10 Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes

Did you know that pancakes contain 500 fewer calories than a plate of French toast? Well, this option provides a healthier yet tasty breakfast alternative. To ensure that you get the best out of it, you should invest in the best griddle pan for pancakes.

This cookware provides an exceptional cooking experience! You’ll get uniformly cooked pancakes within a short period. As such, you’re guaranteed of convenience regardless of your family size. 

However, shopping for the best griddle pan for pancakes can be quite a challenge. You must be aware of all the features to consider when buying if you’re keen on making the right decision.

This article is designed to save you from the hassle. It details all the factors to consider when selecting your best griddle pan for pancakes. Even better, it lists the 10 best griddle pans for pancakes! 

Best Griddle for Pancakes

Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes

Image NameFeatures
Best Griddle Pan for PancakesVremi Cast Iron Griddle 20 Inch Kitchen Stove Top- features a smooth griddle side for pancakes and a ridged grill side creating classic grill marks for steak and sausages.
-universal grill plate pan is pre-seasoned for flavor
-cast iron surface slowly cooks to distribute heat evenly for chef quality meals anytime
-Both sides of this large rectangular cast iron grill skillet feature a naturally non-stick surface and grease slopes to drain off fat in food
Ecolution Evolve Griddle 11 Inch Non-Stick-aluminum griddle pan
-dishwasher safe, allowing you to save time on clean up
-The aluminum construction is heavy gauge for even heating across the surface of the pan so you can evenly cook your entire meal on one surface
-comfortable grip silicone handle makes it easy to move this griddle pan from stovetop to counter
Nordic Ware Silver Waffle Griddle-Cast aluminum
-Non-stick finish
-Easy and effortless clean up
-Seven 3 inch pancakes
-Made in the USA with handle from China
-Cast aluminum
-Non-stick finish
Morning Star - 13 Inch Crepe Maker pro & Electric Griddle-13 inch crepe maker
- precise temperature dial
-Large 13 inch aluminum non-stick plate
-Indicator light tells you when plate has reached desired temperature for cooking
Cuisinart MCP45-25NS Griddle With Double Burner-Tri-Ply design provides optimal heat conduction
-Premium non-stick interior
-Solid Stainless Steel riveted stick handles stay cool on the stovetop.
-Safe and comfortable handling
-Heat Surround technology provides consistent, even heat distribution along the base and side walls of cookware.
-Dishwasher safe. Suitable for use with induction cook tops
-Hard anodized exterior
Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Griddle Pan-Heavy gauge aluminum construction ensures even heating and is hard anodized for durability.
-Dishwasher safe
-Interior includes three layers of nonstick coating two layers provide durability and the third layer offers easy release performance
- long, brushed stainless steel handles are designed to stay cool on the stovetop
Presto 07061 22-Inch Griddle Electric -Premium nonstick surface provides stick-free cooking and easy cleaning
-Heavy cast aluminum base is virtually warp-proof.
-Cooking area: 231 square inch
Farberware High-Performance Aluminum Non-Stick 11-Inch Square Griddle-Aluminum construction ensures fast, even heating
-nonstick griddle is oven safe to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and is also dishwasher safe for convenience
-Lifetime warranty
Best Electric Griddle Pans for PancakeEmeril Lagasse 62929 Griddle Pan-Triple-layer nonstick coating is easy to clean and safe for metal utensils
-Heavy-gauge aluminum for quick, even heat distribution
-riveted stainless steel handles go from stovetop to oven, hard anodized aluminum is safe to 450°F
-convenient dishwasher-safe construction
Nordic Ware Smiley-Face Pancake Pan-7 different fun smiley faces
-Heat reflective exterior ensures uniform browning
-Non stick surface makes clean up easy
-17 1/2-Inch by 2 1/4-Inch by 10 1/2-Inch
-Made in the USA with handle from China
-7 different fun smiley faces

Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes

1. Vremi Cast Iron Griddle 20 Inch Kitchen Stove Top

Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes

Vremi is an extra-large 20-inch griddle that allows you to win the match against time at any gathering or party where you must make pancakes in a short time. This griddle is 10 inches wide and 20 inches long to cover both burners at the same time.

Additionally, the whole cookware is made of cast iron that makes it perfect for any heavy-duty or commercial purposes. Apart from its large size, the griddle acts as a griddle surface and griddle. The only thing that you can do is turning the griddle around, then voila!

It’s a versatile grilling pan that can be used for a barbecue party, and since the griddle is constructed with cast iron, it can spread the heat uniformly for proper results. Furthermore, this tool is designed with ridges to store excess grease, allowing you healthily to feast your pancakes.

