6 Best Ductless Range Hood – With a Comprehensive Buyers Guide

Technological advancement has led to incredible modernization of home equipment. One key area that has improved significantly is kitchen air circulation systems. There has been inventions of  the best ductless range hoods, wall mounted ranges, under cabinet ranges, among other sophisticated equipment.

Besides the aesthetics, the best ductless range hood is an important aspect for better and healthier living. It is an important facet in any modern kitchen, as it ensures air quality at a moderate level. 

The best ductless range hood filters out harmful odors and agents in a systematic range hood, as compared to most exhaust hoods that vent air out into the home. This preserves the environmental air within the house by providing a safer and cleaner atmosphere. It furthermore, conserves air by emitting the released air during cooking through an airway duct. 

However, before we could proceed, what is a ductless range hood? Why do we prefer them to ducted hoods? And what are some of the best ductless range hoods? Read on to decipher. 

Best ductless range hoods

6 Best Ductless Range Hoods – Comparison

Image NameFeatures
Best Ductless Range HoodBroan Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood-centrifugal blower of 250CFM
-comes with a 7-inch round duct which comprises a damper and adapter
Wall Mount Ductless Range HoodCosmo 63175 Ducted/Ductless Range Hood-80 CFM removes smells and odors with ease for a clean kitchen. Only 65dB max noise level. Ducted range hood vents outside and away from your home.
- Made of premium 430 grade, 20-Gauge thickness easy to clean brushed stainless steel
-The energy-efficient, 2-watt LEDs are long-lasting and provide bright, high lumen lighting for better visibility at night
Best Ductless Range HoodBroan 413004 Series Ductless Range Hood-provide 390 CFM of exhaust at 6.0 Sones for a reliable performance each use
-The enclosed lighting area is home to dual incandescent 40-watt candelabra bulbs (sold separately)
-One-piece, washable aluminum mesh filter means you can maintain optimum grease capture and keep the kitchen fresh
Best Range Hood for Home UseCosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood-3 speed motor, 56dB max. Cosmo’s vent hood filters your kitchen without the loudness and sounds of competing range hoods. Electrical Requirements: 120V, 3 Prong Plug
-Durable reusable aluminum mesh filters included to trap grease and oil. Multi-layer filters trap grease more effectively. Uses 5-inch round duct for exhaust vent.. HVAC tape required for installation.
-Product Dimensions: 29.75 x 19.75 x 5.5 inches
Best Under Cabinet Range HoodCosmo QS75 Ducted/Ductless Range Hood-Featuring 500 CFM airflow, backlit touchscreen, 4-speed fan and twin centrifugal motors; Quickly ventilate your kitchen without the noise of competing range hoods; Optional Carbon Filter Kit for ductless
- Stainless Steel Permanent Filters are dishwasher-safe and extremely durable. Range hood can be used ductless with optional Carbon Filter Kit
-Made of premium 430 grade, 18-Gauge thick stainless steel
-energy-efficient, 1.5-watt LEDs are long-lasting and provide bright, high lumen lighting for better visibility at night
Best Ductless Range HoodCosmo UMC30 Ductless Range Hood-3-speed fan and touch controls, Cosmo’s under cabinet range hood quickly ventilates your kitchen reducing contaminants, grease, and odors with low noise levels. Ductless Carbon Filter Kit available
-Made of premium 430 grade, 20-Gauge thickness stainless steel
-energy-efficient, 2-watt LEDs are long-lasting and provide bright, high lumen LED lighting for better visibility at night

What Are the Best Ductless Range Hoods? 

The best ductless range hoods are non-ducted hoods which recirculate air, rather than extracting it. Re-circulation enhances the air quality in the cooking perimeter by purifying and redistributing it around the stove area. 

They recycle the air by sucking it using a fan of all the harmful pollutant agents.

As compared to exhaust hoods, which emits air out, the ductless hood cleans the impure air into degreasing filters, followed by charcoal carbon filters, and then remitting the air back to the room. 

Why is the best ductless range hood the right appliance for your kitchen?

It’s because it is inexpensive and saves a lot of time and effort due to its lack of a ventilation ductwork system. This saves and creates a lot of kitchen space since you don’t need to sacrifice space for the air duct that comes with the ventilation system. 

