10 Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer – Is it Effective?

Having a bowl of fruit salad after a tiresome day is quite refreshing. However, the joy of enjoying this nutritious meal may fade away with every thought of the hectic fruits peeling exercise. To avoid such frustrations, you should invest in the best electric apple peeler corer slicer.

This magic gadget will peel apples and any other fruit quick. This way, you can make the best fruit salad at your convenience. Besides, you’ll eliminate any risk of cutting your palmar skin when using your best knife.

While buying your best electric apple peeler corer slicer is an excellent idea, selecting the ideal one for your kitchen can be a hassle.

If you’ve struggled with shopping in the past, then this article is for you. It offers a comprehensive buying guide and a list of the best electric apple peeler corer slicer.

best electric apple peeler corer slicer

Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer – Comparison

Caphalon Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer-Apple slicer has oversized handles for comfort and control
-Super soft control zone
-Apple corer is dishwasher safe
-Lifetime warranty
Progressive 16-Slice Apple Slicer-Quickly & easily slice & core apples into 16 even slices
-dishwasher safe
-designed to protect fingers while in use & cover blades when stored.
Alpha & Sigma 16 Apple Peeler-top quality stainless steel blades are EXTRA SHARP
-100% stainless steel blades with anti-slip silicone handle for comfortable grip, ergonomic design
-Simply core and cut the fruit into 16 pieces, simultaneously remove the core with ease
-Easy to Clean
VKP1010 Johnny Apple Peeler-Included Components: Cooks' Tools;Peelers & Graters;Peelers
-Easy to clean
-Comfortable grip
Starfit 93209 Rotato Express-Built-in storage
-Non-slip base
-Includes 6V adapter
New Star foodservice 42887-Over-sized handles for comfort and control
-Cores and evenly slices fruit with one maneuver
-Stainless-steel blades glide easily through fruit and tough skins
-Non-stick finish, dishwasher safe
-Size: 6.7" L x 4.4" W x 1.7" H
Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer SlicerAlpha and sigma 8 Apple Peeler-top quality stainless steel blades are EXTRA SHARP
-Dishwasher safe
Cast Magnesium Apple And Potato Peeler - Forged From Ultra-Strong Die Cast Magnesium, not brittle steel for greater stability and strength
-Rust-proof Chrome Plated Winding Rod and 3 prong extension with safety cap. Stainless Steel Blades and Chrome Plated Parts and Poly Handle
- Powerful Rubber Vacuum Base holds onto tabletop for tremendous stability. Excellent peeler for seniors and those with arthritis
Precision Kitchenware Electric Apple Cutter -Stainless Steel Apple Peeler Corer and Slicer - Luxury Black Edition
Newness Premium Apple Remover-Made of food grade stainless steel, easy to use, easy to clean and will last long.
-Won't break or bend, ideal for home kitchen or professional bakers.
-Fruit core removes easily from corer head.
-Sharp blade for easy coring - speed up your cooking and baking.
-Easy to use. Ergonomic handle to effortlessly twist or push corer through the apple, pear, etc.

Top 10 Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer

1. Calphalon Easy Grip Apple Corer Slicer

Most kitchen appliances come in tacky designs and color that can affect your entire kitchen interiors. But Calphalon promises to keep the worry away. The machine features a black color that doesn’t fade away or fade after extensive use. It’s easy to clean after use.

Calphalon is designed to run using a push-down process. Its sturdy construction allows you to pace more force and pressure each time you push the device down with no worry. You don’t have to be worried about hard or tough fruits as it will slice them with ease.

More so, it comes with eight ultra-sharp blades that’ made of durable stainless steel that helps you produce eight evenly and equally sliced pieces of apples each time. The handle features a non-slip grip that protects your hands from unnecessary slipping as you work.

In terms of durability, its strong construction with stainless steel blades makes the device remain free from bacteria and rust to help you use it for long.


  • It’s a durable product that promises to serve you for long
  • It’s easy to use and works amazingly
  • Comes with eight blades to make the peeling work easy
  • Extended warranty.


  • The device’s blades are not sharp.

2. Progressive 16-Slice Apple Slicer

One best thing about this amazing device is that it’s easy to use. Place it on the kitchen countertop then push the blades on top of it. It’s designed with durable stainless steel blades that are sharp to give you perfectly made apple slices.

This device features a fantastic construction, and it’s perfectly designed to match any kitchen décor. Moreover, it comes with a protective layer beneath it that keeps your finger safe during the cutting process.

More so, the device is nicely dishwasher safe to make the cleaning task a breeze! Many thanks to the manufacturer for backing up the device with an extended warranty.


  • It’s designed with flat bottom blades for perfect cutting of the apple
  • It’s easy to use and easy to cleans
  • Comes with a protective cover on the bottom side
  • Dishwasher safe to make the cleaning task a breeze.


  • Its core diameter is tiny to put away the core pieces and the seeds
  • It’s not a perfect choice for a bigger size and larger apples.