This cookware comes with sturdy handles on both sides to allow you to carry it with ease from place to place. It’s safe to use in an oven.


  • It comes with strong handles that make it perfect and portable cookware.
  • Designed to cover two stove burners to save on time while cooking pancakes
  • It can work as a grilling pan when flipped over.
  • The cast iron enhances a uniform and even spread of heat. 


  • Must be seasoned from time as it’s constructed with cast iron
  • Can’t be washed when hot.

2. Ecolution Evolve Griddle 11 Inch Non-Stick

When searching for a pancake griddle that comes with an elegant design with a unique color with an ability to deliver quality performance, then this is your pick. Ecolution evolves griddle features a gorgeous and crimson color that perfectly integrates your kitchen décor.

Additionally, this griddle comes with a thick aluminum gauge that’s essential in proper heat distribution and maintains the pan’s durability.

Another thing about this handy cookware is that it’s built with a hydrolon non-stick technology. More so, unlike toxic materials and chemicals like PFOA, the non-stick coating is water-based that’s environmentally friendly as well as safe to your health. 

Additionally, the handles are constructed with an ergonomic rubber covering with dots to provide you with a cool, secure grip and comfortable grill over the griddle during the pancake cooking process.

Also, the griddle is dishwasher safe, and the handle comes with a hole that you can use to hang it after washing.


  • Features an elegant design with a unique crimson color that makes it a perfect kitchenware
  • An eco-friendly interior surface and a non-toxic water-based 
  • Its exterior base surface has grooves that allow an even heat distribution.
  • an 11-inch flat cooking surface to help you make numerous pancakes at once


  • hard to use the cookware on an induction cooktop

3. Nordic Ware Silver Waffle Griddle

This griddle will add some touch of art by adding the waffle grids on your pancakes. This is done by the seven wells constructed on the griddle where you can top up some batter then watch the pancake turn into gorgeous waffles. Also, you can save time by cooking seven pancakes at a time.

The seven griddles have a diameter of 3 inches each to help you cook pancakes, giving them a uniform shape and size throughout, thus eliminating the guesswork.

What’s more, the griddle pan is made of a cast aluminum that gives it extra durability and features a non-stick interior that helps you to turn the pancakes on the griddle easily. Also, the cast aluminum is essential in retaining heat for an extended period resulting in the production of golden and brown textured pancakes.

​Meanwhile, this griddle pan has a handle that looks like that of a regular frying pan that helps you maneuver the griddle effortlessly, more so when you always use skillets rather than a griddle.


  • The coating is non-toxic and free from PFOA chemicals
  • Its interiors are not sticky making it easy to flip the pancakes
  • Comes with seven walls with equal size and shape
  • Made of cast aluminum that adds durability


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Metal utensils can’t be used to cook food with this pan.

4. Morning Star – 13 Inch Crepe Maker pro & Electric Griddle

As its name suggests, this fantastic morning star griddle pan for pancakes is versatile, and it’s designed to make eggs, pancakes, tortillas, crepes, and other delicious food items. More so, apart from its versatility, the pan delivers a large 13-inch cooking surface that gets heated easily by the 1000W power output.

​The griddle is built with an aluminum surface that’s non-sticky to ensure that you arrive at smooth-textured pancakes as well as flipping them like a pro. Another unique feature is that it comes with a LED indicator that alerts you when the cooking surface attains the desired temperature for cooking the pancakes.

Also, it comes with a dial used in regulating temperature to ensure that your pancakes aren’t burning. It comes with stainless steel handles essential in proper grip, helping you move the pan from one place to another.

The base is covered with rubber to prevent the griddle from slipping. The rubber also safeguards the kitchen countertop from getting scratched. It comes with a power cord that can be wrapped safely on the base making neat pan storage when not in use.


  • The griddle can be stored easily by wrapping the cord on its base.
  • It has a base with a rubber covering. 
  • Constructed with durable handles for easy griddling.
  • Aluminum surface for uniform heat distribution.


  • Must be cleaned carefully as it contains electric components

5. Cuisinart MCP45-25NS Griddle With Double Burner

This cookware griddle comes with an amazingly 10 x 18 inches diameter that helps you prepare stacks of pancakes for a party or your family’s breakfast. This model is unique as it’s a double-burner grill. In other words, it can perfectly sit on both burners keeping the heat evenly spread on the cooking surface.

