7 Best Propane Smoker – With a Comprehensive Buying Guide

Smoking is a great way to cook your meat, but the process of getting everything ready and starting your smoker can be quite time-consuming.

Well, the big question is; which is the best propane smoker?

You may not have time to test different gas smokers. If you are worried about getting overly smoked or poorly cooked food, then you shouldn’t worry any more! The best propane smokers provide you with a great smoking option for tasty food.

In this article, we share with you the best propane smokers that do an awesome job by slashing down on the time-consuming aspects of smoking.

We have considerately handpicked 7 of the best propane gas smokers for the money. These smokers are very effective and loved by many users.

So steel yourself with comfort and trust us as we go through the list to pick the best propane  smokers user for you.

Best Propane Smokers

Best Propane Smokers – Comparison

Image NameFeatures
Best Propane SmokersMaster Built MB20051316 Propane Smoker with Thermostat Control 40 Inch, Black-Temperature sensor controls burner to maintain desired temperature
-Safety valve shuts off burner if flame is extinguished
-Tank fuel level gauge indicates the amount of propane in the tank
-Four chrome-coated smoking racks
-15,750 BTU stainless steel burner
Best Propane SmokersDyna- Glo DGY784BDP Vertical LP Gas Smoker-20,000 Total BTUs, Dual Cast Iron Burners
-4 adjustable cooking grates
-TOTAL 1,235 square Inch of cooking space
-Protect your smoker with a custom-fit Dyna-Glo premium cover - Model DG1235GSC (Sold Separately)
Best Propane SmokerCamp Chef Smoke Vault Propane Smoke-Includes two cooking grids and one Jerky Rack
-Three adjustable damper valves; one on top and one on each side
-Easy to read door thermometer from 50 to 550 degrees
-Convenient matchless snap-ignition
Best Propane SmokersChar-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker-595 square inch cooking surface with 3 chrome-plated cooking grates
-7,566 cubic inches of cooking space
-Warming rack on top of smoker chamber
-Gas feature allows consistent heat for better smoke experience
-Porcelain wood chip and water pan
Best Propane SmokerSmoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker-3. 4 Cubic Feet Cabinet Cooking Capacity
-4-Chrome Plated Cooking Grids with Multiple Adjustment Levels
-Sausage hanger included
-Fuel type: LP gas output at 20, 000 BTUs
-Push-button ignition system
Best Propane SmokersPit Boss Grills 77435 Vertical LP Gas Smoker-Dual valve/dual burner system provides 100-350 temperature range
-Three porcelain coated cooking grids, 800 sq in
-Stainless Steel burners - 12, 500 BTU total
-External access to wood chip drawer and grease tray
-Large viewing window with high temperature door seal

The Best Propane Smoker: What is It?

A gas smoker is an outdoor cooking device that smokes food and uses propane as its heating source. Also known as vertical propane smokers, these devices incorporate wood just like charcoal counterparts. The difference between gas smokers and charcoal smokers is the source of heat.

Read more about Gas and Charcoal Grill Combos (gives you the liberty to use charcoal or gas)

7 Best Propane Smokers

1. Master Built MB20051316 Propane Smoker with Thermostat Control 40 Inch, Black

Best Propane Smokers

Master built propane smoker makes smoking meat easy. The appliance comes with affordable price tags, ease of use, and awesome results combined to make them some of the best residential smokers in the market.

Unlike other outdoor cookers that have inaccurate, built-in heat estimators, the master built thermos temp smokers don’t have cheap built-in thermometers. The propane smokers don’t come with any thermometers at all. Instead, they use a thermostat located inside the box.

The thermostat regulates the flow of gas to the burner to maintain your selected cooking temperature. The thermostat is mounted midway at the back of the smoke box.

Compared to other vertical gassers that come with only one door to access the smoking food on top and smoking wood on the bottom, the master built propane smoker comes fitted with a separate door for food and lower door for tending wood.

Although the door is not crucial, two doors let you fill up wood without disrupting cooking temperature in the upper smoke box.

The device also features an aluminized steel water pan which rests in a frame at the bottom of the smoke box. The steel water pan can also double up as a drip pan for making gravy and sauces.

Master built propane smoker features a thermotemp which has a convenient LP gas bracket that attaches the tank to the lower right side so you don’t have to schlep the tank and smoker separately.

 A fuel gauge integrated with the regulator provides a rough estimate of how much juice is in the tank. But even with this amazing feature, it’s always a good idea to have a backup tank with any gas smoker.


