8 Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill

Did you know that you can turn your gas grill into smokers? Well, the best smoker box for gas grills will help you achieve that smoky flavor in your barbecue!

The smoker boxes for gas grills are prepared to allow you to use wood chips to achieve white smoke, which will transform your cooking experience for the better.

While the smoker box for gas grills will help you achieve irresistible meals, purchasing one can be quite a hassle.

There are a lot of factors that you should consider before settling on your best smoker box for gas grills! Here’s a comprehensive buying guide that’ll transform the entire process into a bliss!

Best Smoker Box for the Money

Best Smoker Box for Gas Grills – Comparison

Best Smoker Box for Gas GrillCave Tools Smoker Box-HINGED LID FOR EASY ACCESS - Easily add more wood chips in on the fly
-LARGE WOOD CHIP CAPACITY - Fits perfectly between flavorizer bars and grill grate or directly on top of charcoals
-COMES WITH 25 PROFESSIONAL BARBECUE RECIPES - step by step instructions and detailed grilling tutorial videos - Free Download Meat Smoking Journal iOS & Android App
Best Smoker BoxWeber 7576 Smoker Box-Infuse food with smoky flavors
-Durable stainless steel
-Easily add chips while in use
-Fits most sizes of grills
-Out of Carton Dimensions: 9.7 x 4.7 x 2 inches
Best Smoker BoxCharcoal Companion V-Shape Smoker Box for Gas Grill-V-shape fits between flame deflector bars on gas grills for the most intense smoke flavor
-Sturdy stainless-steel construction withstands high grilling temps
-Hinged lid allows for easy access to add wood chips (not included)
-Ashes remain in smoker box, keeping your grill clean and ready to use
-Measures 13 ¾” long
Best Smoker BoxSkyflame Universal Smoker Box – Stainless Steel Construction-Thicker sturdy stainless steel construction will hold up great under the heat of the grill
-dense wavy vent design provides more smoke and provides a larger smoked area for the food above
-W-shape fits on flame deflector bars on gas grills for the most intense smoke flavor. Ashes remain in smoker box to keep your grill clean
Best Smoker BoxChar-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box-Durable cast iron body and lid
-Vented to direct smoke towards food
-Add real smoke flavor to any cookout
-Prevents wood from catching on fire
-Works with most grills
Best Smoker BoxGrillaholics Smoker Box-large capacity wood chip smoker box means you’ll spend less time refilling wood chips

The Best Smoker Box for Gas Grills: How to Use it

Using a smoker box for gas grills is simple, and you need no previous experience to hack it. One crucial thing to note is that your smoke should always be white!

If you notice thick dark smoke, then there is something wrong with your smoker box for gas grills!

Here are a few steps that’ll guide you through the process:

  • Filling the Smoker Boxer. Place your smoker box on your gas grill and let it heat. Afterward, you should place wood chips carefully into the smoker box
  • Preparing for the Smoking. Once you fill the smoker box, you should close the lid and wait for the heating to begin. It’ll take a few minutes before you start seeing the smoke
  • Placing the Meat/Food. Once you spot the smoke, you should open the lid of your grill and place your meat/meal to give it an irresistible smoky flavor! The cooking will take several minutes depending on the nature of the meals

8 Best Smoker Boxes for Gas Grills

  1. Cave Tools Smoker Box
Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill

This smoker box is amazingly easy to use, and it’s made of 25 percent thick stainless steel material, making it warp-resistant and durable to serve you extensively.

It’s a great smoke enhancer as it’s designed with wide space to fill enough wood chips that can be spread on the flat surface. In other words, more wood chips can burn to give you a pleasant and uniform outburst of smoke thus guaranteeing a perfect outcome.

Additionally, this smoker box for gas grills has a hinged lid that gives you an easy time when refilling wood chips. You’ll escape the hassle of regular refills and can keep the top of the smoker tightly closed for long periods.

In addition to that, this smoker box comes with a cooking journal app that’s compatible with android and iOS. The app features more than 25 recipes with the step-by-step guide.

The best thing is that this box is perfectly sized and can fit between grill grates and flavorizer bars or can be placed directly on top of the charcoal. It lacks holes on the bottom side to prevent the chips from lighting into another fire.