Additionally, its larger surface makes it a versatile cooking tool, and one side you can poach some eggs or fry some bacon and the other side cook some delicious pancakes. This griddle pan comes with sturdy construction that consists of a tri-ply building. 

The central part of the pan is made of aluminum material that allows for easy and uniform heat distribution. To enhance further uniformed heating, the griddle pan has a heat surrounding technology to enhance even heat distribution across the cooking wall ad surface.

The exterior is constructed with hard-anodized aluminum that acts as scratch and corrosion-resistant. Also, the interior features an effective non-stick surface that assists in flipping the pancakes with ease. The handles stay cool to provide you a safe and comfortable grip throughout the cooking process.


  • The pan is easy to use and comfortable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a non-stick interior surface
  • Optimal heat conduction level.


  • Works well in medium to low heat range

6. Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Griddle Pan

When searching for a pancake griddle that features a modern and sleek design that leads to a great addition to your kitchen, look no further. This is your pick. Calphalon comes with a smooth and flat surface that features shallow rims making it a great griddle to make pancakes with ease.

Additionally, this griddle pan is built with three metal layers, of which two feature a hard-anodized aluminum that offers durability. The other one provides a non-stick surface to help you cook with less oil.

Also, this griddle pan has a long stainless steel handle that’s riveted perfectly on the griddle to give you a comfortable and firm grip as you prepare your pancakes. The griddle is oven safe as it can sustain high temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Backed up with an extended warranty
  • Easy to clean as its dishwasher safe
  • Constructed with aluminum material to add durability
  • Three layers on the non-stick surface.


  • It’s only 11 inches and might not be an excellent option for a large family set up.

7. Presto 07061 22-Inch Griddle Electric 

This powerful griddle has helped in solving all problems that ever existed in electric griddles as it comes with a generous size and an innovative design. Compared to other griddles out there, presto is a bit larger and measures 22 inches. This provides an extended cooking surface to prepare enough pancakes for your family.

Despite its large capacity, the griddle comes with a non-stick feature with a textured design surface.

The griddle comes with an underneath tray; that’s a drip tray that you can easily remove while cleaning the griddle pan. Also, you can remove the handles by unlocking the clips holding the cooking surface together. This makes it easy to store the griddle on any squeezed kitchen.

Apart from that, it comes with a dial that you can use to set the temperature and will continuously cook the surface with that temperature until you turn it off. The thick gauge used in constructing the griddle adds durability, thus promising you longevity.


  • The cooking surface is removable to wash the pan underwater easily
  • Handles can be removed easily for easy griddle storage.
  • The textured surface gives it non-stick characteristics.
  • Comes with a dial to give the surface the desired temperature


  • Needs a power supply to work
  • Not all parts are dishwasher safe.

8. Farberware High-Performance Aluminum Non-Stick 11-Inch Square Griddle

When looking for a pancake griddle designed in a simple manner that performs efficiently, this is the nice option that promises never to disappoint you. This griddle measures 11 inches but weighs quite less compared to other grills. It’s an excellent pick for all who want a portable and light griddle.

It’s built with durable aluminum that can withstand high temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. A special feature in this griddle is the unique non-sticky interior designed with air pockets that boosts the heat conductivity making your pancakes cook uniformly and quickly.

Additionally, this fantastic griddle comes with stay-cool handles to safeguard your hands during the entire pancake cooking process. Also, the handles are designed to give you a comfortable grip while cooking the pancakes.

Apart from that, it is dishwasher safe making its cleaning ability a breeze!


  • Comes with an efficient and simple design
  • It’s compact and lightweight, making it extremely portable.
  • Comes with an aluminum construction making it durable as well as even heat distribution on the surface
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees F.


  • The cooking surface is too small.

9. Emeril Lagasse 62929 Griddle Pan

Best Electric Griddle Pans for Pancake

This double burner griddle is a must-have for kitchen novices. It’s designed with functionality and quality, making it worth the splurge. It’s large enough to cover two stovetop burners, and the good news is, it can be used on numerous stove types.

It features an oversized design making it perfect for large batches of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Additionally, the griddle is constructed with a hard-anodized surface and a heavy-duty aluminum for uniform heat distribution. Your pancakes will be beautifully and evenly cooked.

The griddle has raised sides with a heat capacity that makes it versatile and can be used to perfectly roast chicken, carrots, and potatoes. The griddle is oven safe, designed to withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Celsius.

The handle is built with stay-cool protection while cooking. Its easy to clean surface makes it look new after many years of use. It’s dishwasher-safe to make the cleaning task less difficult.


