10 Best Mandoline Slicers – With a Comprehensive Buyers’ Guide

If you want uniformly cut veggies, then the best mandoline slicer is your best bet. It reduces the time you take to prepare your spices.

The blades are always sharp and cutting all the veggies and spices will be a breeze! However, you must concentrate on the exercise fully to avoid cuts occasioned by the sharp blades!

The first critical step of getting the best experience with mandolines involves selecting your best mandoline slicer. Always ensure that you prioritize safety and efficiency.

This article will guide you through all the factors that you should consider when shopping for the best mandoline slicer. Even better, we provide a well-thought-out list of 10 best mandoline slicers to consider.

Best Mandoline Slicer

Best Mandoline Slicers – Comparison

Image NameFeatures
Benriner Mandoline Super Slicer-easily slices medium-sized fruits and veggies into consistently sized pieces
-4 interchangeable blades (straight edge, coarse, medium and fine tooth); make wide slices, chunky cuts, long narrow and extra-narrow julienne strips
-Made from handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blades and BPA-free plastic
Bron Stainless Steel Mandoline-Stainless steel construction
-Foldable legs for easy storage
-Carriage guard
Includes a julienne cutter and pusher guard
-Slices 3 mm or 10 mm thick
Swissmar Borner V-1001 Mandoline 5-Piece Set-Includes 7mm blade, 3.5mm blade, and thick/thin reversible slicing blade; slice different thicknesses, julienne, or shred
-Ambidextrous Food Safety holder provides complete protection
-Protective storage caddy safely holds all components while not in use
Mandoline Slicer - Potato, Onion, Vegetable, and Tomato Cutter Mandoline -made of strong and easy to clean, surgical stainless steel
-The blades that come with the slicer are indefinitely sharp, smooth, and even adjustable
- extremely flexible and reliable
OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer 2.0-Soft, non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip
-Japanese stainless steel blade is angled to slice even soft foods with ease
-Two-sided blade can create straight slices or crinkle/waffle cuts
Best Mandoline SlicersKyocera Advanced Ceramic Mandoline Vegetable Slicer-Ceramic blade is made from Kyocera's proprietary zirconia material produced in Japan for exceptional quality and durability
-Lightweight and easy to clean
-djustable dial that provides 4 different cut thicknesses from paper thin to thick: 0.5mm, 1.3 mm, 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm
De Buyer Kobra Slicer-V-shaped blade from cutlery city Thiers, will perfectly slice soft fruit and vegetable
-Micro-serrated blade for thin slices
-Thickness easy to adjust (thumb well at the end of the handle), orgonomical (19,3 ° angle of the handle)
Kitchenaid KC312OHOBA Hand-Held V-Blade Black Mandoline Slicer-The table under the blade adjusts for variable slicing thickness levels; 1/32 inch, 1/16 inch, 3/16 inch, and 1/4 inch
-soft comfortable grip on the guide ensures control and safety when slicing
-dishwasher safe for easy and quick clean up
MIU France Stainless Steel Mandoline-Stainless steel fruit and vegetable mandoline slicer
-Includes straight, serrated and julienne blades
-Control dial adjust blade thickness
-Includes food safety holder
-Hand washing recommended
Prepworks by Progressive Julienne and Adjust-A-Slice Mandoline-Sliding button adjusts between 3 thicknesses: thin, medium and thick
-Dishwasher safe, hand wash for best results
-Angled blade provides more efficient slicing

10 Best Mandoline Slicers

1. Benriner Mandoline Super Slicer

Benriner slicer is essential kitchen equipment, and many kitchen users consider this mandoline slicer a vital tool in their knife kit. This brand features popular handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blades that are durable, promising you an extended lifetime. Additionally, this mandoline slicer is made of BPA-free plastic to enhance food safety while using the slicer.

Additionally, Benriner features four interchangeable blades ( coarse, fine-tooth, straight edge, and medium) to make chunky cuts, wide slices, long narrow as well as extra thin julienne strips. This mandoline features a sizable open handle that adds comfort with a non-skid rubber base for maximum stability.