Therefore, let’s look at some of the best ductless range hood we have at the market; 

  1. Broan Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood 
  2. Cosmo 63190 Ducted/Ductless Range HoodBroan 413004 Series Ductless Range Hood 
  3. Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood
  4. Cosmo QS75 Ducted/Ductless Range Hood
  5. Cosmo UMC30 Ductless Range Hood 

Top 6 Best Ductless Range Hoods

1. Broan Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood

Best Ductless Range Hood

Broan is well known for its high-quality kitchen appliances, with splendid aesthetic finishes that add a fine touch to your home. The Broan Aluminum Power Pack Range Hood is a combined entity with both ventilation and illumination required for your daily needs.

It has a fully integrated range hood system to properly fit with the bottom cabinet or can be applied with a customized hood installation suitable for your space. This makes it ideal for any space, especially apartments and homes with problems of creating ventilation, for some reason or another. 

Broan Aluminum Range Hood is equipped with two-speed rocker controls that guarantee noiseless operations, dazzling lighting, efficiency, and efficacy. This is accompanied by an enclosed bottom, equipped with filters that are dishwasher-friendly for easier cleaning. 

The ductless range hood consists of a centrifugal blower of 250CFM and 8 Sones for maintaining a normal performance. Furthermore, it comes with a 7-inch round duct which comprises a damper and adapter that allows you to accurately install the appliance to your home. 

The exterior is designed with flat polished surfaces for easier cleaning and detects excessive heat with an automatically adjustable blower for high speed. 


  • Combined entity for both ventilation and illumination
  • Quiet operation
  • Easier and accurate installation
  • Effective performance
  • Easier cleaning 


  • Small in size
  • Wearing out of Aluminum degreasers 
  • Illumination bulbs sold separately

2. Cosmo 63175 Ducted/Ductless Range Hood

Wall Mount Ductless Range Hood

Cosmo is famously known for its sleek vibrant looks, sturdy performance, and quality built. The Cosmo appliance is equipped with features such as ultra-quiet design, highly efficient airflow made out of stainless steel, and stocked with dual LED lights.

The stainless-steel mounted wall covers a length of 30 inches and a chimney attachment which hides the air pipe running from the back of the ceiling. 

The Cosmo Ductless Range Hood is designed in a well-built blower of of 760 cubic feet per minute (CFM) which removes odors with ease when cooking. It also maintains a 65dB noise level, despite the presence of a powerful fan, sustaining a discreet operation. 

Cosmo Range Hood contains two stainless steel degreasing filter baffles which last for a longer duration, as compared to aluminum meshes which tend to wear out faster. The filter baffles are dishwasher-safe which provides easier maintenance and reduces cost expense. 

The ductless range hood has modernized styling aesthetics compatible with kitchen decors with a 430 grade and 20-gauge thickness for easier brushing. Interestingly, it’s built with an adjustable telescopic chimney perfect for high footing ceilings of up-to 8.5


  •  Sturdy performance
  • Ultra-quiet designs 
  • High airflow efficiency
  • Reusable degreasing filter baffles


  • Space consuming 

3. Broan 413004 Series Ductless Range Hood

Best Ductless Range Hood

Broan is a brand known for its muscle when it comes to home appliances and warranty protection. You can never go wrong with Broan Ductless Range Hood, as it’s well-known for LED lighting proficiency and practical exhaust. This improves lighting and ventilation over the stove, with the use of a non-ducted filtration system installed to remove odor and smoke.

Broan Ductless Range Hood’s performance is justified by the efficiency to match ventilation with every cooking stove beneath it and adapt to the cooking style. The fit of the Range Hood is intended to tidily occupy the space beneath the overhead cabinet, to ensure exceptional airflow in tight kitchen spaces

The Range Hood uses aluminum mesh and charcoal carbon filters to degrease cooking odors emitted, smoke, and fine particles. The aluminum mesh filters can be removed, cleaned, and reused, eventually will need to be replaced as they tend to wear out.

Nonetheless, not unless the manufacturer states that the filters are dish-washer friendly, you are supposed to hand clean them using warm water, mild soap, and baking soda. 

The unit comes with a two-speed duct-free range hood with an exclusive Microtek system for purifying airborne cooling impurities. The interior of the ductless range hood is removable, which makes it easy to clean the interior of the exhaust re-circulation, and an installed fan that is maintenance-free. It is also equipped with an enclosed damper and adapter when ducting the hood. 