3. Alpha & Sigma 16 Apple Peeler

This handy apple and corer slicer features an ergonomic design and comes with a candy-looking color that perfectly integrates your kitchen decor. The device is small and simple enough and can cut fruits into 16 pieces at once.

More so, it features rubber grip handles that help you hold the device firmly when cutting the pieces of apples. Another thing, it comes with eight stainless steel sharp blades that cut across the apples softly as a breeze goes through the ventilator. The blades are not only significant to softer fruits but also cuts through hard fruits like oranges, pears, and many more.

Furthermore, it comes with anti-slip rubber grips located on the handles that protect your hands from sliding, giving you adequate safety. Never face problems while cleaning this unit. Its dishwasher- safe to make sure that it looks fresh again after use.


  • It’s designed to cut up to 16 pieces at a time.
  • Easy to wash as its dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use making it a perfect pick for beginners
  • It comes with an affordable price.


  • Not an excellent slicer for a large apple
  • The blades are not extremely sharp.

4. VKP1010 Johnny Apple Peeler

This apple slicer is another amazing option to buy if you want a kitchen device that can slice, peel, and core your apples. It has an enamel coated cast iron construction that makes it highly durable, giving it a smooth finish surface.

Another unique feature concerning this model is that it comes with handles made of wood that makes it extremely comfortable to hold. Additionally, the wood handles give the unit an elegant design.

Apart from that, the gadget is constructed with parts that can be easily adjusted that allow you to select from the core or peeling only or core and slice. The machine is unique as the blade peeling can be regulated to help you choose the level of deepness you want the apple to be peeled.


  • The machine is designed to help you slice, core, and peel at the same time
  • The depth of the blade used for peeling can be adjusted
  • The device comes with an enamel coated cast iron construction that adds durability as well as a polished look.
  • It comes with a rubber suction base that adds stability when in use.


  • The adjustment for coring, slicing, and peeling option can be challenging for beginners
  • Its metallic fork is located in one place can be hard when left out openly.

5. Starfit 93209 Rotato Express

This product from starfit features a modern color and design. It has a vertical construction making it a compact tool that takes a small kitchen countertop space. Never be worried if you have squeezed kitchen countertops.

Also, it features a compartment located on the bottom side that helps you store the thumb knife and extra blades, making them easily accessible, thus preventing them from getting lost. The body features an ABS plastic construction that’s durable and a perfect choice compared to other metallic bodies that easily rust.

Furthermore, the base is slip-resistant. You can easily use it on many kitchen tables without getting worried that it can slip off the corners. The peeler has spikes that give it a secure and firm hold on the apple’s bottom and top, and that means you won’t use your hands to hold the apple while it’s being peeled.

The machine is designed to turn off automatically immediately; the apple is peeled.


  • It features a compact and stylish design that adds to your kitchen interiors.
  • Comes with a durable ABS plastic with a slip-resistant base
  • It has a compartment located on the bottom side that can be used as a storage unit for the blades.
  • The machine is easy to operate as it’s automated.


  • It needs electricity supply to function.
  • It lacks space to collect the peeled skin.

6. New Star foodservice 42887

This is a compact apple divider and corer that measures 1.7″ high 4.4″ wide and 6.7″ long. It means that this machine is designed to hold enough fruits for a bigger family. It comes with high-quality stainless steel blades that are incredibly sharp to slice through your food easily. The good news is, it can glide across fruits with tough skins.

As compared to other models, this unit comes with over-sized handles that delivers necessary comfort while cutting the fruits. Furthermore, the handles are designed to help you control the fruit deepness level that you want to core.

Also, the handles are stainless steel made as well as the blades and are non-sticky and shiny to prevent unnecessary sticking of the fruit pieces on the walls of the blades. It’s dishwasher-safe to make the cleaning process easy.

Also. The slicer is lightweight and weighs only 4.8 pounds, and it’s backed up with a lifetime warranty.


  • The handles are more considerable, adding more comfort.
  • It is a non-sticky device.
  • Its Dishwasher safe making the cleaning task a breeze.
  • It comes with sharp blades to easily slice through your food.


  • It’s not a safe model for hands
  • The design is not meant for large Washington apple.

7. Alpha and sigma 8 Apple Peeler

Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer

This machine features an attractive design to draw many kitchen lovers’ attention. It comes with a sleek and great style with a color that integrates your kitchen décor. More so, it features an ergonomic design for proper slicing ability.

As compared to other models, this machine comes with 100% stainless steel blades that are extra sharp to cut the apples nicely in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the blades are solid to cut many fruits at once without break or bend.

It’s easy to use this machine as you’ll press its handles down, slice and core your apple into eight pieces. It comes with silicone handles that safeguard your hands from unnecessary slips as you cut the fruits. It’s not only designed to core apples but can be used in other fruits too.

It’s easy to clean the machine as the blades do not allow fruits residue to stick on them. Al you have to do is rinsing it on warm water with soap or placing it on a dishwasher.


  • Comes with an extra sharp stainless steel blades
  • It’s easy to use the machine
  • It comes with a money-back warranty.
  • Its dishwasher safe making it easy to clean.