  • The device comes with a fuel gauge integrated with the regulator which provide a rough estimate of how much juice is in the tank
  • Convenient LP gas retainer bracket
  • The appliance comes with 2 doors, an upper door for food, and a lower door for tending wood.


  • The device only comes with a one year warranty which does not cover paint or rust

2. Dyna- Glo DGY784BDP Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Best Propane Smokers

The Dyna-Glo vertical LP gas smoker is 36 inches and good in size when considering space and movability. It is well constructed and remains in the same quality even after some time.

The propane smoker is perfect for big numbers offering close to 800 square inches of space for cooking. If you’re taking into consideration of running a mini restaurant and intending to save a few coins in the process, the appliance will be a great option for you to select from.

The LP gas smoker comes fitted with a push-button electronic ignition quick to start and easy lighting. Lighting a burner with a matchstick is old fashioned and we’re glad that this gas smoker comes with modern technology. 

Although the device comes with the modern technology of lighting it, it may also be a disadvantage in lighting it up if there is no electricity available.

The appliance comes with a temperature gauge easily readable and includes a smoke flavor determination that helps detects the level of smoke flavoring that is ideal for the food being cooked.

The device consists of a built-in wood chip tray as well as a large capacity water tray of great quality. Its dual door design creates a good temperature control and uninterrupted cooking when there is the need to fuel with more wood.


  • Easily readable temperature gauge
  • The device comes fitted with a larger smoker box
  • Wide cooking space
  • Not easily rusted


  • Slow heating 
  • Doors not completely sealable

You can also opt for a modified smoker box. Read here for several options available.

3. Camp Chef Smoke Vault Propane Smoke

Best Propane Smoker

Camp chef smoke propane smoker is 24 inches in size and can be used as a tabletop smoker if you have a small kitchen.

The camp chef smoke propane smoker is one of the best propane smokers on the market to use with a matchless ignition system and easily adjustable dampers to control heat.

Additionally, the smoker comes with 2 cooking grids and I jerky rack which is great for a decent number of people. The device also fits a water pan for moisture creation and a wood chip tray for those smoky flavors.

Dissimilar to many other smokers that usually have one or two dampers, this particular appliance provides the user with 3 dampers for maximum heat control. One damper sits at the top of the smoke, and the other two are on both sides of it.

However, the camp chef smoke propane smoker might not be pocket friendly, but the smoker caters to you efficiently.


  • The device is easily assembled
  • It’s a space-saving appliance
  • Maintains even temperature within
  • Great construction


  • The device has poor air vent closure
  • Smoke leakage from doors

4. Char-Broil Vertical Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

Best Propane Smokers

Charbroil vertical liquid is one of the best propane smokers under 200 on the market. This appliance can be described as a big smoker which comes in handy for a large family.

The char broil liquid propane smoker comes with enough space. With close to 600 square inches in the cooking surface area and 3 cooking grates, the device is ideal to make food for a party without the worry of running out of meals.

When it comes to the feature of managing temperatures, the char broil company never disappoints. 

Being one the most affordable smokers available in the market, the char-broil propane smoker comes fitted with easily adjustable vent for easy heat control, and a top grate that can be used for warming your food.

The appliance also features 2 dual door partitions, one for firing and the other for cooking which aids in keeping the heat in good flow throughout the cooking period. 

The device also comes with a long-lasting LPG propane regulator which means you’re able to save some few coins. This means that you will not have to buy a propane regulator from an outside source which might not be effective in its performance.

Although the char-broil propane smoker may not be very efficient in its functionality, we believe that this is a good purchase if you’re on a shoestring.


  • The device is easy to clean
  • It’s lightweight for easy mobility 
  • Great food results
  • Affordable price and usage


  • Poor temperature control
  • Poor quality water and wood tray

5. Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker

Best Propane Smoker

The smoke hollow propane smoker is a steel designed device that’s ideal for your needs. The machine is designed with durability and permanence making it a great buy for the money. You will never go wrong with this device with its simple design for use.

The smoke hollow propane smoker comes fitted with an upper and lower level vent which is a key feature to have in a smoker for great airflow while cooking. For the money, the appliance may seem to be expensive, but we believe it is still competitive due to the features it tables.

The device also comes with a push ignition system for easy fire lighting and an external gauge. The external gauge helps in the checking of temperatures rather than an interior temperature gauge.

Most gas smokers fall short of hangers for cooking sausages, but the smoke hollow propane smoker comes fitted with sausage hangers giving you plenty of room to make your food. The smoke hollow propane smoker also features 4 cooking grates with multiple adjustments.