  • 25 percent stainless steel construction to reduce warping and add durability
  • Rectangular shaped to fit between grill grates and flavorizer bars.
  • Hinged lid for quick access
  • Extended wood chip capacity to accommodate wood chips
  • No holes at the bottom side to protect the chips from lighting


  • Thick smoke output
  • Has a heavy-duty construction
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Compatible with numerous homemade bonfire


  • Too thick for early heating
  1. Weber 7576 Smoker Box

This 9.8 by 4.8 by 2 inch sized smoker box from Weber is a bit larger, but it’s designed to fit in any gas grill to allow you to place it on grill grates for perfect meat smoking. Fill the box with the selected soaked wood chips in excess then cook your meat extensively for proper results. No frequent refills!

The box features a stainless steel construction that adds durability for a longer run. Additionally, the material acts as a warp resistance in high temperatures.

Interestingly, it has a hanged lid located at the top of the box that allows you to place more chips if needed and will not let ashes come out. Your food will remain clean and freshly cooked.

The box has many smoke holes on the upper part to allow smoke exit lavishly to create an easy time when smoking your meat. Afterward, cleaning the box is easy.


  • Stainless steel construction is essential for durability and warp resistance.
  • The hanged lid on top of the box allows you to add more wood chips in the box
  • Many smoke holes on the upper part to exude smoke easily
  • Compact size designed to fit any gas grill


  • Fits well on many gas grills
  • It has a quality construction to serve you extensively.
  • Effective whole designs
  • Easy to use
  • The price is affordable


  • Can get discolored after extended use
  • May warp easily
  1. Charcoal Companion V-Shape Smoker Box for Gas Grill

This product from charcoal companion comes in two different sizes, and it’s constructed in V-shape to fit in the flavorizer bars of gas grills. Also, the shape gives room for optimum heat distribution, generating thick tons of smoke for smoky-flavored meat.

More interestingly, it features a versatile shape that makes it compatible with many smokers and grills. It’s designed to allow ashes fall to the bottom side of the box when cooking to make the easy cleaning.

It has a hinged lid to allow you to add more flavored wood chips of your choice and has a heavy-gauge and rust-free stainless steel that adds strength to its handles. The material is durable to make the box serve you for extended periods without replacing the parts.

The number of holes on the upper part is essential in proper smoke exudation out of the box and will prevent ashes from coming in contact with the cooked meat.


  • Numerous holes on the top of the box for proper smoke emission
  • Stainless steel construction is rustproof and adds durability to the box
  • Weighs only 1.6 pounds making it a perfect product for outdoor smoking solutions
  • V-shaped for optimum heat distribution and smooth smoke build-up
  • Comes in two different shapes


  • It has hinged lids that allow you to access the wood chips easily
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sits well on deflector bars
  • Works perfectly


  • Can easily rust
  • The box has a small capacity compared to others, thus can’t accommodate a significant amount of wood chips

4. Smoker Box for Wood Chips – Use a Gas or Charcoal BBQ Grill 

Smoker Box for Wood Chip

If you consider its length, you can end up calling this handy product from Mountain Grillers, a small BBQ box, but its unique design helps in boosting a smokier flavor.

It features a thick stainless steel material that adds durability and acts as rustproof. Also, it enhances proper thermal conductivity, improves stability, and accelerates the meat smoking process.

More significantly, it features a dense and wavy design that adds smoke during the grilling and provides an extended surface area for proper meat smoking. This brings a uniform smoking effect adding more flavor to your food.

Additionally, it is W-shaped to perfectly fit on the gas grills bars for an intense smoke flavor. Ashes will be dropped on the smoker box to maintain cleanliness to both the grill and your food.

A big thanks to its unique hinged design to help you remove and add wood chips from the smoker while in use.


