9 Best Side By Side Refrigerator – Why You Should Own One

When you mention a refrigerator, what first comes to your mind are the big names like the top freezers, French doors which show all the glory. But you shouldn’t ignore the best side by side refrigerator.

Each type of refrigerator has its advantages. The best side by side refrigerators save you space by placing the freezer next to the fridge compartment.

While the best side by side refrigerators aren’t as grand as French doors, they come with unique features like through-the-door ice dispensers.

The appliance is well tested for storage flexibility, temperature consistency, and humidity retention. The three features help to determine how long your fridge can keep your green groceries fresh.

If you want to select the best side by side refrigerators, then this article will guide you through every process. It includes a comprehensive list of the best side by side refrigerators in the market today.

Best Side by Side Refrigerator

Description of the Best Side By Side Refrigerator

The best side by side refrigerator consists of two full-length vertical doors. The doors independently open up a refrigerator and freezer unit situated side by side.

The refrigerator compartment is wider than the freezer compartment. They often have factory-installed ice makers, through door filtered water, and ice dispensers.

The following are some of the best sides by side refrigerators that we’ll discuss in the article to guide you when purchasing your refrigerator;

  1. Samsung RH25H5611SR
  2. LG LSXS26366S
  3. Frigidaire FGSC 2335TF
  4. Series French door refrigerator(GE profile)
  5. Avanti 31 inch side by side refrigerator
  6. GE PSS28KSH 36 inch side by side refrigerator- Best rated
  7. Frigidaire FFSS 2315 side by side refrigerator
  8. Phiestina side by side refrigerator – Best wine and beverage cooler
  9. LG LSXC 22396D

9 Best Side By Side Refrigerators

1. Samsung RH25H 5611SR

Best Side by Side Refrigerator

This is one unique appliance. The Samsung RH25H5611SR comes with door-in-door storage, on the right side that allows you to access seasonings and beverages without letting the cold air out of the rest of the fridge.

The fridge has stainless steel exteriors and bright LED lighting inside. Samsung RG25H5611SR makes most of its storage space, and it’s flexible to fit in most kitchen cutouts.

The 25 cubic feet side by side refrigerator is convenient for you. This is because you can be able to easily adjust. 

If your fridge runs hot at 37 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can comfortably adjust the temperatures down to raise the refrigerator’s food preservation abilities.


  • The fridge offers door-in-door storage
  • It has through-door ice and water dispensers
  • Fits in most kitchen cutouts


  • Fridge temperatures can run a little warm

2. LG LSXS26366S Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Side by Side Refrigerators -Why You Should Own One

If you want a side by side refrigerator that is proficient in offering high-quality food preservation, then you got it all in this awesome cool LG LSXS26366S.

The fridge has a unique three-door design with just a press of a button, you’re able to access the door-in-door storage on the upper right of the fridge.

This feature allows you to grab the products you require frequently without hampering the cooling of the rest of the refrigerator.


  • Has a unique three-door design
  • Door-in-door storage 
  • The fridge can maintain consistent temperatures


  • It’s a high-cost refrigerator

3. Frigidaire FGSC 2335TF

Best side by side refrigerator

The Frigidaire FGSC 2335TF has amazing features like a through-door water ice dispenser and stainless steel finish on the outside which makes the fridge look very attractive.

The refrigerator has exciting features on the inside that add to the general value of the appliance. Once the fridge door is opened up, the smart design touch of the appliance becomes evident.

Inside the refrigerator, there’s multiple lights throughout the fridge, wine holders on the bottom of the refrigerator door, and a third cold drawer with adjustable temperature settings which adds to its advantages.

Additionally, when both the freezer and the fridge heats up, you can bump the temperature down on the control panel to atone it. The Frigidaire FGSC2335TF is also pocket-friendly and thus an easy choice to make.


  • The fridge has a temperature-controlled drawer
  • Through-door-ice and water dispensers
  • Has wine and bottle holders


  • Fridge temperatures can run a little warm

4. Series French Door Refrigerator (GE profile)

Side by Side Refrigerator

This is one of the top notch refrigerators that you can buy. It has amazing features that can only leave you in awe.

One of the most unique features is that it’s WI-FI enabled. Once you download the app it’s easy to adjust the settings to get alerts. If the door is open, you can pre-heat water for some hot coffee.

The GE profile series also comes with a unique feature as compared to traditional refrigerators, it comes a Keurig k-cup brewing system so for coffee lovers this is yours to go refrigerator.

The appliance also has temperature maintenance and uniformity. The only issue you may have with this refrigerator is that it’s a high-cost appliance due to its awesome features.