The smoke hollow propane smoker contains 4 cooking grates with multiple adjustment levels.


  • The device is lightly weighted for easy mobility
  • The appliance comes fitted with separate meat and heat chambers
  • Large cooking space


  • Improper door sealing

6. Pit Boss Grills 77435 Vertical LP Gas Smoker

Best Propane Smokers

Pit boss vertical LP Gas smoker is a digital gas smoker well packaged and easy to assemble. All the parts of the device are high quality and strong. 

The appliance comes fitted with 2 legs on the rear, legs for easy transport on the outdoors, and around your backyard.

Pit boss vertical LP Gas features a dual valve system that allows you to adjust the wood burner temperature as well as the cabinet for a more consistent temperature. Using a knob control, you can achieve a temperature range of between 100-350F.

The side dampeners make it easier to maintain a steady temperature of about 225F, which is optimal for smoking meat.

One of the best features about the pit Boss Vertical LP Gas smoker is how fast and consistently the device maintains temperatures. 

The appliance features a distinctive dual valve burner system that includes a 3500 BTU burner for the wood chips, and a 10,000 BTU burner for the cabinet.

The design of the device is stylish with a red, semi-gloss finish. A front-loading slide-out tray allows for easy loading and refueling without any risk of getting burned.

 The propane smoker also comes with a large viewing window which makes monitoring your smoked dishes safe and easy as well.

Either wet chips or pellets can be used for burning. The device comes with a water tray that has a decent size and will hold enough water for about 1.5- 2 hrs. Before refilling it.

With 884 square inches of cooking area, you can smoke various dishes. The 4 grates are porcelain-coated and can be cleaned with soap and water easily, as long as you grease them before smoking your meat.

Generally, the pit boss vertical LP Gas smoker is an astounding bargain and fairly priced.


  • The device heats quickly with 13,000 total BTU output 
  • It’s well durable and well built
  • The appliance is spacious and comes fitted with 4 cooking grates
  • Dual valve burner system maintains a consistent temperature


  • The device can’t adjust burners separately
  • Does not include internal meat thermometer
  • The water tray could be slightly bigger for smoking longer than 2 hrs.

7. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Grill2Go X200 Portable Gas Grill

Best Propane Smoker

The char-broil TRU-Infrared Grill2Go X200 portable gas grill is a small traveling grill, perfect for camping, tailgating, and road trips.

The propane smoker features a built-in, push-button ignition that does not require batteries. Using infrared cooking, the burner is powered by a small and easily portable 16.4 0z. Disposable propane tank.

The device is made of mostly cast aluminum, its well-built grill, and could be very useful for on-the-go needs. The lid locks tightly in place and the legs and handles are strong.

Although the device is one of the best machines, it also has its drawback. The appliance is too powerful because of infrared technology. This might be a problem because there is no way to lower the heat for slower grilling without the risk of the burner blowing out.

Another disadvantage of the appliance is that when used for a while the grill will require extra maintenance and might also have flare-ups issue.


  • It has a solid construction
  • Small and lightweight portable propane smoker
  • Produces high grilling temperatures


  • Frequently complains of leaking regulators
  • Cooking temperatures getting too hot
  • Limited temperature control