The safety guards are essential as they hold tiny pieces of food to protect your fingers. The easy turn dial is crucial in adjusting the thickness and saves your time while preparing your food. The good news is: the machine is easy to use, and it’s versatile, making it best for French fries, chips, garnishes, stir-fries, and others.

The top rack is dishwasher safe to make the cleaning task a breeze!


  • It’s easy to use, making it a perfect choice for beginners.
  • Easy to clean and maintain as its dishwasher safe.
  • Comes with safety guards to safeguard your fingers
  • A versatile model


  • The hand guard doesn’t grip food steadily.

2. Bron Stainless Steel Mandoline

Slice your julienne carrots or cucumbers with this versatile machine from Bron. This mandoline comes with three different stainless steel made blades that save you from the hassle of using multiple knives or the need to swap blades as you prepare your food. The straight blade helps with simple slicing tasks, whereas both small and large julienne helps in cutting shoestring potatoes and carrot sticks.

Additionally, it comes with hand-operated levers that help in monitoring the slicing thickness. The machine has an ergonomically designed slope to provide comfort while doing the food preparation.

The plastic safety guard is essential in protecting your hands from harm. It’s designed to do a range of activities starting from cutting cheese, meat, and vegetables, plus it performs well while slicing hard fruits like pears and apples.


  • Can do a wide range of cutting solutions
  • Comes with a safety guard to help in protecting your hands from harm
  • It folds easily on a sturdy casing for proper storage
  • Backed up with a one year warranty.


  • The machine is clunky, and it’s difficult to clean.

3. Swissmar Borner V-1001 Mandoline 5-Piece Set

The Swissmar is another excellent and affordable mandoline that’s made of durable stainless steel material. Besides, it’s easy to use and even food cutting ability, this tool is safe to use. It comes with a food holder that offers a decent grip to your hands, making them safe from the steel blades.

In terms of cleaning, this fantastic mandoline cutter is dishwasher safe. Never get worried about cleaning it after use. Just rinse it on hot or cold running water then dry it. The device is made of rugged plastic, and it measures 6 inches wide by 15 inches long when assembled.

The three inserts that accompany this device lock in position. Furthermore, they act as a guide when slicing against the V-frame. When it comes to storing the V-frame, safety holder, and the three inserts, the mandoline features a caddy that accommodates the three and can stand in an upright manner on a corner. It can also be hanged on the wall or lie flat.


  • Features a decent grip making your hands safe while preparing your food. 
  • Comes with a caddy for easy storage
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Easy to wash.


  • The blades are incredibly sharp making it a poor choice for beginners.

4. Mandoline Slicer – Potato, Onion, Vegetable, and Tomato Cutter Mandoline  

This fantastic product from Joyful cook features a safety food holder that lets your food glide softly on the runway. And above all, the mandoline is designed to cut consistent thickness. Being a top-shelf dishwasher-safe, cleaning it is a breeze. You can as well wash it manually if you lack a dishwasher at home.

This amazing tool is easily adjustable, and you can easily and quickly adjust to the style and type of slices needed by turning the knob. Furthermore, it comes with a patented design that saves your time and helps you cut the veggies to different styles and thicknesses in a breeze.

What’s more, the mandoline comes with high-quality blades that enhance a sharp and smooth cut. Its made of high-grade stainless steel that never rusts and can handle dense and thick veggies and fruits like potatoes and apple.

The tool comes with a great vegetable holder that makes slicing easy. Its solid ABS holder gives it better hand protection and easier slicing. 


  • its made of durable stainless steel that never rusts
  • the patented design helps you cut veggies to the desired shapes
  • backed up with an extended warranty
  • easy slicing and better hand protection.


  • The vegetable holder isn’t durable and can easily break.

5. OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer 2.0

OXO steel chef is one of the best and user-friendly tools in the market. It helps in food preparation more easily and quickly. The mandoline comes with an indicator window that clearly shows you the thickness setting from the top in millimetres and inches.