  • The wavy smoke outlet is dense to allow for Smokey flavor to pass through every food layer
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction for stability, durability, and proper thermal conductivity
  • W-shaped to fit on gas grills for decent smoke flavor
  • Hinged design to remove and add the wood chips when the box is in use
  • Compact design, portable and can be used in any outdoor grilling solution


  • Strong body and durable
  • Ready to hold numerous types of wood chips
  • It’s easy to access and maintain
  • Wavy and dense vent to spread smoke uniformly without catching fire


  • The box can easily warp due to extreme heat and overexposure.
  1. Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box
BEST Meat Thermometer

Char-Broil iron smoker is designed to stay hot for a long time and can withstand high grill temperatures compared to other smoker boxes for gas grill. It features a large and vented lid design so that smoke can be directed towards your meat for an adequate amount of heat and flavor.

Interestingly, it’s a durable smoker made of a double cast iron lid and body that’s quarter-inch thick. Furthermore, Char-Broil is a versatile smoker box that works perfectly with many gas, charcoal, and electric grills. It features a compact design and measures 1.38 by 5.13 by 8.12 inches to fit in any kitchen.

The lid has holes to allow oxygen in without triggering the fire. Thanks to the lifetime warranty.


  • The double cast iron body and top are essential for added durability
  • Large vented lid design for perfect smoke distribution to the meat
  • The lid has numerous holes to allow oxygen get in without starting a second fire
  • A versatile design that can be used in a range of grills


  • It’s a durable model to serve you extensively
  • Works great with most grills and smokers
  • The vented design helps in attracting more air to the wood chips
  • It’s a cheap model that’s best for the budget savvy


  • It may take long before getting hot.
  1. Grillaholics Smoker Box
Best Smoker Box

The Grillaholics smoker box smolders your wood chips slowly instead of burning them in a fiery inferno. It is easy to use the box, and all you need to do is inserting the flavored dry wood chips on the device then placing on the flame. The box will do the work for you.

This fantastic product is versatile, and it’s suitable for charcoal grills alike. It has a pretty convenient setup with a compact size to make it easy to use on a gas grill. Grillaholics promises to make outdoor cooking enjoyable for beginners and experts.

This smoker box features a durable stainless steel construction that won’t warp after long term exposure of the product in hot conditions. Additionally, it comes with an extended wood chip capacity to allow you to place more wood chips to produce thick smoke. You’ll spend less time refilling it.

Additionally, it has a hinged lid for easy and quick access, and the smoker box has many holes on its surface for optimum ventilation to enhance a consistent heat supply. The product promises a money-back refund or replacement in case it fails to work according to your expectations.


  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction for added durability, and stability
  • Large capacity to accommodate more wood chips
  • Versatile smoker box that’s perfect for numerous grilling solutions
  • Comes with a hinged lid to provide easy access


  • Works perfectly with many types of grills
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Can accommodate a large number of wood chips at a time
  • Comes with an extended money-back warranty


  • The lid may get warped and discolor after some time
  • The cover can get jammed after a few days
  1. Broil King 60190
Best Smoker Box

The Broil King is a smoker box for a gas grill that lets you boost the same savory and smoky flavor that a traditional smoker makes. It’s designed to operate on any gas grill as it comes with a flat base to make it sit directly on top of cooking grids.

With two separate chambers, this amazing smoker will offer you options that other models don’t provide. You can fill one chamber with wood chips for perfect smoke flavor and liquid in the other chamber for aroma, added moisture, and subtle smoke production.

It comes with all-stainless steel construction with a hinged lid that features an engraved Broil King logo and an integrated sliding lid damper. Meanwhile, the heavy-duty handles make the smoker easier to handle.

It’s a portable product that only weighs 2 pounds and the dimensions are 3.2 by 13 by 2 inches and can perfectly fit in squeezed kitchen countertops.


  • Has a flat base to sit on any gas grill
  • All-stainless steel construction adds durability
  • The heavy-duty handles make the unit more comfortable to carry
  • Features two separate chambers for smoking versatility


  • Quality construction with a compact design
  • Backed up by an extended warranty
  • Comes with an affordable price
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Can discolor after repeated use
  • May be challenging to use
  1. Cuisinart CSB-156 Smoker Box
Best Smoker Box

This Cuisinart smoker box adds an incredible smoky flavor to all your grilled foods without any mess. The box features a high-quality steel construction that can resist high temperatures without warping and works well when filled with mesquite, hickory, pre-soaked cedar, and other wood chips.

Cuisinart has vents that help in channeling the correct amount of oxygen needed to heat pre-soaked wood chips. The perforated top is essential in proper smoke distribution across the grilling chamber.