Other Propane Smokers You Can Consider

Image NameFeatures
Best Propane SmokerSmoke Hollow 3500 4-in-1 Combination 3-Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner, Charcoal Grill and Smoker/Firebox,Black-Gas grill side features a temperature gauge and porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids over three, independently controlled Stainless steel burners with porcelain flare guards
-Charcoal grill side includes a temperature gauge, porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids, and an adjustable charcoal pan with grate
-Side smoker firebox includes a front access door and side access door with air damper control
-9300 BTU side burner. Total Cooking Area (cubic. inch.)- 860. Total BTUs- 34,200
Best Propane SmokerOklahoma Joe's Charcoal/LP Gas/Smoker Combo-1,060 total square inch cooking surface
-750 square inch primary cooking surface in main chamber over porcelain-coated cast iron grates. Number of grates: 6
-310 square inch cooking surface in firebox chamber
-3x 12,000 BTU Burners, (36,000 BTU's total) in gas grilling chamber
-12,000 BTU side burner accommodates charcoal chimney starter
Best Propane SmokerMasterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker, 30" (Old Version), Black-Four chrome smoking racks with 717 square inch of cooking space
-Stainless steel burner and type 1 regulator and hose
-Push-button ignition
-Porcelain-coated wood chip tray and water pan
-Locking door with built-in temperature gauge and cool touch wire handle
Best Propane SmokerMasterbuilt 20050614, 44-Inch, Black Propane Smoker-Extra-large capacity with 2,000 sq. in. of cooking space on four chrome smoking racks
-Dual-door design with viewing window and thermostat in top door
-Two 8,250 BTU Stainless steel burners with push-button ignition
-Porcelain-coated wood chip tray and water pan
-Type 1 regulator and hose
Best Propane SmokersChar-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill + Cover-The Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill lets you smoke, roast and grill - all in one
-TRU-Infrared technology cooks food evenly and juicy with no flare-ups
-Holds up to 25 lbs for roasting and has 180 square inches of cooking area for grilling
-Custom designed to be a perfect fit for Char-Broil's The Big Easy Smoker, Roaster & Grill
-Rugged heavy-duty grey PVC cover repels water, snow, wind, and assorted debris to keep your Big Easy safe and dry
-Internal woven polyester fabric inner lining protects cooker exterior from scratches
Best Propane SmokersLandmann USA 3895GWLA Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker, 38-Inch, 26" Wide Chamber, Black-1576-square inch of cooking area to smoke your favorite meats, fowl and fish
-Features heat saving easy access drawers with handle to access wood chip box and water pan without opening main chamber door
-Fully adjustable heat control with front door temperature gauge. adjustable top chimney and side damper vents with plastic tab guards for optimum temperature control
-Includes porcelain coated steel water pan and heavy duty Steel wood chip box with lid. Square, wide stance legs for stability. Rotary igniter, heavy duty -Steel construction with easy assembly
-Cast iron burner for long life. will not rust; 10-year
Best Propane SMokersCuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36" Propane Smoker, Black-The spacious 5. 45 square foot interior means there is plenty of room to smoke a variety of meats along with several trays of vegetables
-Four stainless steel racks can be easily removed for smoking whole birds or large cuts of meat. Racks are dishwasher safe, making cleanup easy.
-Features easy-to-read thermometer on the front door for accessible monitoring of the internal temperature.
- An adjustable gas supply gives control over the amount of heat
-3-year limited warranty

Best Propane Smokers- Buying Guide

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Propane Smokers

  • Construction Materials and Leaky Doors

Most propane smokers are built from cheap, thin metal. The door to the cooking chamber can sometimes be vulnerable to leaking.

Always be sure to check if your best propane smoker is well built to prevent leakage which can be a health hazard and can also cause major accidents.

  • Smoker Width

When finding the best propane smokers for your needs, you should be careful to check the total amount of the grilling space. Some propane smokers may have huge square inches of surface area, while the actual width is quite narrow and can’t fit a full chump or a rack of ribs.

Additionally, the size of the smoker assembly is also very essential. The size chosen is often informed by some deliberations which include: The number of people you will be cooking for and how often you will be cooking. Portability is also a major factor to consider when looking at the size.

  • Temperature Adjustment

One of the biggest improvements to the best propane smokers is enhanced controls for adjusting temperature and smoking time. The features are common in electric smokers. So always ensure you find an option that includes these features.

Best Propane Smoker- What are the Benefits?

  • Easy to move– with your best propane smoker, all you require to cook is a small amount of wood and a tank of propane. This makes taking your smoker for a cookout or to a friend’s house as easy as bringing along a portable grill.
  • Flavor– best propane smokers offer a flavor that’s on par with the best wood smokers in the market and without the headache of trying to be a temperature guru.
  • Easy to use– when using your best propane smoker you will deal with wood chips as a smoking/flavoring agent. 
  • The temperature of your best propane smoker will remain constant as long as the propane is properly fueling the unit. Your only chore will be to make sure the wood chips are properly smoking the meat, occasionally adding more chips to keep the smoke up so it’s very easy to use.

Best Propane Smokers – The Bottom Line

If you thought grilled food couldn’t taste or look better, then you should try preparing meals with the best propane smokers. As reviewed in the article it’s going to be easy to choose the best that suits your needs. 

The best propane smokers will enhance that scrumptious smoky flavor and crispy texture. They will also offer you a small footprint which is easy to set up and carry anywhere you wish without worrying about power interruptions, budgetary constraints, soot pollution, stocking coals and much more

After going through all the reviews, you get a better feel of what’s it’s like for the average person to use the smoker, this will make it easier for you to purchase the best propane smoker for your needs. So find a smoker that’s ideal for you, grab a piece of meat, and get smoking.

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