  • Quiet operation and airflow 
  • Powerful performance 
  • LED lighting and practical exhaust
  • Occupies minimal space
  • Purification of airborne cooling impurities


  • Aluminum filters tend to wear out
  • Buying of the bulbs to fit the hood
  • Constant maintenance

4. Cosmo 5MU30 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Best Range Hood for Home Use

In recent years, the Cosmo brand has gained popularity as one of the best appliances in the market, and Cosmo 5MU30 is among some of the best-selling brands. The Cosmo 5MU30 is made in a recirculating-optional or convertible hood with stainless steel finishes which will match your kitchen’s aesthetics. 

If you are looking for a chic modern look, Cosmo 5MU30 is the take, with push-buttons controls and speedy fans that can draw air up-to 200CFM for re-circulation. As for the exhaustion, it takes about 20,000 BTU. However, since one burner takes up 15,000-17,000 BTU, this isn’t sufficient when it comes to drawing emissions from multiple burners. 

The range hood comes with in-built LED lighting for clear visibility while cooking and dishwasher-safe aluminum mesh filters which degrease odors and smokes. However, to maximize the lifespan, manual wash-up is efficient for any aluminum wares. Additionally, it has charcoal filters which makes it non-vented, even so, one should readily change them once every 6-12 months. 

The Cosmo 5MU30 range hood features three exhaust fan speeds of suction making it super quiet. The cabinet wall mount makes installation super easy and quicker. Additionally, it comes with a damper, also known as a back draft regulator, which prevents air from entering the duct work. In case of a switch up from top-venting to the rear or vice versa, seal caps are included to close up the openings. 


  • Convertible design 
  • Quiet operation
  • LED lighting for visibility 
  • Quick and easier installation
  • Stainless steel aluminum


  • Aluminum mesh filters wear out

5. Cosmo QS75 Ducted/Ductless Range Hood

Best Under Cabinet Range Hood

Looking for the best high-tech ductless range hood? Cosmo QS75 is the Range Hood for you. With a high-end capacity, ultra-quiet, heavy-duty convertible, and contemporary and polished design, it claims a stainless-steel touch to your kitchen décor.

More so, it is intended to fit adequately into small spaces beneath the kitchen cabinets and align with the gas stove circumference beneath it. 

Cosmo QS75 makes up some of the most powerful range hood with 900CFM, to suck in all the cooking emissions and odors in the kitchen. It is also accompanied by touch-screen, remote controls, and soft-touch buttons for easier navigation of the range hood. This makes it a reliable machine that ventilates your house quicker, yet quieter and still maintains its durability. 

The Cosmo range hood features twin-fan whose suction purifies the emissions, LED lighting for visibility, automatic close off function, and a timer.

Interestingly, it is improvised with a gas sensor which turns the range hood on, once the gas has been detected. It is constructed with a 430-grade stainless steel gauge with aggravated steel baffle filters and charcoal filters for ductless hoods.

As compared to the Aluminum filters, the Cosmo QS75 is permanently installed with steel baffle filters which are 100% dishwasher-friendly. The steel baffle filters have high durability, easier to remove, and little maintenance for up-keep. However, the initial cost might be high compared to aluminum filters, but the up-keep is minimal and doesn’t require any replacement. 


  • Quiet operation 
  • Powerful performance
  • Convertible 
  • Easier control
  • High-tech
  • Durable 


  • Expensive 

6. Cosmo UMC30 Ductless Range Hood

Best Ductless Range Hood

Cosmo UMC30 ductless range hood is designed in slim stainless steel which beautifully suits the kitchen’s aesthetics. The slim design allows it to fit suitably underneath the cabinets or can be mounted on the wall as a range hood.

In consequence, you can either mount from the back or top venting which will be dependent on your choices or what works best for your space. 

Fascinating right? That’s not all.

It has a multi-layer filtration that recirculates air by purifying the produced emissions and odors before discharging it. The emissions will pass through aluminum mesh filters where the smoke, odors, and steam will degrease the air. Conveniently, the aluminum mesh filters are removable and dishwasher-safe, hence you can be able to remove the trapped grease with ease. 

