HadinEEon milk frother is equally good in achieving uniformly textured foam of dairy milk. Even better, it will only set you back $25-$50!
  • Unique Design. All HadinEEon milk frothers have a unique design. They are highly stylish and aesthetic. Additionally, they come in different colors ranging from black to metallic. As such, you will be able to choose one that matches your desires and complements your kitchen. 
  • Available in Different Jar Volumes. HadinEEon milk frothers come in different shapes and sizes. They include jars of different volumes ranging from 5 oz to 10 oz (approximately 200-500 mls). 
  • Easy Temperature Settings. HadinEEon milk frother has a simple-to-use button setting for all its functionalities. Additionally, it comes with a LED-lit control panel to enable you to monitor progress. You can set the temperature to 131 degrees F- 149 degrees F.
  • Easy to Clean. The HadinEEon milk frother is easy to clean. You will only need to wipe it with a sponge! Ensure that you clean it after every use for guaranteed longevity. 

What We Didn’t Like About HadinEEon Milk Frother

  • Does Not Work Well With Non-Dairy Milk. The HadinEEon milk frother is not ideal for frothing non-dairy milk. If you do a lot of oat milk and other plant-based milk, we advise you not to purchase this frother. 
  • The Marking of Max Line is Misleading When Frothing Cappuccino Milk. When frothing your milk using HadinEEon milk frother, you should fill your milk to slightly below the max line. Otherwise, it will likely spill!
HadinEEon Milk Frother Review

How to Use a Milk Frother

If you want HadinEEon milk frother to serve you for long, you should take optimum care of it. Here are a few maintenance tips that will come in handy:

  • Never Overfill the Milk. Do not fill your milk beyond the MAX level. If you do, it will spill over and may lead to rusting and reduced lifespan of your milk frother. 
  • Be Gentle when Pressing the Setting Button. You should always be careful not to apply excessive pressure on the control panel. It is highly sensitive and a gentle touch will complete the settings. 
  • Follow HadinEEon Milk Frother Instructions Manual. Ensure that you follow the step-to-step user guide.
  • Clean the Jug Immediately. After you’ve frothed your milk, you should clean the jug using warm and soapy water. Use a soft sponge to complete the cleaning process. 
  • Dry it Before Storage. After cleaning, we recommend that you use a dry kitchen towel to wipe off water droplets. Store it in a dry place.  

How Do You Foam Milk?

You can use several techniques to foam your milk:

  • Frothing milk using a milk frother
  • Frothing milk without a frother
  • Frothing milk using an espresso machine

1. How to Froth Milk Using HadinEEson Milk Frother/ Any Other Frother

Frothing milk using a frother is pretty simple whether for a beginner or a professional. It involves the following steps:

  • Heat your milk to a scalding temperature (approximately 140 degrees F). This will kill all the bacteria, denature proteins, and destroy milk enzymes. 
  • Pour your scalded milk into a tall container (milk should only be half-full at most) and tilt it at an angle.
  • Place your HadinEEson milk frother into the container and turn it on. Lift the frother up and down until you can see bubbles/ foam. This will take 20-60 seconds. 
  • Tap the container consistently to break large bubbles.

When completing this process, you should be aware of your needs. For example, preparing a latte may not require overly frothed milk. As such, you may need to froth it for a maximum of 30 seconds. 

The longer your milk frother runs, the more foam you will get. As such, you should work with a target that suits your recipe needs. 

2. How to Froth Milk Without a Milk Frother

Do you want to froth your milk but have no access to a milk frother? Well, there are several alternatives that you can use to get uniformly foamed milk. They include:

  • Shaking your Jar. This super simple technique will help you foam your milk in seconds. All you need is to warm your milk (up to approximately 140 degrees F) and place it in a jar. Ensure that you screw the lid tightly and shake the milk vigorously. However, this technique is likely to create large bubbles that are not ideal for lattes. 
  • Whisking. If you have a hand whisk, then you can use it to stir milk and form bubbles. Ensure that you continuously whisk the milk until you get your ideal foam. You can also use an electric mixer/ hand mixer for a more automated process. 
  • Frothing Wand. Once you scald your milk, you should immerse your frothing wand into the milk and turn it on. The milk will swirl until it is frothed to your liking. You can get a multi-purpose battery-operated frothing wand at Amazon. 
  • Blender/ Food Processor. If you have a home blender, then you will easily get the best-frothed milk with little effort. All you need is to place your scalded milk into the blender and turn it on (use medium-speed). It will yield fairly small bubbles and uniformly textured milk. 
  • Immersion Blender. Your hand-held blender at home can be your frothing savior! Place your scalded milk into a jug/deep pot and place your immersion blender into the jug. Turn it on and blend until you achieve your desired foam. 
  • Pump Frother. This method uses a pump-style frother that yields fine bubbles and uniformly textured milk. 
  • French Press. Warm your milk over your induction cooktop or stovetop and pour it into your French press. Pump it up and down while holding the lid with your other hand. Repeatedly pump for a minimum of 10 seconds.