It has a compact size that consumes little space on the grill, making it work correctly on any grill size. It features a measurement of 9 by 4 inches, and it’s a portable model to earn easy maneuverability.

It has a flat base to sit on any gas grill comfortably. Place it on a grill then use soaked chips and begin smoking. It’s easy to clean and works with charcoal, electric, and gas grills to turn ordinary food into a mouthwatering gourmet deliciousness.


  • Perforated top is essential in proper oxygen supply to prevent the smoker box from lighting
  • The flat base helps the smoker box sit on any gas grill
  • A versatile product that works well with electric, charcoal, and gas grills
  • Compact design that measures nine by 4 inches to fit in squeezed kitchen drawers
  • High-quality steel construction to enhance stability and durability


  • Works perfectly with electric, gas, and charcoal grills
  • Takes less space on top of the grill
  • Easy to use making it a perfect pick for beginners
  • Works well with soaked chips
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Extended warranty


  • Has a small capacity compared to other models
  • May begin to rust after long term use

Buying Guide for Best Smoker Box for Gas Grill

Buying your best smoker box for gas grills requires intensive research to make the right choice. Some of the factors that you should always consider include the model, lid, and ease of cleaning.

Here’s a comprehensive guide of factors to consider when buying a smoker box for gas grills.

Construction/ Materials Used 

While the functionality of any smoker box for gas grills is key, you should always ensure that it’s made out of durable materials. This guarantees efficiency and longevity.

The price will deceive most buyers—this is a mistake you should avoid. Always note that cheap can be expensive in the long run. Some of the lowly priced smoker boxes for gas grills will warp and discolor fast.

The best smoker box for gas grills should be rust and corrosion-resistant. Some brands will achieve this by using sturdy stainless steel material—most of which contain a chromium protective layer.[spacer height=”10px” id=”6″]

Another reliable material that you may consider is cast iron. While it may take longer to heat compared to stainless steel, it stays hot for relatively long. Consequently, it can smoke food faster and more efficiently.

To wrap it up, you should always check the material of construction before buying any smoker box for gas grills. We recommend stainless steel and cast iron brands. However, you must check on the grade and only settle for high-grade steel/iron that can withstand high temperatures.

Ease of Cleaning

Another crucial factor that you should never ignore is the ease of cleaning. You wouldn’t want a smoker box for gas grills that will acquire permanent stains just a few weeks after buying.

This is particularly crucial considering the location of the smoker box for gas grills—usually located beneath cooking food. As such, you can be certain that lots of fat drips will fall on it.


What is the purpose of your gas grill? Well, your best smoker box for gas grills should serve all your needs comfortably. We recommend that you buy a smoker box for gas grills that’s big enough to accommodate wood chips.

This way, it will smoke for long without requiring a refill can be hectic! Additionally, this helps in ensuring that the smoker box for gas grills remain closed for as long as possible, which will guarantee tasty smoked meals!

Compatibility with Your Grill

When buying your best smoker for gas grills, you must consider the size and the shape of your grill. Ensure that your ideal smoker for gas grills is compatible, which will guarantee ease of use.

Lid Efficiency

You’ll notice that the efficacy of your smoker box for gas grills is dependent on the functionality of the lid. You should buy a smoker box for gas grill whose lids fit well and is easy to open for ease of refilling.

If you buy a smoker box for gas grills with a loose lid, you may never achieve the desired results. Instead, too much air will enter, leading to a flame and thus producing very little smoke. As such, you must get a tight lid to achieve smoke and enrich our flavor.

The Best Smoker Box for Gas Grills: The Verdict

Selecting the right smoker box for gas grills determine whether you achieve a unique smoke flavor on your barbecue.

This guide helps you to select the ideal smoker box for your gas grill! Yes, you do not need any standalone smoker—you can quickly transform your grill into one.

Additionally, we’ve reviewed some of the smoker boxes for gas grills that we believe will offer you the best service. We implore you to go through the list and check the one that’ll suit all your needs.

Most importantly, ensure that you consider the material used during construction. A sturdy smoker box for gas grills will not only guarantee durability but also enhance durability.

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