Cosmo ductless range hood has soft-touch controls on its headline with backlit LED lighting built-in under the range hood. With a 3-speed motor, it’s impressive how the range hood can manage the quiet operation of 65dB with such a hefty motor. Also, you can manage to vary the ventilation depending on your activities. 

The Cosmo UMC30 has a powerful suction of about 760CFM airflow capacity and is paired by charcoal filters that come separately but appropriate for durability. These charcoal filters neutralize emissions and odors, as the ductless range hood continuously recycles the air within the kitchen. The Cosmo UMC30 is a high-end brand, it comes with a premium 430-grade stainless steel and a 20 gauge of thickness


  • Longevity guaranteed
  • Quiet operation
  • LED lighting 
  • Exceptional performance 
  • Easy and quick installation


  • Expensive
  • LED lighting is quite dim

Best Ductless Range Hoods – Buyer’s Guide

There are several types of range hoods in the market. The key categories include under cabinet hoods, wall mount hoods, island hoods, ductless hoods, and downdraft hoods. This article analyzes the best ductless range hoods that you can consider when shopping.

When picking the best ductless range hood to either remodel, for a newly built, or replace the existing, you need to be decisive by looking at several factors. Enough research is required for the proper maintenance, and installation, as they fundamentally need more attention, compared to vented hoods. 

To ease your process, we’ve compiled some of the best factors to consider when it comes to selecting the best ductless range hood for your kitchen.  

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Ductless Range Hood

  • Budget

With the numerous available ductless range hoods in the market, the only way to create a shortlist for the items chosen is the budget.

The best ductless range hood can be a large investment, but by looking at its potential durability which might go for years, it happens to be the best choice.

One ought to be generous with the investments to be included for the purchase. If you’re short of funds and resources, it’s wiser to take a few months to financially save to cover for the amount remaining. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  • Filters Efficacy

As read throughout the article, filters are an important aspect for the best ductless range hoods to effectively and efficiently perform. For that reason, one should closely look at the three kinds of filters required for use. These include; charcoal filters, baffle filters, and mesh filters

Charcoal filters are essential for the re-circulation and filtration of odors, smoke, and absorption of fumes emitted in the kitchen. This is the compulsory equipment needed for the operation of the machine effectively. However, they need replacement every once in a while.

Baffle filters are important in collecting hazardous material through greased baffles by quickly collecting the trickled down materials in a tray. Hence, thorough cleaning is required every few months to increase its durability.

Mesh filters are a significant aspect of the range hoods as well. Fitted behind one another, the greasy air passing through the meshes are trapped and collected in a tray. Hence, they require regular cleaning for better operation. 

  • Suction

The best ductless range hoods require an efficient CFM (Cubic Feet per Meter), which is the measure of power in a range hood, depending on the workload required. Before purchasing, be sure to ideally look at the size of the kitchen, food cooked, the volume of cooked food, number of burners, length of ducting and so much more. In as much as the suction is low to some appliances, the importance remains on the filtration system’s effectiveness. 

  • Size and Power

Large stoves require larger ventilation systems, thus, it is important to look for a ventilation system that matches the size of your stove and the food being cooked. The range hood should be able to have enough coverage to catch all the emissions. 

  • Aesthetics 

If you are aiming for particular aesthetics to match your décor, you need to find a range hood with the same style as per your expectations. Given the hundreds of ductless range hoods available, it’s easier to find models that suit your particular taste. 

Best Ductless Range Hood

Best Ductless Range Hoods – Bottom Line

With changing times, it is only convenient that we adapt to new modernized techniques that work efficiently to simplify our lives. Furthermore, cooking spaces sometimes tend to get unnecessary smoke, fumes, airborne particulates, and moistness which infiltrate the house. Hence, to solve this problematic concern, you need to equip yourself with the best ductless range hood.  

Whether you’re looking to improve the current space or a new build, the best ductless range hood is highly recommended to any kitchen. Conveniently, they come in all sizes, materials, colors, and price ranges. They are equipped with re-circulation features, providing a better and hazardous-free environment as it assures quality air. 

Our best pick was the Cosmo appliances, the ductless range hood seems to uphold powerful performance, high-tech, little maintenance, and durability. However, if you’re within a strict budget, it might not be suitable for you. Even so, our list might not include your favorite but be assured it is supported by in-depth research. We are hoping this will serve you with a good reference when deciding to purchase.  

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