When frothing your milk without a milk frother, you should be careful not to overfill your container. If you do, the milk will foam until it pours out of the container. This will lead to an unprecedented mess!

3. How to Froth Milk Using an Espresso Machine

All espresso machines come with a steam wand that you can use to froth and steam milk. Even better, this technique will offer several frothing options to allow you to achieve different frothing levels. 

For example, some espresso machines offer a button option for latte or cappuccino. If you need to foam milk for a latte, all that you need is to press a button and achieve the best bubbles and texture for your milk.  

For cappuccino, the milk is foamed into microfoams that result in almost double the original milk volume while that of latte is just steamed to achieve a little bit of bubbles/foam. 

When steaming/frothing, ensure that you fill your stainless steel frothing pitcher to 1/3 since it will increase in volume after frothing. 

The Science Behind Milk Frothing

While lots of attention is directed towards the quality of coffee used, the quality of the milk used in preparing cappuccinos & latte is equally important. 

How you steam/froth the milk will determine the texture and flavor of the beverage. Now that we’ve looked at what milk frothing is and how to achieve it, let’s delve into the science behind the process. 

Milk has 3 primary constituents that determine its texture and taste. They include lactose (milk sugar), fat, and protein. Here’s what happens when frothing the milk:

  • Lactose. This constituent is less soluble at low temperatures. When heated, it dissolves rapidly, increasing the sweetness of the milk. Frothing accelerates the dissolving process. 
  • Fat Content. Milk contains varying fat content depending on the type of milk you use. If you want to get creamier frothed milk, you should use whole milk with approximately 4% fat content. When you froth the whole milk, it will mix the fat uniformly to achieve a nicer texture and a creamier taste. 
  • Proteins. Proteins are essential since they help create froth in milk. Additionally, the protein structure influences the texture of your milk significantly. As such, you should be careful not to overheat the milk to maintain a unique texture. 

You should note that steaming your milk more than once will lead to inferior froth. As such, we recommend that you only steam milk that you need for your cappuccino or latte. 

How to Make Frothed Milk at Home

Steamed vs. Frothed Milk: Are They the Same?

Is steamed milk and frothed milk the same? Well, there are several differences between steamed milk and frothed milk. 

  • Steamed Milk. This type of milk is less dense than the frothed one. Additionally, the number of bubbles is fewer. To steam your milk, all you need is a steam wand. You should position it in such a way that it will spin the milk in the pitcher. Steamed milk is ideal for a latte. 
  • Frothed Milk. Frothing your milk involves heating it using a steam wand while still injecting air into it. This will create small bubbles that form foamed milk ideal for cappuccinos. You should note that frothed milk is more than double the original amount. As such, you should use only 1/3 full of milk to avoid spillage. 

The primary difference between the two forms of milk is the preparation and the use. Steamed milk is best for a latte while frothed milk is best for a cappuccino. 

Other Milk Frothers to Consider

Image NameFeatures
Best Milk Frother Gevi Milk Frother, 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Electric -Equipped with NTC temperature system
-ETL & CETL listed
-Automatic shutt-off feature
-Reaches 149℉+/-41℉(65℃ +/- 5℃
Best Milk FrotherMilk Frother - Battery Operated Frother for Coffee-Worry-free Customer Support
-Battery Operated
-18/10 food grade stainless steel for our double spring spiral whisk
best milk frother for the moneyEZBASICS Milk Frother, Milk Steamer Foam Maker-Convenient and Quiet Operation
-Certified with an ETL Listed Mark
- High-quality stainless steel finish and non-stick interior coating
Best Milk FrotherZulay Original Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes-No Hassle, Zulay Guarantee
-Easy to Clean
Best Milk Frother for BeginnersPowerLix Milk Frother Handheld Battery Operated Electric Whisk Foam Maker-Powerful motor that gives you 19000 rpm
-Battery Operated For Perfect Froth in no Time
-Dual spring durable long 18/10 food safe material stainless steel spiral whisk
Best Electric Milk FrotherElectric Milk Frother and Steamer, Bonsenkitchen 4 in 1 Automatic Milk Foamer - Heats up to 300ml (10.15 oz) milk for delicious lattes or flat
-100% Customer Service Support
-One Touch Satisfies 4 Needs

HadinEEon Milk Frother Review – Bottom Line

HadinEEon milk frother is one of the best frothers in the market. However, it has its fair share of flaws. The frother works poorly with non-dairy milk. If you use it to froth non-dairy milk, you will likely get inconsistencies in your milk’s texture.

Besides this disadvantage, the HadinEEon milk frother is your dream gadget! It has an easy-to-use control panel with a push-button option. Its control panel has LED lights that make it easy to monitor the progress of your frothing. 

Additionally, the HadinEEon milk frother is highly versatile. It comes with 4-in1 and 5-in1 functionalities that help you achieve so much with a single device. As such, you can be sure that HadinEEon milk frother will offer value for money. We implore you to buy it and enjoy a high-quality latte and cappuccino at the comfort of your home. 

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