  • The fridge has WI-FI enabled settings
  • It has an in-built coffee maker in the door
  • It has balanced temperature maintenance and uniformity
  • Has a variety of finishes for example black slate, slate, black stainless, and stainless steel.
  • The fridge is energy star certified


  • It’s a high-cost appliance 

5. Avanti 31 Inch Side-By-Side Refrigerator- Best Small Sized 

Best Side by Side Refrigerator

Looking for a small-sized side by side refrigerator to fit well in your kitchen space? Well, look no further Avanti has one of the best small-sized refrigerators you can dream off.

The Avanti 31 inch fridge may be petite but it offers the same quality you may expect from a full-sized model. The fridge has a humidity-controlled crisper drawer for storing your items, which is convenient to manage your space.

The Avanti 31 inch refrigerator is energy star certified. It has counter depth with indented handles so it blends in very well.

Additionally, the refrigerator can be used as a below counter appliance or can be placed on a countertop according to your preferences.

The 2-liter refrigerator door bins are well designed which is a unique factor you will not find with other models of side by side refrigerators.


  • Crisper drawer
  • Energy-star certified
  • The fridge has two adjustable shelves 
  • The Avanti 31 inch fridge has a flush, inset design
  • 3 door bins
  • 23-inch depth


Freestanding only

6. GE PSS28KSH 36 Inch Side by Side Refrigerator

Best Side by Side Refrigerator

The appliance is one of the best-rated refrigerators we have in the market, the features of the GE PSS28KSH value is worth the price. Ice maker and freezer never let you down.

The refrigerator– the appliance has amazing features which include; a capacity of 28 cubic feet which is bigger than most French door fridges, four shelves among three are adjustable, one is a sliding shelf, and two have raised spill-proof edges.

Another feature much relished in the refrigerator is the extra-bright lighting. More so the middle crisper has low and high humidity control, and the lower one is just a seal crisper.

If you’re worried about the spare parts of the water filter replacements availability, then worry no more. There are good generic refrigerator filters all over the market.

The Freezer GE PSS28KSH 36 Inch

Exciting features in the freezer also never disappoint. The features include;

Three suitable pull out bins, two adjustable bins, and a fixed bottom one huge enough for a large chunk of meat or turkey.

Additionally, there are two more glass shelves and three slanting door bins. The freezer is also well lit.


  • The fridge has one sliding shelf 
  • Extra bright lighting
  • It has three adjustable gallon bins
  • Turbo ice making
  • Door alarm
  • The fridge has 28.4 cubic feet capacity


  • The snack box is small
  • Crispers under par
  • Single lever dispenser

7. Frigidaire FFSS2315 Side by Side Refrigerator- Best 33 Inch

Best Side by Side Refrigerator

For a small refrigerator its size, the Frigidaire FFSS2315 is adequate in all its properties and can’t let you down if you’re searching for anything fancy.

The appliance is pocket friendly if you’re on a low budget. The Frigidaire has a capacity of 22 cubic feet in total which offers less space for bulk storage.

The Frigidaire doesn’t have much to offer but can still serve you well. Crisper drawers don’t have humidity controls, and the deli drawer is a snack drawer with no adjustable thermostat but it’s large.

One feature the Frigidaire doesn’t have is a filter light to alert you to change the water filter, but you can change every 3 to 4 months.


  • The Frigidaire has automatic defrost 
  • Spacious snack drawer
  • Automatic defrost
  • 24-hour energy save mode


  • The fridge has no filter change 
  • No crisper humidity control
  • Fixed freezer shelves

8. Phiestina Side By Side Refrigerator- Best Wine and Beverage Cooler

Best Side by Side Refrigerator

A side by side refrigerator with duplex zone settings and a low temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

The wine racks are spacious for enough beverages and they have secure caps too. There are many points why the Phiestina side by side refrigerator makes it to the top.

The refrigerator is perfect in size for many cabinet spaces with a height of 33 inches. The wine cooler shelves have ample space to hold large bottles like the pinot and chardonnay bottles, although champagne bottles are a bit of a tight fit.

The Phiestina side by side refrigerator can take 20 wine bottles, and 78 standard 12 Oz soda cans in the extensive beverage compartment. The extensive beverage compartment ranges from 38-50 degrees Fahrenheit maintaining your drinks super chilled.

The temperature for the Phiestina side by side refrigerator is, however, lower than a standard wine refrigerator. Making it only suitable for crisp white wines and champagnes which can be chilled further in an ice bucket before the service.