  • Designed with high-quality materials
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Non-stick surface.


  • You can’t use metal utensils on the non-stick surface.

10. Nordic Ware Smiley-Face Pancake Pan

This super beautiful griddle pan features a low price tag making it best for budget-savvy persons. As its name suggests, this fantastic round pan features seven smiley face impressions. It’s designed with a smooth surface to make an easy flipping of the pancakes.

The pan comes with a non-stick cooking surface to help you use less oil while cooking your pancakes. It has a regulated heat construction that enhances the production of golden brown pancakes.

A big thanks to the stay-cool handles that provide an extended safe. This pan is PFOA free, and it’s non-stick coated with a cast aluminum, and above all, it’s backed up with a 10-year warranty. The pan features a compact design to fit on squeezed kitchen countertops easily. Additionally, it’s lightweight and weighs only 1.4 pounds.


  • Extremely affordable making it the best pick for the budget savvy
  • Backed up with a 10-year warranty
  • It’s designed with seven smiley molds.
  • Easy to store and clean.


  • It can be hard to remove the pancakes from the molds. 

Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes – Comprehensive Buyers Guide

If you want to buy the best griddle pan for pancakes, there are factors you should always consider.

To save the hassle, we’ve compiled an all-inclusive guide that’ll undoubtedly resolve your worries as you shop for the best griddle pan for pancakes.

How to Choose the Best Material for Your Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes

Your best griddle pan for pancakes can be made out of copper, cast iron, cast aluminum, or stainless steel.

So, what should you check when selecting the ideal material? This section offers a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right material for your best griddle pan for pancakes:


This type of griddle pan can either contain 100% copper or has the inner part containing copper while the outer part has a different metal altogether.

When it’s pure copper, it will help you to cook faster! This type of cookware heats 5 times faster than iron and 20 times better than stainless steel!

Additionally, copper is a better conductor of heat. As a result, heat will spread more evenly when using a copper griddle pan.

Cast Iron

If you love your pancakes having a smokier and grilled taste, then your best griddle pan for pancakes should be made out of cast iron.

Additionally, the cookware has the unique ability to achieve even heat distribution and retain it for some time. As such, you can be certain that you can cook anything using the pan! This versatility is crucial for cooking enthusiasts.

Even better, these griddle pans turn into non-stick after the usage for some time. Their high-quality nature guarantees longevity.

Cast Aluminum

If you want a lightweight yet effective griddle pan, then ensure that you select one made of cast aluminum material. These griddles have a better heat conduction ability than stainless steel and work perfectly under moderate to low heat.
Additionally, it is dishwasher safe, highly durable, and scratch-resistant.

Stainless Steel

Griddle pans made out of stainless steel are easy to clean and maintain. They are lightweight, thus making it easy to handle.

Even better, you can be certain that the griddle will not interfere with your food’s flavor.
So, which is the best material for your best griddle pan for pancakes?

Stainless steel guarantees even heating and it heats up faster. Also, you’ll have an easy time cleaning the griddles. It’s lightweight and versatile which makes it convenient for making pancakes fast.
However, you should analyze the benefits of each material and choose that which fits you the best.

Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes – Other Factors to Consider When Shopping

Nature of the Edges

While this may sound inconsequential, it affects your comfort level significantly. If the edges are too high, you may burn your hands or find it hard to flip your pancakes!

If you intend to use your best griddle pan for pancakes to cook runny food, ensure that you choose one with edges high enough to avoid spillage. Additionally, you should consider buying one with a drip pan (especially if you’re targeting the electric one).


What’s the size of your family? The bigger your family, the larger your best griddle pan for pancakes should be.


If you’ve been cooking your pancakes using the ordinary frying pan, you must have experienced difficulties with cooking even and soft pancakes, right? This is the first sign that you need to upgrade to the best griddle pan for pancakes!

You should always ensure that your best griddle pan for pancakes does not have a sticky surface. Also, the surface should be easy to clean and maintain.

If it has a metallic surface, you should season it before use. This way, you’ll achieve non-stick features, thus boosting your cooking experience.

The Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes – The Bottom Line

Buying your best griddle pan for pancakes is the first step to revolutionizing your cooking experience. However, selecting the ideal griddle pan can be a hassle. It can be tiring to shop for your best griddle pan for pancakes if you have no idea of what to look out for.

To save you the shopping hassle, we’ve compiled comprehensive buyers guide for the best griddle pan for pancakes.
Read on and understand all the factors that you should look out for. This way, you can be sure that you’ll have an easy time selecting your best griddle pan for pancakes.

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