All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set – How Unique Is It?

All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set

How much can you spend on a cookware set? Well, All-Clad has a cookware set that will set you back over $1000. But is it worth it?

All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set is heavy and durable. It comes with pots and pans that will last a lifetime, no doubt about that. 

However, there is more to a cookware set than just longevity. So, is the All-Clad copper core cookware set’s performance, ease-of-cleaning, and heat distribution worth $1000? 

We tested the performance of the All-Clad Copper Core 10-Piece Cookware Set. Here are our honest findings and recommendations. 

All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set – Our Best Pick 

All-Clad 60090 Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, 14-Piece, Silver

All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set is heavy and durable. It comes with pots and pans that will last a lifetime, no doubt about that. 

Summary Features

MaterialStainless Steel
Finish TypeStainless_steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH30.5 x 19 x 18 inches
Item Weight9 Pounds

All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Construction 

All-Clad pans are manufactured in the United State’s Pennsylvania region. The company has been in operation since 1972, mastering the art of manufacturing state-of-the-art cookware using high-quality materials. 

The use of a unique cladding construction technology (comprising several bonded metal layers) makes the cookware unique and relatively expensive. 

The All-Clad copper core cookware is made of five metal layers including two outer stainless steel layers and two inner layers of aluminum with a copper core. 

The five-ply construction has many benefits, including making the pans induction-friendly, improving heat conductivity and retention, enhancing durability, and improving the overall performance. 

Read more about the benefits of All-Clad Multi-Ply construction

The outer stainless steel is highly magnetic, which makes this cookware ideal for use with induction hobs, electric cooktops, and many other different constructions. 

Why is All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set so Expensive?

As a beginner, shopping for cookware can be confusing. You get to encounter cookware sets that cost more than $500 and other alternatives that cost as little as $70. And you are not sure of what exactly makes the two different.

So, is an All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set worth the high cost? Why should you buy it despite having many cheaper alternatives at your disposal? 

Well, we believe that this set is worth every coin you spend on it. That is if you love heavy and solid pans.

If you’re a fan of light pans, then you shouldn’t buy the All-Clad copper set. Its heavyweight nature will give you a headache when cleaning!

The issue of weight aside, here are several reasons why we believe that these cookware sets are worth the investment:

The Pans are Durable 

I know that you’re used to this statement as a marketing gimmick, right? Well, with the All-Clad copper cookware set, this statement is real! Yes, these pans are constructed using sturdy materials and unique cladding technology that protects them from warping. 

As such, you can be sure that the pans and pots will serve you for a lifetime. You’ll pass it to generations!

Unique Construction – Hand-Crafted

All All-Clad cookware sets are hand-crafted and checked at different stages for quality. This hands-on construction ensures that every set that comes out of All-Clad’s factory is of perfect dimensions, uniform texture, and overall top-notch quality. 

The cookware is made out of high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, and copper arranged interchangeably in cladded layers. Here’s why this construction is necessary:

All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set Construction
  • Stainless Steel. This 18/10 stainless steel layer is strategically placed on the inner and outer layers. It is heavier than aluminum and thus holds heat for longer. Additionally, the stainless steel layer is magnetic enough to allow the use of induction hobs for cooking. The material is also corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Aluminum. This metal is placed in the inner layers to improve heat conductivity. Compared to stainless steel, aluminum offers better heat conductivity. What’s even better is the fact that the aluminum layer is light, and thus will not add too much weight to the pans. The layer guarantees even heating. 
  • Copper. These pans come with a thick copper core. This layer strengthens the pans to ensure reliably responsiveness and offers warp-free strength. Additionally, copper is an exceptionally good conductor of heat. 

The unique properties of each of the layers bring in a synergy that offers exceptional performance. While the pans will be heavier due to the extra layers, the top-notch performance and durability will compensate for it. 

Riveted Stainless Steel Handles

The riveted handles are countered to offer an ergonomic grip. It has stainless steel lids with venting, which makes it easy for waterless and healthier cooking. 

Compatible with All Cooktops

The All-Clad Copper Core pans and pots are compatible with induction, electric, and gas cooktops. The versatility makes these pans ideal for everyone, thus eliminating the compatibility fear. 

However, we noticed that our All-Clad cookware set was a bit slow on our induction hob. Nevertheless, the results were great and the cooking was quiet. 

Even better, this cookware is oven or broiler-safe up to 600 degrees F. 

Relatively Easy to Clean

All-Clad cookware comes with a smooth surface that is easy to clean using mild detergent and a sponge. We recommend that you do not use abrasive cleaning materials.

Additionally, it would be best if you hand-wash it to retain its mirror-polish surface and maintain its elegant look for a longer time. 

Summary – Why All-Clad Copper Core Cookware is Expensive

Is All-Clad Cookware Worth It?
  • 5-ply construction – improves the pans responsiveness, heat distribution, and warp-free strength
  • Starburst finish for elegance
  • Superior stick resistance
  • Won’t react with food for guaranteed healthy cooking
  • Riveted stainless steel handles with venting
  • Flared edges and capacity etched on base
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA

However, the pans are quite heavy. If you’d have issues with heavy pans that takes time to heat (but retains the heat well), then you should reconsider investing in this $1500+ cookware.

Overall, the cookware is worth it. Its longevity is particularly something you’ll pride in. Once you buy it, you’ll have sorted your cookware needs for a lifetime – and even for your generations.

Where to Buy All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set

You can buy All-Clad cookware from Amazon or any other nearest store. Here are some of the variations available at Amazon:

All-Clad 6000-7 SS Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, 7-Piece, Silver

All-Clad 600822 SS Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, 10-Piece, Silver

All-Clad 60090 Copper Core 5-Ply Bonded Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, 14-Piece, Silver

The three sets can also come together with a copper bonded frying pan, kitchen tool, a pasta pentola, or a slotted turner.

Is All-Clad Copper Cookware Set Worth It?

All-Clad Cookware Construction

All-Clad cookware sets are designed uniquely using cladding technology. This construction technique ensures that the different layers of metal are on both the sides and the bottom of the cookware.

As such, you can be sure of uniform heat distribution and enhanced efficacy. It comes with a royal design complete with an All-Clad logo making them aesthetically appealing.

These 5-ply pans are quite heavy. They weigh approximately 9 pounds. Some users have complained that the weight is too much, making cleaning a bit hectic. However, we found cleaning the pans an average task and the small downside wouldn’t water down its benefits. 

Additionally, the All-Clad Copper Core Cookware Set is oven safe up to 600 degrees F. You can also use it on all stovetops, including induction hobs. 

All-Clad Copper Cookware Set Review -The Bottom Line

All-Clad is renowned for quality cookware. The company started in 1971 and is credited for developing unique technologies that have revolutionized cookware.

One of the company’s remarkable inventions is the use of the cladded construction technique to integrate different metals into cookware, making it heavier, durable, and more effective.

The All-Clad copper core cookware set has 5 layers. At the core is a thick copper layer. This layer makes the pans and pots sturdy and warp-free. As such, you can be sure that these pans will serve you for a lifetime.

As a way of offering a lifetime service guarantee, the company offers a limited lifetime offer that covers any manufacturing defects on the pans. And yes! For a lifetime. 

If you’re planning on adding your kitchen arsenal, considering the All-Clad Copper Core cookware set would be an excellent idea.

However, these pans are heavy. As such, they will not impress you if you’re looking for light pans. Their heavy nature also makes cleaning relatively challenging. Overall, these pans are worth your bucks. 

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