More so, this powerful mandoline has a spring-loaded food holder that’s designed with an extended rim to protect your fingers and stores the food holder on the underside. Many thanks to the manufacturer for creating a non-slip and soft handle that offers a comfortable grip.

OXO mandoline slicer comes with a textured runway that prevents your vegetables from sticking and has a parallel surface that helps in creating uniformed slices without wedging. The mandoline is designed with a Japanese stainless steel blade that’s angled to cut foods softly and effortlessly.

Its double-sided blade produces waffle/crinkle cuts or straight cuts and an integrated julienne with French fry blades.


  • It’s designed with a Japanese stainless steel blade to produce angled cuts
  • Comes with a textured runway to prevent the vegetables from sticking
  • It features a spring-loaded food holder with an extended rim
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


  • The model isn’t perfect for small veggies.

6. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

Best Mandoline Slicers

This mandoline from Kyocera is a high-quality mandoline known for its ceramic cutlery that’s sharper than stainless. This model features a Japanese-style diagonal blade that effortlessly glides across any ingredient. The ultra-sharp ceramic blades maintain their edge ten times longer compared to steel blades.

It’s easy to clean as its dishwasher safe and extremely portable and weighs only 3.87 ounces. No blade handling is required, simply turn the square dial on the back for perfect thickness and can give you even slices in a matter of seconds. 

Additionally, Kyocera comes with safe features corner notches that help in securing over a bowl that has a hand-guard that protects your fingers. The tool is ergonomically designed to provide precise control when using it on a storage vessel or a flat surface.

The adjustable dial helps you achieve even and smooth slices that deliver up to four different cut thickness. it’s a versatile mandoline slicer designed to grate or slice cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes, and onions.


  • Comes with an adjustable dial
  • A versatile mandoline slicer best for slicing numerous vegetables
  • It’s easy to wash as its dishwasher safe
  • The mandoline comes with a durable ceramic blade that’s tougher than stainless steel.


  • The safety guard is not long enough to dig on anything you’re shedding or slicing.

7. De Buyer Kobra Slicer

This product from De Buyer is a nice V-shaped mandoline slicer with serration that cuts through thick vegetables with ease. It comes with a rubber and anti-skid feet with a sturdy hand guard that makes this slicer a safe option. Additionally, it has a rolling blade adjustment to help you select any depth up to 5 mm.

Another thing is that this model features a micro-serrated blade that’s essential when making thin slices of vegetables. It’s a compact and lightweight model that weighs only 1.41 pounds, making it an excellent pick for both indoor and outdoor food preparations.

The blade thickness is easy to adjust as the mandoline comes with a thumb well located on the handle. The mandoline is dishwasher safe to make the cleaning task a breeze! What’s more, the mandoline is ergonomically designed for easy storage.


  • The pusher and slicer are dishwasher safe making it easy to maintain
  • It features a compact design making it easy to store
  • Ergonomically design
  • Comes with a pocket-friendly price


  • the “pusher” needs thorough scrubbing to clean it.

8. Kitchenaid KC312OHOBA Hand-Held V-Blade Black Mandoline Slicer

Are you looking for a compact mandoline slicer that cuts through anything from charcuterie to carrots, then this is your pick. It’s an adjustable V-slicer that reduces your food prep time by cutting through onions, potatoes, vegetables, and cheese. It’s an excellent option for chefs who maintains a healthy food concept.

Additionally, it comes with super sharp blades made from durable stainless steel and has a plastic hand guard that enhances safe storage when not using the mandoline. The plastic is strong and BPA free to improve food safety.

Furthermore, KitchenAid mandoline slicer comes with four slicing thicknesses, and the table beneath the blade adjusts for different slicing thickness levels. In other words, this slicer allows you to cut vegetables accurately without a struggle. 

It comes with a soft and comfortable grip located on the guide that adds safety and control when slicing your veggies. Furthermore, its dishwasher safe to enhance quick and easy cleanup. The good news is that the mandoline is backed up with a one year warranty.


  • It’s easy to grip due to the soft handles
  • Backed up with a one year warranty
  • It’s designed with four slicing thickness
  • The plastic is BPA free and strong.