  • Freestanding or inbuilt
  • The fridge consists of stopper shelves
  • Easy cabinet
  • 38-50 degrees Fahrenheit zones


  • No wood shelves
  • No door locks

9. LG LSXC 22396D

Best Side by Side Refrigerator

Are you searching for the most flash and elegant side by side refrigerator in the market? Well, this one’s for you. 

The refrigerator has modern features which include; instaview technology and door-in-door meaning you’re able to see the contents of your appliance just by knocking on the door.

Another amazing feature of this side by side refrigerator. It has an application and smart home compatibility which means that you can always receive notifications in case of any issue like when the fridge door is left open.

The LGLSXC22396D is a high-cost refrigerator because of its lite features, it’s also energy star certified.


  • Energy star certification
  • Counter-depth
  • Door-in-door and instaview technology


  • Limited capacity
  • It’s a high-cost refrigerator

Best Side By Side Refrigerators – Buying Guide

If you want to upgrade from your mini fridge to a more spacious fridge, then you should purchase the best side by side refrigerator. This will assist you to get that which will meet all requirements effortlessly.

The buying guide will evaluate all you need to put into consideration when shopping for the best side by side refrigerator.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Side By Side Refrigerators

  • Efficiency

If the idea of the use of less water and energy is of the essence to you, then you should consider the energy star certified refrigerator.

When purchasing your best side by side refrigerator, always bear in mind the more features in your fridge, the more energy it consumes, it’s always your choice to know whether the convenience is worth the expense.

  • Refrigerators Cutout

Before purchasing a new fridge it’s necessary to measure your cutout carefully. Many consumers buy an attractive new fridge, only to be disappointed because it’s too large for the cutout.

When purchasing a new fridge, ensure you measure the width, height, and depth of the cutout enough times to make sure that the new appliance will fit well.

Be sure to leave at least one to two inches between the top of the fridge, and above the fridge closet, also ensure you leave some inches between the back of the fridge and the wall. By doing this, you make sure that there’s enough air circulation around the fridge.

  • Fit And Finish

You may have different preferences of how you would like the refrigerator’s finish. Most refrigerators come in a variation of stainless steel options.

When purchasing a fridge you should be able to find one that matches your appliances and kitchen set up. But always be ready to dig dip deep into your pocket for any finish more complicated than white, black, or stainless steel.

  • Price

You don’t have to sweat it anymore wondering whether the fridge you need to purchase is affordable.

 Largely, the price difference between more economical fridges and high-cost fridges is normally down the number of available facets, options, storage, and finishes.

  • Food Preservation 

No one wants to dig deep into the pocket for a fridge that can’t keep your food well preserved.

When shopping for the best side by side refrigerator, always ensure to acquire more information from the dealer about the refrigerator’s cooling abilities.

Other factors to consider when buying your refrigerator includes;

Your set budget, the features you require in a refrigerator, and how much food storage you need.

Best Side By Side Refrigerators- Why You Should Own One

Fit to meet up with your needs and your way of life, the best side by side refrigerator is ideal for you.

The best side by side refrigerators are not only stunning because of their convenience and innovative features, but they also come packaged with premium quality style to the modern living environment.

The refrigerators are a good fit for a kitchen that has less space because of their short widths. The refrigerators don’t have a pull-out freezer drawer, the freezer shelves are attached to the refrigerator making it easy for you to see, arrange, and get all types of food.

Best Side By Side Refrigerators- What are the Benefits?

The best side by side refrigerators have independent cooling circuits.

One of the unique features of the best side by side refrigerator are compressors and circuits for each compartment.

The appliance functions independently of one another. If there’s a hitch on one part of the fridge like the freezer compartment, the fridge continues to perform efficiently without any problem whatsoever.

The best side by side refrigerators have two cooling circuits meaning no transmission of bad odors.

Another amazing benefit of the best side by side refrigerator is that it features a water and ice dispenser in the freezer door. This provides a constant stream of cold water and crisp ice for all. 

Best side by side refrigerator

Best Side by Side Refrigerators- Bottom Line

In the few of our selected best side by side refrigerators listed in the article, we’ve tried to incorporate designs of refrigerators that offer so much, you will be spoilt for choice.

The features we’ve highlighted include energy-efficient, best freshness features, and optimized space at a budget-friendly price point for the value they offer.

If you’re shopping to replace an old refrigerator and would love to maintain neatness, the best side by side refrigerator might be a great fit. Just ensure to measure your cutout, check out the specifications of the new refrigerator, and you’re good to go.

Purchasing the best side by side refrigerator will certainly revolutionize your cooling experience. It’s particularly ideal for individuals with limited kitchen space! Buy it today and improve your refrigeration experience!






















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