  • The blades aren’t durable
  • Not perfect for large fruits.

8. Cast Magnesium Apple And Potato Peeler 

This fantastic apple peeler comes with a strong built as it’s made of a strong magnesium die-cast that gives it an ultra-durability. And besides that, the metal adds strength, thus making the machine stable while working on it.

When it comes to functionality, the machine offers a 3-in-1 service for your kitchen solutions. First of all, it cores your fruits to eliminate the seeds; after that, it slices the apple to the desired thickness, and then finally, the machine creates rings to make the sliced fruits look presentable and nicely designed on the plate.

Your hand safety is a big concern while using this device to core the apples. A big thanks to the manufacturer for designing this model with a rubber vacuumed bottom to hold the machine strongly on the kitchen countertop. This prevents the device from wobbling while in use.

Furthermore, it has a chrome-plated winding rod that is rustproof with three other extensions to make your work easy during slicing.


  • It features a versatile function
  • Comes with a rustproof body
  • Designed with durable materials
  • It’s a nice pick for heavy-duty projects.


  • It’s quite bulky for storage on squeezed kitchen countertops.
  • Cleaning the unit is a stressor!

9. Precision Kitchenware Electric Apple Cutter 

The precision cookware made of stainless steel is a versatile machine designed to deliver numerous fruit peeling solutions. The device is rust free as it’s designed with quality and durable materials to serve you for a more extended period. Besides that, it’s designed to take more workload to help you take more apples at once for peeling.

This unit is designed with a 3-in-1 use. In other words, it allows you to core the apple seeds easily. With that done, you can easily peel out the apple’s skin without taking its nutritious part off. Finally, the machine can slice the apples in smartly-shaped and even pieces.

It’s an easy to use model, and all you have to do is placing it on a prong then turning the handle gently for some time. After that, your fruits will be cored, sliced, and peeled at once in seconds.

Storing the model isn’t a stressor as it measures 4.3 inches by 5.9 inches by 10.1 inches. It’s a small model that doesn’t need a bigger storage space. Furthermore, its smaller size makes it easy to clean.


  • Can be used by people of any age as it’s easy to use
  • It comes with a suction cup on the lower side that prevents the device from being toppled.
  • It’s easy to clean the device.
  • It features an extended warranty.


  • The quality can be improved
  • Only peels smaller sized apples.

10. Newness Premium Apple Remover

This is the best pick for all folks looking for a high-quality construction and food grade approved machine that’s designed with rust-free materials that won’t break. Newness Premium comes with an added strength to handle more workload at once.

The device comes with a sharp and serrated steel blade that can core the apples easily to remove the seeds in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to wait for long to make the cored fruit to prepare some sweet and delicious dishes.

Additionally, this machine is versatile and can be used in coring tomato, pear, and other fruits perfectly. It’s nicely designed to hold the fruits firmly and easily as you work, and the long handle allows you to hold it properly as it cores a fruit. It has a soft rubber cover that gives you a firm grip as you work.


  • The sharp serrated blades are made of stainless steel
  • It’s easy to use the machine.
  • It’s smartly designed to hold your fruits properly. 
  • Dishwasher safe making the cleaning process easy.


  • It gradually weakens within a short time
  • Can’t be used on large-sized apple.

Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer -Buyers Guide

When buying your best electric apple peeler corer slicer, you should consider the following crucial factors:

  • Handheld or Countertop

You should determine whether you’d prefer a handheld peeler to a countertop one. This is solely based on personal preference and it does not affect performance in any way.

While the handheld will give you full control of the peeling exercise, the countertop will offer convenience and unrivaled comfort.

However, if your best electric apple peeler corer slicer is hand-held, you should always ensure that it has a comfortable handle. This makes it easier to hold and complete the peeling process fast.

If you intend to peel lots of fruits in a single session, then you’ll get more convenience in countertops models.

  • Safety

Your Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer will always come with very sharp stainless steel blades. This sharpness is necessary since it increases efficacy and efficiency.

As such, you should check a peeler whose blades are not too exposed/readily accessible by anyone. Alternatively, your Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer should have a way to cover the blades when it’s not in use.

  • Durability

What materials have been used in the construction of your Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer? Well, metallic peelers will be hardy and will outlast those made from any other material.

While they may be pretty pricey, these gadgets will serve you for long.

  • Blade Size

Your best electric apple peeler corer slicer should have blades large enough to meet all your needs. For example, if you own a small restaurant, you should have one with thick blades to accelerate the peeling process.

Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer – Bottom Line

Buying the Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer is an excellent idea. It’ll save you the hassle of peeling your fruits using a knife.

However, it can be a hectic to choose the right Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicer for your kitchen. As such, we’ve evaluated the factors you should consider when shopping. This way, you’re guaranteed that you’ll get the best gadget at the best price.

We implore you to go through the buyers’ guide as well as the comprehensive list of the 10 Best Electric Apple Peeler Corer Slicers. Select that which you feel is right for you and revolutionize how you make your fruit salads.

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