  • Its pusher doesn’t spike the food.

9. MIU France Stainless Steel Mandoline

When looking forward to impressing your family with a fantastic veggie and fruit cutter, then this is the best pick. This is a versatile mandoline slicer used with vegetables and fruits as it features three blades. The serrated blade is used for waffle and crinkle cuts, while the straight blade is used for clean cuts and julienne blade for shredding and sticks.

Additionally, each blade’s thickness can be adjusted easily using the fingertip control dial. Furthermore, the locking tab maintains the blade in position. MIU comes with a large-sized food holder that grips your food strongly when cutting them, thus protecting your fingers and knuckles.

This fantastic unit features a non-slip grip located on the base and on its foldable legs to add stability when in use. This stylish food slicer features an innovative design with maximum durability promising to serve you for long.


  • The mandoline features an innovative design
  • Easy use as it comes with an adjustable blade thickness
  • It has a non-slip grip on the base 
  • It’s a versatile model used in numerous cutting solutions.


  • The straight blade model calls for more force when using compared to the diagonal or V-blade.

10. Prepworks by Progressive Julienne and Adjust-A-Slice Mandoline 

Receive nice and even slices with this easy to use mandoline from Progressive international. The mandoline comes with an extended slicing surface that can accommodate both larger and smaller fruits like tomatoes, onions, apples, and kiwi.

The mandoline comes with an angles blade to provide an efficient slicing ability leading to desired results. The angled blade can cut up to three thickness options—thick, medium, and thin. The non-skid base and the ridges help in adding more stability to the mandoline slicer on a bowl rim or a flat surface.

You can also safeguard your food with the finger guard included sliding the mandoline on the blade for uniformly sized slices. Also, the slide button is essential for safe storage and cleaning. The mandoline is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning ability and backed up with an extended warranty.


  • Its dishwasher safe making the cleaning task hassle-free
  • It’s accompanied by a lifetime warranty
  • It’s easy to use the mandoline cutter
  • The angled blade is designed to slice up to three thickness options.


  • Some users complain that the mandoline is heavy compared to other models.

Best Mandoline Slicers – A Comprehensive Buyers’ Guide

If you are looking for the best mandoline slicers, then you must undertake extensive research to only pick that which will serve your interests.

Factors to Consider When Buying Your Best Mandoline Slicer

  • Mandoline Adjustability

Your best mandoline slicer will either have fixed or variable thickness. The simple ones will have been designed to have one thickness, which can be limiting. As such, you should only buy such mandolines if you’re comfortable with that particular thickness.

  • Ease of Cleaning

When buying your best mandoline slicer, you should always inquire about whether it’s dishwasher-safe. This will guarantee ease of cleaning.

On the flip side, dishwasher-safe mandolines expose you to the risk of cuts as you reach for them into the dishwasher. As such, you should always exercise maximum caution when washing the blades.

  • Availability of Additional Blades

If you want a reliable and versatile mandoline slicer, you should consider one with several types of blades. This enables you to get wavy cuts, julienne cuts, and other standard cuts.

  • Safety

How safe is your best mandoline slicer? You should ensure that the blades are not too exposed when not in use. Additionally, a mandoline slicer with an easy-to-use handle reduces the risk of cutting your skin significantly.

Best Mandoline Slicers – Bottom Line

Buying the best mandoline slicer for your kitchen will undoubtedly revolutionize your cooking experiences. It simplifies the preparation processes and makes cooking fun!

However, selecting the best mandoline slicer can be hectic. This is due to the availability of many brands in the market, which can be confusing. To even complicate the matter, there are many diverse features of each mandoline!

If you’ve tried buying your best mandoline slicer to no avail, then you shouldn’t worry. This article provides a comprehensive guide on all the factors you should consider when shopping.

Additionally, it incorporates a comprehensive and well-thought-out list of the best mandoline slicers in the market.

We implore you to go through the reviews and read the buyers guide to make an informed decision.

Once you’re through with the purchasing process, you’ll certainly enjoy every minute you spend cooking. Preparing the veggies and cutting the spices will be a breeze henceforth!

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